Top 10 Traits that are Unique to Indian People

Incredible India. Incomparable India. Interesting India. Three meaningful phrases to describe this gorgeous subcontinent located at the Southern part of Asia. Starting from the history, cuisines, ethnic values, cultures, locations, monuments, heroes, songs, movies, architectures, attire to festivals, everything about India is different and special.

That is one reason, people all over the earth are extremely curious about discovering and observing the Indians in depth. When it comes to Indians, we are the masters in re-defining the standards of uniqueness. Not only the external appearances and environment, we are also unique in our personalities and traits. Out of the many, these are some of the very unique traits that every Indian will relate to –

  1. Die-Hard Cricket and Bollywood Fans.

Indian People

Cricket and Bollywood, are the two things that make the country tick. Every boy’s first dream is to become a cricketer and every girl’s is to become a heroine.

We are the kind of people, who can initiate world wars if someone speaks ill about their idols. The match days in India are considered as official holidays, and if you don’t watch the first show on the first day of the movie released of your favorite star, you are not considered a part of the fandom.

    9. Namaste! 

Indian People

Namaste and Pranam, are just two ways out of many, we Indian show respect to the elders. Showing immense respect by touching their feet and bowing down in front of them with joined hands runs in our blood. So what’s the first thing to do when some random adult shows up in our doorsteps? Run to touch their feet, or else you will get tagged as the un-saanskari (uncultured) child of the family.

However, on a serious note, showing respect is a huge part of the Indian culture. Not only to the elders and family members, Indians show respect to every person in front of them. In our country, speaking swearing words are considered are extremely bad manners.

  1. Freaked out Moms.

Indian People

Mothers in India are the melodramatic lot. There is probably only one role in the dramatic Bollywood movies that is not exaggerated and that is of the Moms. They are the ones who get worried for every minute thing relating their children. Although moms are usually caring and loving but Indian Moms excel it in a totally new level.

Five minutes late to get back home, and our phone won’t stop ringing. Plus if that was not successful enough, then the same would appear in the phones of all your friends. After receiving the call, the question won’t be stopped until they get begged to disconnect the phone.

  1. The S-Word taboo.

Indian People

As an Indian child, sex remains an unheard word till our middle-teen years. All of us have gone through a similar transition phase regarding our sexual knowledge. Initially, we are convinced that babies are the gift of the God, who magically appears at the doorsteps. In our growing years, the friends convince us that girls get pregnant lip kiss. Then will adequate exposure to pronology, some of us gain the knowledge about the actual ways while others remain oblivious till our marriage day. The biggest irony of the country is that none of our elders give us a hint about sex but expect us to have children right after the marriage.

  1. The Born Bargainers.

Indian People

Bargaining is the innate trait that is inherited to us from our older generations. This is something that the entire world is jealous of. On the internet, there is actually numerous site giving explanations on how to negotiate like Indians. We can bring down the price of literally everything that sells on the streets. Especially the Indian women have the power of bringing home the Rs.10 vegetable at Rs. 8 and this makes them immensely proud.

The final price of anything on that is purchased is not what the owner says, rather for the price you buy it in. The reason behind such skills is the number of rip-offs in the country. There are numerous people selling things for a price way more than the selling rate and without bargaining, we would fall in the traps.

5. Comparison.

Indian People

That’s one thing that Indians encounter at a very early age. “Our neighbor’s son Sushil got 98%, why did you get 97.6%?” One common phrase that all of us have heard in childhood. The intensity of it grows with age, and after certain years we find ourselves comparing colleges, salaries, lifestyle, expenses, brands and every other little thing.

  1. Immensely superstitious.

Indian People

As Indians, we believe more on our horoscopes, saints and stones, than we do on our own abilities. These are weapons for fighting problems and excuses for every bad occurrence. It’s a daily routine for the adults to glue themselves up on the television to check what the news channels have to say about the day ahead. If that is not possible, then newspapers are the way to go. Plus the technology has made it even easier to have free access to our daily fates.

On top of this, every family has their own babas or gurus, who apparently show them the right path to lead life and solve their problems. We decide our lives based on their opinions rather than our intelligence.

  1. Attire and Jewelries

    Indian People

Saree, Salwar, kurta to lungi, we Indians are unique even with our attires. We love vibrant colors, unique designs and detailed work on our clothes. These are a showcase of the loud, bubbly and cheerful personality that we have. The ethnic Indian jewelries are the site to die for. The details on the gold and beautifully craved stones on them can makes them go well with the traditional outfits.

  1. Jugaad!

Indian People

In our country, every problem has a solution. In a room of five, we can fit in 10 people if needed. In a car accommodating four people, we can surely put in two extra. There is always a way out. We know the ways to bend the rules to get our things done. Plus as Indians, there is no tough feeling or irritation shown in the process of jugaad, rather it’s happily done.

1. Togetherness.

Indian People

Finally, every other day in India is a festival. We are one of the countries with the most diversity, which leads to numerous festivals. The best part is each of them is celebrated with equal zeal and love. We love being together with our closed ones, and find our excuses in the form of festivals to gather up and spread happiness. May it be Diwali – The festival of light, Holi – The festival of color or Eid – The festival of togetherness, each of them celebrated with immense energy and love throughout the country. “Unity in Diversity” is what defines the country.

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  • While I was reading, I thought you were describing Filipinos. Haha! Filipinos and Indians seem veeeery similar.

  • This all is completely true and it’s really for the first time that someone said each and everything correctly about our India. I was really feeling proud while reading as I came here after reading the news that every 20 mins. a girl is raped in India like seriously it’s NOT true at all!!!!! One more point I would like to add that many news channels, websites are corrupt and because of money they show incorrect information about India. Please don’t believe anything at first glance!!
    When it comes to crime rate then no place in world can be considered completely safe????

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