Top 12 Blonde Stereotypes List

Thanks to the abundance of movies and sitcoms, there have now been certain deep-seated stereotypes. Of course, these would not have been possible without aiming at some specific groups. We, as the rational beings, have an amazing ability to form assumptions from tiniest of factors. Somehow this entire process of developing assumptions has gone over the top. One of the most widely observed stereotypes are those related to blonde girls and women. Would it not be a highly interesting research trying to investigate into the roots of this stereotype? Now, you need not try and start answering that for it was mere rhetoric. (I hope that accounted for a little eye-opener.) The sheer practice of labeling someone based on the color of their hair is ridiculous enough in itself. A joke is a joke till it is funny. It ceases to be one as and when it starts hurting the sentiments of others. Read the following 12 blonde stereotypes, and it might force you to rethink your assumptions about the blondes.

Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Blondes lead a fairly easy life

This might even be taken as a huge myth which ought to end this moment. No human being existing gets to live a relatively easy life because of the choice of their hair color. Everyone irrespective of being a blonde, brunette, so on and so forth, have their share of troubles and issues in life. There certainly is no short-cut for anyone. She might be a blonde as well as leading a relatively rich life. That might be because of her hard work that she puts in her career. Did that never occur to you?


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Timid

You are not to be blamed if you think of all the blondes as weak and timid. It is not your mind but the age old effect of all the Hollywood movies playing in your head. It is indeed a mystery as to why have the blondes continued being viewed in such a light. Let alone logic, and there isn’t even a sensible reason behind this. Keep the mainstream Hollywood movies aside and think of the Disney movies for a change. Frozen was in all aspects a fresh take on the blondes. More movies need to be created of this sort.


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Look conscious

Who does not like keeping their mascara or their lipgloss in check? Almost every woman that you come across would affirm to this question; some would do so with a firm yes and others might just succumb to a nod. But, by the end of the day majority of the women would agree to have done so and continue doing so. If so is the case, then there arises no question of classifying the blondes mainly as look conscious. A myth successfully debunked!


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Dumb

Intelligence and hair color go hand in hand. This is a golden rule delivered by God himself and entered into every religious scripture. If you do not agree to it then you surely are not accurately familiar with the divine truth. Make yourself better acquainted. Hopefully, that did not come across as anything idiotic and nonsensical. It has as much sense in it as much as the fact that “all blondes are dumb” holds. There is yet another golden rule, ‘If nothing helps, then sarcasm surely will.’ Now if you did not understand this, then you very well might be the dumb one here.


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Showstopper

Blondes might and might not be gorgeous. It is the time that it is understood that it is not in every blonde that the inherited gift of being a showstopper or a twinkling star is present. They may be as human and as normal as the rest of us. Get over the image of Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls. That for me becomes the perpetrator of all stereotypes inflicted on blondes. Shift your focus, and you would also find blonde actors like Julie Delpy of Before Sunrise which would change your perception about blondes.


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Suck at sports

What about Blake Lively from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Wasn’t she a perfect foil to this widely believed stereotype? If you believe in blondes having long sturdy legs, then you must go a step further. You must also then start considering that they might use those long sturdy legs for some athletic purpose. See, this was so easy; one belief leading to the formation of the other.


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Mean

One always needs a reason to be mean. If you piss off a person, then s/he becomes fully entitled to avenge and piss you off in return. But by the time you taste that hatred you seem to have forgotten the very reason behind it. This classifies you to label the other person as mean. Think of it. And once when you will be through with the thinking process you might realize that anybody can be mean, with and even without a purpose. Oh yes! That is common sense.


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Inconsiderate

So, blondes are inconsiderate? They might be. Are brunettes insensitive? They might be. Are you inconsiderate? You might be. Ouch! That must have hurt. I am for sure being inconsiderate if I am hurting you without even making any efforts to know you as a person. Maybe the lesson is learned now.

Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Narcissist

Try looking around and evaluating people in your own group of friends. There would be many whose words and talks would make you categorize them as a narcissist. However the other minute you may like to alter that assumption. So why stick to that one belief of categorizing all blondes as narcissistic and that too when you have not even met any of them. Be sensible.

Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Can never be street-smart

This might and might not be true. Blondes can surely be street smart given the environment that they grow up in. By the end, it is all relative. Being street-smart requires one to be pretty social and tactful and not dwell in a make-belief world. If you give it a good think, sadly, you might not be one either.

Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Dress immaculately

Some might even go on to say that blondes dress up provocatively. While it might be true for a handful of the blondes out there, the same cannot be applied to all of them. If yes, then it should be classified as the height of stereotyping.


Blonde Stereotypes

  1. Do nothing but attract men

Why would only blondes do that? Any girl might just do that or would have claimed to do that in some or the other phase of her life. If a girl feels attractive and wants to land up in the dating game, she has all the rights in the world to do so.

By now it must have occurred to you how nonsensical most of these stereotypes have been. Refrain from adding to these in any way. Would you like if people continually made jokes on you without fail based on how you look? Make changes in your belief based on the answer.

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