Top 10 Ways To Get Rid Of The Belly Fat Fast

Potbellies always fascinated me in short stories as a child but as I grew up I figured out the harmful truth that is enclosed within the big tummy. A common problem that is faced nowadays by 8 out of 10 people is their muffin top and cellulite – the fat belly. Some of us don’t want to exercise while some of us don’t want to diet. But, have you ever thought of fitting right into your crop top or your favorite old blue jeans? I bet you’re as lazy as me. But I have tried these 10 of the many ways to ensure that I have a flat belly or if not flat, at least a reduced tummy than before and guess what? It truly worked. Don’t worry as all of this article doesn’t relate to different types of exercises you should try or different types of food you need to give up. It’s all about altering our day to day habits because once you’ve become used to this mechanism, things will get a lot better. Here, have a look :



Just keep calm and accept the fact that sugar is your worst enemy. I’m sorry for those of you who are sweet-toothed. But guys, if you really want to reduce that muffin top, you will actually have to stop eating those Gingerbread muffins and all the other confectionery items you think are your weaknesses because they really are. By cutting down on sugar, I also mean to say that you’ll have to give a break to drinking soft drinks and drinks containing artificial sweeteners. That’s hard but the results are worth it because sugar is the main culprit in adding to the excess of fat around your belly.

Tip: Use honey as a substitute for sugar if you crave it desperately. It would be best to take it with a glass of lemonade early morning.


Belly Fat

Avoid eating white bread, pasta, instant noodles etc. This can really help you shed that extra fat around your abdomen. Cutting on carbs or eating low-carb diets has scientifically proven to be the most effective way to lose belly fat. This is because reducing your carbon intake makes your appetite less and therefore, you tend to lose weight easily. In addition to weight loss, restricted carb intake can be life-saving for the diabetic patients.

Tip: Replace refined grains with whole grains such as whole grain bread, whole grain pasta etc which clearly helps in killing the appetite.


Belly Fat

The best thing about motivation is you get what you give. You give motivation and you get motivated in return. How? By yourself, of course. If you’re going for a brisk walk, take a friend along regularly so that time flies by and so does your belly fat. The more you’re motivated and motivating, the more close you’re in achieving your strategic goals for belly fat reduction. Try to comprehend the risks involved in attaining a pot belly such as cancer, even diabetes and many more cardiovascular diseases. The better and early you understand the importance of reducing your excessive fat, the more you’re inclined towards a better lifestyle.

Tip: Keep a dress that doesn’t fit you anymore hung in front of you somewhere so that’s its the first thing you see in the morning when you get up. Trust me, it’s the best to stay motivated.


Belly Fat

Protein is the most essential nutrient you need while you are in the process of tummy reduction. Studies show that taking protein in a sufficient amount reduces secondary cravings up to 60%. Isn’t it cool? It surely is. So, replace your candy bars with nutri-bars and chocolate chip cookies with digestive biscuits. The best you can do is to make an effort to include more of eggs, poultry and dairy products, fruits and vegetables in your healthy diet.

Tip: The best thing about taking proteins is that it prevents your body from regaining weight in case, you might think to give up on your weight loss strategy. Such beneficial protein, much wow!


Belly Fat

Surprisingly, many of us don’t have any idea about our daily intakes. This poor habit of ignoring the nutritional value chart behind every product can put us in a stringent position. Now, here is a plan to solve this problem as well. This is the simplest way rather a method that you won’t even feel lazy to do. Make it a habit to keep a track of what you’re eating. Yes, reading labels for the foodstuff you buy can help you plan your own diet chart. It’s totally up to you if you want to continue this habit for the rest of your life but as of now you better concentrate on it significantly.

Tip: Do it twice every month if you can’t do it regularly. That would suffice in building up this habit.


Belly Fat

Baked items and refined carbs are not the only food groups that can contribute to your extra inches. In fact, the leader is the fried food. There’s no doubt in admitting the fact that nothing beats fried food in culminating fat around your body.  Try bidding adieu to KFC, Mc D’s, Domino’s for a while and observe the change yourself.

Tip: If you’re a beginner and don’t want to feel weak, use a little bit of oil to coat the surface. After you have become used to this, restrict yourself to only boiled food such as boiled vegetables, boiled rice etc.


Belly Fat

You can’t afford to drink less water and more food. Not only it helps in the fat reduction but strengthens your scalp, glows your skin and is good for maintaining a good metabolism overall. Drinking eight glasses of water is mandatory on an average because as a cause of dehydration you tend to eat more putting up weight further.

Tip: Drink at least two glasses of water before each meal since it helps in reducing your appetite and as a result, you feel full. If possible, drink boiled water whenever possible. This helps in a lot of sweating and keeps your abdomen light.


Belly Fat

Stress doesn’t kill your appetite as per the misconceptions. Instead, it makes you eat a lot more than usual. Focus majorly on killing stress than your appetite. You need to have that beauty sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. The better you sleep, the more you remain stress-free. Take some time out of your busy schedule to relax for at least ten minutes a day doing absolutely nothing.

Tip: Grab those colorful earphones and play on that favorite song. Get ready to walk or run on a treadmill for at least twenty minutes per day which is a really good stress buster and helps you reduce the cellulite.



The phrase “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” should be your daily mantra of survival. This is an effective means to achieve the flat belly goal and makes sense as well, unlike many other sayings. It is advised to eat very little while you’re dining because you don’t get to exercise at night and working out is difficult after you’ve eaten a lot at dinner. To promote healthy digestion mechanism, eating less at night is advisable. While having a hearty breakfast is not at all a problem because that fat obtained is burned during the day while you carry out so many different activities.

Tip: For dinner, try to stick to only fruits and raw/boiled vegetables as much as you can eat.


Belly Fat

Forget everything for a while and put on those sports shoes and sweatshirt and get ready to go all “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.” YES! Because exercise is the most basic and effective way to reduce your pot belly in less than two weeks. Can’t believe it? Try it yourself. Workout for at least an hour a day for five days a week. Don’t push yourself for too much exercise at one go. Keep it simple and increase the amount of workout every week.

Tip: Join a gym or hire an instructor and a dietician for your initial workout plan as you may face a bit problem in learning it by yourself if you’re a beginner.


I know I know, your piece of cake is calling you right now and you want to go but just for once, try to reject the call and feel the difference. You may reach your goal.

The struggle is hard but worth it, for sure.

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