Top 12 Advantages of Getting Married

When two people marry, they are declaring their relationship to the public as an official statement. Marriage is the process through which two individuals are vowing to stay together with each other permanently and for life. It is the holy bond, which binds not only two people, but two souls together. Marriage in itself is very pure and pristine and is considered to be the harbinger of true love and togetherness.

Unfortunately, what we observe nowadays is that the youth prefers not to tie the knot, and believe that marriage restricts their freedom and space. Along with that, the statistics of the number of divorces filed is on an all-time high. Hence we live in an era of live-in relationships and divorces. And so, in our modern culture, the institution of marriage is under siege. But one thing the youth needs to be educated upon is the perks of getting married.

So here are a few pointers which will encourage you to get hitched and stimulate you to take the huge step forward!

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Getting social and religious acceptance

One thing no can deny is that marriage gives us the liberty of getting accepted by the society and by all religions. It is a well- known fact that many religions are against cohabiting and premarital sex. Once you walk down the aisle, in front of the whole world, your family and friends, and make a legal lifelong commitment, then you gain a respect. It is an old-fashioned belief, but marriage does ensure smooth sailing of the society and makes it more efficient. Almost all the cultures of the world expect young adults to settle down and get married after a point of time in their life.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Financial perks

Other than providing a constant life partner, marriage provides financial stability as well. When two people are earning together (provided both are working), and financing their life together, then it definitely lowers the expenses and enables you to save more. Being married also gives you the privilege of buying assets without much legal hassle. It has many tax breaks as well. From cumulating their earning power to diminishing their financial burden, marriage does have a lot of financial perquisites.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Pleasure of growing old with someone

The one question which all the single people out there ask themselves is that how will they manage life alone when they grow old? With white hair and a face full of wrinkles, it would be difficult for you to manage everything on your own like you did when you were young, carefree and full of life. As you start aging, you will feel the need to have a constant support/partner so that both of you can take care of each other mutually. One of the greatest joys of life is growing old with someone you love. When you have an assurance that someone will be there for you when you will be physically unstable, it makes the process of growing old a smooth adventurous ride. You would not have the fear of dying a lonesome death! Having a companion in old age, who will save you from spending your old age in solitude, is a bliss.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Enjoy the company

Having the honor of sharing your life with your loved one is a joy which is only experienced by a few blessed people. As appealing as staying single might look, it is actually not. There will be a point in your life when you will need someone to share everything with. You would want someone to support you during the rough times as well as the good times, during your failures and success, in sickness and in health. You would want someone to be with you always, go on vacations with you, cook with you, and to share your feelings and experiences with.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Provides mental stability

As adults, we face a lot of situations with immense stress, trauma and pressure. One faces a lot of hardships in life and handling them alone can be a major task. Married people have a good mental health as there is someone to guide and comfort you during these adversaries. They are psychologically more stable and less distraught. There is a constant emotional support which helps you calm down and make better decisions.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. You are never alone on Valentine’s Day!

Sometimes, even strong supporters of singlehood feel alone. Especially on occasions where we celebrate love, the prime example being Valentine’s Day! Worry not! You will never have to bother about spending it alone when you have a loving spouse beside you. So your Valentine’s Day gift is already reserved. You will always feel wanted, loved and cherished.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Safer sex life

Sex after marriage is acceptable in all religions and societies. It is more sophisticated and healthier. Marriage automatically ensures a better and safer way of enjoying being physical. Contrary to the belief that after marriage everything becomes monotonous and boring, rather, people open up to each other and express their desires and needs with ease, hence spicing up their sex life through experimentation.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Someone to take care of you during sickness

You can’t forever keep calling your mom over when you are sick to your stomach! You need a partner, a constant, to ensure that no matter what happens to you, that person will always stand next to you, giving their full support.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Lead a happy life

Marriage provides the stability that brings contentment and satisfaction to both the spouses and helps them succeed in all aspects of life. It brings about happiness in their lives and makes them calmer and composed. It is observed that married couples are more gratified, peaceful, and mature in life than those who are unmarried.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Start a family

Marriage is the foundation of starting a family. Many people feel the desire to have kids to add meaning to their lives. Marriage provides you with the correct platform to raise a family and gives you the privilege of enjoying living with a happy family. Besides continuing your bloodline, raising children is one of the greatest experiences of life. Raising a child in a stable environment is preferable. It is better for the kid’s growth and development. The unconditional love the baby will give to you is beyond any measures. If the parents are married, then it helps with the overall growth of the child.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Lifelong commitment

Marriage ensures a lifetime of commitment if it is a successful one. It is the highest level of commitment that you can possibly showcase. Making this commitment will change your life forever. When you and your partner commit to each other, then automatically, the next step comes marriage, otherwise, how will you further grow your relationship? Without commitment, relationships are directionless.

Advantages of Getting Married

  1. Experiencing true love

You must have seen in movies that after confessing their love to the each other, the guy/girl end up proposing to the other for their hand in marriage. Marriage is the biggest proof of true love. Marriage helps to flourish love and lets it grow further. If you love someone to such an extent that you never want to part, then you can do that through marriage. One of the advantages of being married is that even when you fight with your spouse or face hard times as far as the relationship is concerned, you won’t give up that easily. You will keep working towards it, and make it work and finally renew the love between the two of you.

So the next time you think that you are better off alone, give it a second thought!

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