Top 10 Wholesome Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Experienced mothers,  neighbors, cousins, aunts, nannies, nobody would refrain from offering you a piece of her mind for which food item would be the best for your toddler. They would lecture you on what nutrients should be fed to a little kid and in what quantity. Often you are left with no choice but to stick to their advice for you have nothing more than that to rely upon. As a mother, fretting for your toddler’s diet is pretty normal, because it is his nutrition intake that is your prime concern all the time. You may go over various sources and take ideas over what is best suited for the completion of the nutrient chart of your one-two-year-old. You can help yourself with the following list providing you top 10 wholesome homemade baby food recipes. Maybe it is time for you to let go of depending on others for ideas.

Baby Food

  1. Mashed bananas

This can be one of the simple and easy to make recipes. You simply need to mash as many bananas as you see fit for your toddler. Mash it very well. Add the mixture to the formula milk or breast milk to add softness to it. When it comes to using honey on it, you may or may not go for it. If used it would add to the taste of your recipe and children are majorly fond of honey. Suit, the preferences of your little one.

Baby Food

  1. Mashed potatoes

It is yet another quick and easy to prepare recipe. This is what most mothers opt for when looking for a hassle free and easy to digest meal for their young ones. You could use sweet potatoes for this purpose. This is a widely used baby food and is perfect for six-eight month babies who are still being introduced to solid food. It would be easy for their growing teeth. Apart from that, it causes no issue with the digestive system of your child.

Baby Food

  1. Oat Cereal

You need not go for ready to make oats when making oat cereal for your baby. Ground oats will be just fine for this recipe. Boil 3/4th cup of water in a saucepan. Once it is boiled add the ground oat powder to the saucepan and keep on stirring it strongly for the prevention if forming any crumbs. Simmer it for about ten minutes, meanwhile whisk it constantly. Once it is prepared, mix it with baby formula or breast milk and serve then. If wanted you can also add the cereal to mashed bananas for that would be a very healthy diet.

Baby Food

  1. Apricot Puree

For this recipe, you would require one pound of dried apricots, two cups of white grape juice, pear or apple juice and plain water.  Boil the fruit and liquids for nearly fifteen minutes. Whatever liquid is left out and not put to use can later be utilized preparing the puree. Place the resulting pulp in an apt vessel so that it can be used for pureeing now. If you find the puree a bit too thick, you may add to it the earlier spared liquid. Your apricot puree is all ready now and perfect for six-eight month old.

Baby Food

  1. Applesauce

It’s time to try something different for your toddler. Take as many apples that you are comfortable preparing your recipe with. Peel, core and cut the apple into slices. After chopping them, place the pieces into a pan and add water to it just enough so that it exceeds the level of the apples by a little. Boil the contents in the pan, constantly stirring them. Once the little apple cubes or pieces are boiled effectively mash it evenly. Just like the previous recipe, if your applesauce doesn’t seem to be even, then add some leftover water to it, to make it more smooth and digestible.

Baby Food

  1. Pasta Soup

Add 355ml of low sodium chicken broth to a pan and boil it gently. Once it is boiled, add non-cooked pastina, that it the tiniest form of pasta, to the broth and stir consistently until the mixture is cooked nicely. You can save the content for another time. All you need to do for serving the remaining portion is, heat the contents. This recipe would be a delightful break for your child from the everyday porridges and purees. Treat him to the yummy recipe.

Baby Food

  1. Garden Vegie Combo

You would need a lot of colors from your kitchen garden for this recipe. Collect fresh green beans, summer squash and small pieces of chopped carrots. Add water until all the vegetables are immersed in it. Cover the lid of the container and let it boil. Once, you find the vegetables turning tender, put off the flame. Start pureeing your boiled vegetables in a blender. If you don’t find the resulting mixture consistent enough, then add reserved water to it (from the earlier steps) as much as required.

Baby Food

  1. Apple and Sweet Potato Soup

Take 2tsp of unsalted butter in a large saucepan and melt it. Add 2tsp flour to the melted butter and stir it properly until the mixture of the two turns golden in color. Pour 3/4th cup of homemade chicken broth slowly in the pan and then add 2tsp applesauce, 3/4th cup of cooked sweet potatoes, a pinch of ground ginger and cinnamon to it. Boil once all of these ingredients are put in the pan till you find it simmering gently. After having cooked for around 5 minutes, puree the mixture. Pour in half cup milk or the formula milk in the puree and then serve it your child. That would be some treat.

Baby Food

  1. Banana Yogurt Puree

Follow the first recipe and prepare a content of well-mashed banana. Make a yummy fruit treat by adding the banana mash into homemade yogurt and pureed strawberries. It would be sweet and delicious. Banana yogurt puree would become one of your own takes on the regular purees.

Baby Food

  1. Banana Custard

Heat the oven to 350 degrees. After that make a good layer of some mashed banana into the bottom of a small dish that is apt for your oven. Take a separate bowl and pour in two beaten egg yolks, 1tsp of vanilla essence and 1 cup of milk and stir the mixture. Pour the contents upon the mashed banana layer. Take a baking pan with that oven utensil of yours in the middle. Start pouring in water in the baking pan such that it reaches halfway by the sides of the baking container. Bake the contents thereafter for about 30 minutes. Once the custard has set, cool it down and keep it in a refrigerator.

Follow these easy to make, delicious and wholesome recipes. Serve your child with a wide range of homemade food items covering all the required nutrients. What more could you look for?


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