Top 12 Annoying Reasons why Siblings Fight

Honestly, we all love our siblings. To some of us, they’re tiny, cute and a little immature. And to the others, they’re those absolutely dominating ones, the mature cool cats (just saying, really.) There’s so much to learn from them and there’s so much we can do for them. But when it comes to clashing views, we start a war. We love doing this. And at the moment, we don’t realize what we’re saying and what they’re trying to make of it. This leads to misunderstandings and after too much fighting, we come to a conclusion: GET OUT OF MY ROOM.

And so here are 12 very annoying reasons everyone will be able to relate to, as to why we fight with our siblings:



why Siblings Fight

Trust me, regardless of the gender/caste/religion/sex you belong to, you will have this thing in common. What you want, they hate to have it. Usually, when you’re an elder sibling, you’re making all your efforts to make them understand that some things aren’t in your hands. You believe in destiny and they don’t. No, I wouldn’t tell you to put a full stop there. Broaden your minds, order from Mcdonald’s and eat.

Seriously, there’ll be lesser fights over view points when it comes to food.



why Siblings Fight

Usually, no matter how much you hate it, the elders usually have to take the responsibility of handling their younger ones. But then sometimes, the younger siblings ruin every chance of that happening too. It is difficult to manage everything. Especially when you have other better things to do but you’re told to take care of your siblings. Everyone hates that, but we still have to do it.

You like tomato, they like potato, you like romance, they like action, you like candy, they like peanuts. LIKE STOP RIGHT THERE. LEARN HOW TO LOVE BOTH THE THINGS. IT’S WORTH IT.


10. BIAS

why Siblings Fight

Sometimes your parents get involved in a few things. Like having a biased view on something or something. You also have fights among yourselves for the same. Things get ugly here, if not handled at the right time. Please make sure these things don’t take a wrong turn. Usually, in life, compromising is always a solution. But you know what’s better? Learning from what’s been happening in and around your family. Being bias doesn’t mean you also start hating your sibling. It means there’s something you need your parents to talk to you about.

Ps – then there are things like clubbing.



why Siblings Fight

We have all kinds of siblings, the irritating ones, the absolutely weird ones, the geeky ones and then there are the stubborn ones. These siblings will make sure you regret whatever effort you made to stop the fight. Their decision in full and final and they don’t need your advice for anything. They’re a stuck up and they have absolutely no other direction to see.

If you’re the more responsible sibling, you’ll make sure you make an effort regardless. Softness melts a person down and that’s the key. If anything, make sure your tone isn’t too harsh. These siblings need love and care and everything fair.

Buy them something really.



why Siblings Fight

This is regardless of whether you’re an elder sibling or a younger. You just need to be of the same sex for something like this to happen:

A: ‘How dare you wear my hairband?’

B: ‘Mom bought it for the both of us.’

A: ‘But remember what she said? It looks kiddish on you.’

B: ‘So?’

A: ‘Listen to her and give me my hairband back.’

Ah, I don’t even want to tell you the number of times EVERYONE on this planet must have had fights regarding sharing things with each other. If you’re a guy, the conversation would go like:

A: ‘That’s my watch you’re wearing.’

B: ‘But then I thought you didn’t mind.’

A: ‘Why wouldn’t I?’

B: ‘I’ve been sweet to you all day. I haven’t done anything to irritate you.’

A: ‘You are now. Now please, thanks.’

Well well well. Some things just don’t change.



why Siblings Fight

Again, when parents get involved in something, it also includes being pampered. You must be thinking it’s something similar to being bias. No. These are those siblings who get pampered on a daily basis. Parents know what’s been happening, but since things have gone too far, they can’t do anything about it.

You’re usually the spectator here. You’re watching, noticing and observing everything. And so, you feel like going and talking to your siblings about it. You don’t want them to take advantage of all the liberty that your parents have given to them. Everybody enjoys their own freedom. But taken undue advantage of it can often cause permanent damage to the family.

This is important guys. Talking to your siblings usually means getting into an argument here. Mind your tone and put some sense into their brains. Make sure they hear and also listen, at the same time.



why Siblings Fight

Some siblings are born this way. They have so much attitude, you and your parents together will not sum up to that amount. Your fights start with something else and end up with the other one’s attitude. It always comes down to this and this has practically become a universal problem with no solution. Because you know, we don’t want to change. Know why? Read the topic below this one.



why Siblings Fight

Yes, you got it right. Sometimes when siblings fight, argue on something and want to make an attempt on making things right, they just stop and don’t let that come out. Why? Because we’re full of ego. You want to say something and you know that if you do, things can be a lot better. But you, unfortunately, are a stuck up, harmed and internally unchangeable person. And you need some serious maturity.



why Siblings Fight

Often this happens. That you want to guide your siblings for doing something right, and they end up misunderstanding you. They think it’s for your own good that you’re using them to get things done. Misunderstandings are the CRUX of all sibling rivalries across the world.



why Siblings Fight

Sometimes, as mainstream as this may sound, siblings tend to listen to their friends more than you or your parents. Their influence on your sibling is more and they listen to them. This can be good and bad. Or maybe none. This leads to a lot of unnecessary fights. Something you had never even thought about. Make sure you get their point of view on everything and tell them yours. Talk it out.

Sometimes when it comes to elder siblings, your younger ones WILL DO WHAT YOU DO IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR AGE. They will take advantage of all the wrong that you’ve done and will do it. In order to stop that, you need to stop what you’re doing or what your friends are telling you to do.



why Siblings Fight

What I mean over here, is that sometimes what you’re doing, you would want your siblings also to do. Also, at the same time, sometimes what you did wrong, you don’t want your siblings to do. But they want to learn it the hard way. You both end up fighting because you’re tired of explaining to them that you’ve already been through what they’re wanting to do, but they just simply don’t listen.

There’s a possibility that you guys find some similarity midway. Like your favorite show is breaking bag. Come on, give each other a hug.



why Siblings Fight

Everyone differs in their nature. But that’s not it. Sometimes we also have a fight with our siblings because they just want to tell you that ‘they’re different’ all the time and make it seem like that’s the answer to everything. Seriously, that thinking is too narrow. You’re living in the 21st century. Open your mind.

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