Top 12 Beautiful Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

Why not enjoy the blooms of flowers at night?

Yes, you read that right! Nature is considered god’s best gift to mankind. Flowers are attractive and beautiful, and their impact on people can be enchanting. As the day comes to an end the night blooming flowers take their place, and their beauty needs no explanation. When the sun sets the moonlight opens your way to the nocturnal garden. After a hectic day, nothing can be more pleasing and mesmerizing than the sweet fragrance and beauty of night blooming flowers. So, here is a list of 12 most beautiful flowers that will stop you from sleeping, but at the same time fill your heart with happiness. Have a look!

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

12. Common Name: Night blooming jessamine

Scientific name: Cestrum nocturnum

Night blooming jessamine is popularly known as night jessamine or night blooming Cestrum. The flower blooms at night and requires warm weather. These flowers are native to West Indies and Latin America. It releases strong fragrance which attracts butterflies and moths. The flower needs sunlight though it blooms at night. They are greenish-white in color and considered one of the best night garden plant. White berries grow along with the flowers which attract various birds and insects.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

11. Common Name: Night-scented orchid

Scientific Name: Epidendrum nocturnum

Night scented orchid is widely popular because of its scent which it produces in the evening and night. The pollination of these flowers takes place with the help of small nocturnal flies and moths. Most of the night scented orchids are rare and are not cultivated. The night-flowering orchid is the only orchid species to open its flowers at night and close them during the day. The night orchid measures about 2.5 cm across and consists of tiny petals surrounded by three relatively narrow sepals. The flowers have petals which are more like a landing pad for the pollinators.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

10. Common Name: Evening Primrose

Scientific Name: Oenothera biennis

The evening primrose is a wildflower and is native to America and Europe. The flower is cup-shaped with four petals and eight stamens. They grow in a variety of shades like pink, white and bright yellow. They grow between May to July and is very easy to grow. They are said to bloom at night, but the opening begins in late afternoon and remains open till noon of the next day. It is an excellent choice for moon gardens as the flower begins to glow in the dark. The specie of Oenothera biennis is used for medical purposes, and the seeds are pressed to form oil.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

9. Common Name: Night bloom water lilies

Scientific Name: Nymphaeaceae

Night bloom water lilies are also known as jewels of ponds. It not only looks beautiful but also serves in aiding the ecosystem of a pond. The night blooming water lilies opens up at night and remains open till 9-10 AM in the morning. They are found in white, red and pink shades. The night blooming water lilies can grow very big and multiply rapidly as compared to the day blooming ones. They grow best in a heavy garden soil. These flowers also help in maintaining the temperature of the ponds by blocking the sunlight which in turn helps to control the algae growth.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

8. Common Name: Moon flowers

Scientific Name: Ipomoea alba

These flowers bloom at night that is why they are commonly known as moon flowers. The flowers are white in color and are pollinated by night-flying insects who are attracted to its scent. It is sometimes known as moon vine and is a climber. This flower is a part of Convolvulaceae family. These are natives to South, Central America, and Florida. The flower starts to bloom between mid to late afternoon and has a lovely fragrance. The flower dies as soon as the sun rises and then another new flower begins to bloom.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

7. Common Name- Night Gladiolus

Scientific Name: Gladiolus Tristis

Gladius is the Latin word for sword, and that is why the night gladiolus is also known as sword lily. The flowers are native to Tropical Africa, South Africa, Mediterranean Europe, and Asia. They are creamy yellow in color and features spicy night fragrance. The Night Gladiolus blooms between late spring and early summers. This flower grows best in areas where heavy rainfall takes place. These are amongst the most attractive flowers and add not just fragrance but also color to your gardens.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

6. Common Name: Casablanca Lily

Scientific Name: Lilium Casa Blanca

Casablanca lilies are one of the most popular lilies and are known to be developed as the hybrid of Oriental lilies. The Casablanca Lily is trumpet shaped with six petals and can be found in various colors like yellow, orange, white, purple and pink. The fragrance of these flowers is excellent without any doubt, and they are used as decorations for weddings and other functions. These flowers are also used in perfumes because of its sweet smell. The plant is easy to grow and is tolerant of sun rays.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

5. Common Name: Nottingham Catchfly

Scientific Name: Silene Nutans

The flower Nottingham Catchfly derived its name from the fact that it used to grow on the walls of Nottingham Castle. But the construction and renovation of the castle destroyed all the flowers. The flower is native to rocky banks and eskers and blooms between June-July. It is a vespertine plant which simply means that it stays close in the day time and opens up in the late evening. The flowers are drooping with thinly divided petals and have a beautiful fragrance. These flowers attract various night flying insects, moths, and butterflies.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

4. Common Name: Four o’ clocks

Scientific Name: Mirabilis

As the name suggests, four o’ clocks are those species of flowers that grow late in the afternoon after 4 PM. The bloom and fragrance of this flower remain throughout the night. You must be thinking about the reason why they bloom at night, and it is simply because they respond to the changing temperature in the atmosphere and grow accordingly. The four o’ clocks are also known as Marvel of Peru which is because they are native to the tropical areas of South America. They appear in red, pink, yellow, white and some bi-colours. Four o’ clocks can be easily grown from seeds and look breathtaking in your gardens.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

3. Common Name: Brahma Kamal

Scientific Name: Saussurea obvallata

The Brahma Kamal is named after Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. It is also known as the king of the Himalayan flower. This flower blooms only at night between July and September and lasts for only a few hours. The petals of this flower look very much like a Lotus. They grow on the slopes of the Himalayas, southwest China, and northern Burma. The flower begins to bloom after sunset and reaches its maximum beauty in the midnight after 10 PM. The scientific name indicates that it is a type of cactus.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

2. Common Name: Dragon Fruit Flowers

Scientific Name: Hylocereus undatus

Dragon fruit flower is also known as Pitahaya or Night Blooming Cereus and is a species of Cactaceae. These flowers bloom at night and last only one night when everything is still and quiet. They are native to Central America, South America, and Mexico. The flowering begins in summer, and the fruit formation begins afterward. The flowers first form a bud and then they flower within 10-13 days. The plant can be easily cultivated and grows very fast. The flowers are white in color and beautifully fragrant. These flowers are also used as ornamental flowers for decorating gardens and houses.

Flowers that Bloom Only at Night

1. Common Name: Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

Scientific Name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Dutchman’s pipe cactus which is also known as the queen of the night, night blooming cereus or lady of the night is a species of cactus. The flower is large with pure white petals and is very easy to grow. The flower starts blooming after 7 PM onwards and takes around two hours to bloom fully. This flower has a short life and lasts for 2-4 days. The blooming of the flower is followed by a small fruit which is edible. The plant grows best in partial shade and moderate to high humidity. It has a lovely fragrance, and the flowers are also used for medicinal purposes as they have anti-bacterial properties.

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