Top 10 Tips to Get through Tough Times

Life is not always rainbows and unicorns, it’s a roller-coaster ride with many ups and downs. It is full of storms, rainy days and also, it bestows us with sunshine and clear skies when the storms end. We all have our fair share of sweet-bitter experiences but sometimes dealing with the blues isn’t easy when it hits hard in the shins. Hard events like losing a loved one, losing a job or failing your parents can come as a sharp blow and leave us bleeding to nothing. But that’s life and nobody said it’s going to be easy. No matter how tough your situation is, it is you and only you who will have to deal with it. But you are not alone; every face that you come across is fighting a battle as gruesome as yours.  But if it’s some guidance that you need, here are 10 ways to overcome bad times.

10. Don’t Compare

Get through Tough Times

Falling in the trap of insecurity is bound to happen when you are battling depression. Looking at others leading a fabulous life and comparing their success to your failure is stupidity, really. Grass always seems greener on the other side; you must have heard it since you were a little kid and it is absolutely true. Everyone else’s life will seem glittery and full of joys and your own will seem like ruins of a burnt down castle to you; but that will only happen when you compare. So sit back and count your blessings; stop comparing yourself to others and adding unnecessary load to your overladen platter.

9. Keep trying

Get through Tough Times

When everything seems to be falling apart, remind yourself that you still have a life to live and you still have goals yet to be achieved. Till you are drawing breath, you will always have goals and ambitions; you will always want something. Be aware of your goals and pull up your socks and never give up. You have unlimited options and your life is full of possibilities; don’t give up on yourself because the universe hasn’t. Your life isn’t over, assert yourself to endeavor. Never look back and always hold your head high, the best is yet come. No matter how deep you are buried in your problems, walk if you can’t run, crawl if you can’t walk and drag yourself if you can’t crawl, but keep moving. Do things that will take you out of your troubles. Just don’t sit in a corner feeding your fears and robbing yourself of self-worth. Your speed doesn’t matter, moving forward does.

8. Take care of yourself

Get through Tough Times

They say desserts is stressed spelled backwards; pampering yourself with some comfort food is good but it should never turn into stress eating. On the other hand, some may start avoid eating and resort to alcohol and drugs to numb their stress. However painful your situation is, don’t double it by adding sickness to it. You will be able to recover sooner if you remain physically sound and healthy. Go for walks, join the gym, eat healthy and meditate; your health is something you can control, and if you want to control your fate, start by bossing yourself to stay fit.

7. Be kind to yourself

Get through Tough Times

Stop! Stop pulling your hair out of frustration and telling yourself that you are worthless. Blaming yourself for the circumstances will not make them any easier for you to deal with. Have a grip on yourself and don’t drive yourself nuts by self-loathing. Treat yourself like you would treat someone else if they were at your place. Yes, you might have made mistakes and landed yourself in troubles but that does not mean you are incapable of growth; you are a person with a lot of hidden potential and once you discover your potential you will be amazed at yourself. Just give yourself some time and space and learn from your experiences rather than cribbing about it.

6. Spread kindness

Get through Tough Times

Sometimes, when you make a mistake, it is easy to lose yourself in the dark pit of guilt and shame. Remember that making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person; to err is human! If you still can’t bring yourself to look into the mirror at your face, kick this feeling away by telling yourself that you are a great person; help the people in distress or simply spread kindness on your way and the beaming faces of people you help will fill you with a sense of  pride and elation. You will be forced to admit that you are indeed so much more than your mistakes; you are the reason behind someone’s smile.

5. Ask for help

Get through Tough Times

If you are in a really bad situation and your nights and days are spent with melancholia; ask for help. Go to a friend whom you can really trust and talk to them about it, you will feel as if the load has been lifted off your chest. And if it’s something that needs to be done but you are finding it hard to gather your strength to do it; don’t hesitate to ask a trusted person to lend you a hand. Kick your ego aside and reach out, you can definitely find someone who will be eager to help you wholeheartedly.

4. Surround yourself with good people

Get through Tough Times

At times, it is the company we keep that is the reason for our distress. When you are around people who don’t appreciate you or turn their backs when you need them the most, you lose yourself amidst them. The world is dripping with good souls; people with spark in their eyes, warm smiles, people who are genuine and who will encourage you to grow. Find such people and learn from them. They will support your dreams and make you aware of the possibilities and remind you the great personality that you are.

3. It shall pass

Get through Tough Times

It seems as though good times usually pass as quickly as sand escapes through your fingers and bad times seems to move with the pace of a turtle. But whatever it may feel like, time is ticking and whether it seems to be crawling or practically frozen, it will pass. It is not going to stay the same forever and your each day is an opportunity given to you to alter your life. The troubles that you are facing will melt away with time; you just have to keep faith and move on.

2. Accept it

Get through Tough Times

“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.”- Denis Waitley. When you find no solution to a problem, it’s probably because it is not a problem, but rather a truth to be accepted. Find courage to let go of something that you can’t change, you will find happiness when you accept as you will stop expecting. When you will find a way to accept things as they are, you will earn yourself peace and the strength to move on with your life. Acceptance can give you the solution you have been seeking. Embrace it.

1. Stay positive

Get through Tough Times

This is the first thing that anyone would tell you when you are going through a bad phase as it is such a cliché and clichés are always true. Your attitude towards your problems defines how quickly you will get out of it. If you curl up in a fetal position and cry about it, you are definitely going to invite yourself more troubles. Keep telling yourself that this is not permanent and soon everything will work out. You will believe what you tell yourself; tell yourself that you are worthy and important and you are strong enough to handle your issues. Every positive thought will push you in the right direction.

Life may not be heading the way you wanted it to but it is all you’ve got; it’s sometimes difficult and painful and other times, it’s blissful and beautiful but most importantly, it’s short. Live your life to the fullest while you still can.

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