Top 10 Tips to find your Motivation in Life

A perfect life has a vast recipe; the right set of people, compassion within, dedication for your dreams, correct balance of professional and personal life, availability of opportunities and so on and so forth. One of the most important elements that make life complete and worthy in real sense is the presence of motivation. Having a motivation is synonymous to having a direction to your goal even in the darkest of storms. Life would become pretty futile and meaningless without a driving force in it. Having undergone several ups and downs we all have had a vast variety of experiences. Even during the bad ones, some of us manage and succeed to emerge from it. It is nothing but their motivation to surpass a problem which brings them to action. Not everyone is able to keep themselves motivated in the difficult times. Here are 10 tips for the latter lot to find their motivation in life.


  1. Seek motivation

There is no way that you would be able to have some motivational force in your life if you don’t seek it desperately. You have to be active and always with an open mind. A driving force that would get you going and make something good out of your life is hard to find. You cannot expect to be asleep more than half of the day, laze around in your slippers and simply pine away. We as humans have been gifted with this life to make the most of it and not merely wither away.


  1. Talk to your parents

Very often you may tend to overlook your parents, especially if you all live in the same house. It is in parents that our first source of motivation lies. Pay attention to their words and the advises that they offer you endlessly. They are perhaps the best judges of what would be apt for you and what will not be. If they find that you are actually brilliant at a skill, they would motivate and instill your belief in it. It is a vastly this belief instilled in us as a part of their motivation, that stays with us for the rest of our lives.


  1. Talk to your person

You have every reason to like that favorite person of yours. And here comes yet another. They can turn to be very important source of motivation. Be very open and straight forward to them. They know you better than you realize. Pay close attention to every gesture of theirs. They might mock at you or make fun of you occasionally, but that will not always be sans a reason. They might be making fun of you because they want you to test your limits and abandon your comfort zone. It is okay if you didn’t think in this manner before. Start thinking so now.


  1. Be well read

It is widely known that many ardent literature fans end up feeling motivated by a favorite character of their favorite novel. The vast similarities and somewhat identical hardships of your life with those of the protagonist or any other character would make you connect with the life of the latter on a deeper level. Seeing them come out of their hurricane like existence would probably instigate you to action too. Before you know one of those fictional characters would end up having a great positive impact on your life. Try an all times classic like Gone With The Wind. The powerful character of Miss Scarlett O’Hara would help you rebuild your determination to overcome the obstacles.


  1. Be inspired

Inspiration leads to motivation. Inspiration given the fact how subtle it is can be found in any and everything around us. It could be in the everyday rising sun or the stars at night, it could also be that old lady right across the street who has never failed to tend to the flowers and the bushes in her garden since years. It is very easy to find, yet very difficult to see. Just have a nice look around you by taking out some time from your schedule. It is possible that you could find your source of inspiration in the most obvious and beautiful things that you were oblivious to before. Motivation would come to you automatically once you come across your inspiration.


  1. Look forward

Pondering over the past repeatedly has never brought much good to anyone. It would simply make you pensive and nostalgic. Rather think about all the possibilities that your future might be having in store for you. Remind yourself repeatedly that it is the future that matters and is worthy of your hardwork and dedication. Let not your past experiences bring you down.


  1. Congratulate on your establishments

Never take yourself and your establishments in life for granted, no matter, however, small or big it be. You worked for it and that is one of the reasons that you are here. Acknowledge all the dedication that you put into it by congratulating yourself for every victory that you achieve. It is all about climbing on those stepping stones and it can be done one at a time. Just hold on to your patience and do not give up.


  1. Set small goals for yourself

It is time to step out of that utter chaos and help yourself build a meaningful life. Taking baby steps would be advisable as stressing out would bring you down. Start setting small goals for yourself. If you have undergone a separation recently from your spouse then here is your immediate to-do list. Make a little list of all the things that you now need to take care of as far as the household necessities are concerned; it could be a new set of sofa covers, painting a wall of your room the way you wanted to since ever or simply a grocery list. Keep ticking off the items on the list. It would help you look forward to set more goals and get them done too. Soon you would find yourself motivated and strengthened enough to move on with your life.


  1. Try something new

Being bored and as a result procrastinating can totally be the result of your monotonous schedule. You are probably so used to your monotonous routine that nothing appeases you enough anymore. The best strategy for it could be to have a total out of the box experience which would make you feel rejuvenated once again. It would open the wide horizons of your mind and then you would get into some sensible thinking.


  1. Watch a biopic

It is one of the wide-spread modes of gaining motivation. In fact, one of the main reasons behind the direction of such movies is to motivate the audience with the challenging and thought provoking life of the protagonist. Get hold of such movies.

Reach out to your own self by helping yourself to get enough motivated so as to start making changes in your life. Let those changes be for good.

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