Top 12 Illuminati Symbols

Not heard of the Illuminati? Well, here’s a little introduction to about them. Illuminati (also known as the skull and bone society) is a secret society which consists of people who claim that they’re in possession of special enlightenment. It is a conspiracy that has been carried forward to this generation from the previous one and this has been on since a very long time.

And so, since there are ways to get to know if this society exists, they have their own means of communication. Through symbols, yes. The world is interested to know about the Illuminati and this will show you how it connects with the world.

Here are the top 12 symbols and their significance for the Illuminati :
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12. THE EYE.

Well, you must have seen this kind of a symbol. It is represented by one open eye in the middle of a triangle. (Refer to the picture above.) The history behind this is very inciting. Now, it is believed that some supernatural power is always looking upon us. And this supreme power or ‘god’ is called ‘Horus.’

It also symbolizes that this skull and bone society is ruling being right at the top of the pyramid. They believe in the theory that there are very few at the top and large numbers at the bottom. This symbol is also present in the one dollar note of the United States as it was published by the then President Franklin Roosevelt.

There are various hand symbols that you can do as well. Making a triangle with your hand, or the ‘Italian horns’ so to say.

11. SUN

The sun is a very powerful signal of the Illuminati. It represents ‘Lucifer’ who was the dawn bringer or the morning star. Lucifer or Satan, as they call is alternatively, was an angel made by the god but he had a different and the most important role to play. He was, as mentioned, the day star. He was made to dwell in heaven.

However, pride and sin took over him and he became exactly the opposite of what he was. His failure led to a lot of unfortunate incidents. And so, he took the shape of a some who was literally, ‘dropped’ from heaven.

9. THE ‘G.’

In order to get to know the ‘truth,’ the Illuminati used a lot of mathematical terms, numerical and ciphers in order to get to this theory. The ‘truth’ is an important term for the Illuminati and therefore, in search of this vital theory, they used this English alphabet.

It is said that G represented a sun god – someone who was known for playing strange tricks on people. And Lucifer, was the trickiest god. And that’s how, this letter got its significance.

8. THE ‘666s’

‘The number of the beast.’

This number is as of course, used to serve their master ‘Satan.’ This number reflects the devil and all that is in relation with it. This represented someone who was anti Christ and someone, who was hell bound to give this world a different outlook and view.

7. FIRE.

And again, this is directly related to the day star, the sun bearer, god Lucifer. There have been a lot of studies and research done on this topic. The one of utmost importance is the statue of liberty. It has fire coming out of the lady’s hand where she’s holding the bolt.

The fire that keeps burning is set to represent the fact that Lucifer is immortal and that there’s nothing that can stop this element of earth from burning.


A very typical Illuminati symbol and is visible everywhere. For the Illuminati, this pentagram means a symbol of evil. It represents the goat of Mendens that is attacking ‘heaven’ with its so called horns. This goat is situated at a position where it is looking upward towards heaven because that’s where it is situated.

It represents a highly dangerous and atrocious looking goat. Also, this is known as the ‘foot print of the devil.’ A sign of disturbance and of course, the devil.

5. OWL

These are those animals, according to the Illuminati that are considered wise enough to rule the entire planet. This is enlightened are those who seek wisdom.


Snakes were mostly used are guardians to protect myths and other beliefs of different cultures and backgrounds. It also served as a guardian to statues and human beings and so, they do the same job here. Snakes represents EVIL. This is so because snakes are poisonous creatures to human beings and can even cause death.

The usual symbol of a snake eating its own tail tells us that this is an immortal growth and will go on forever.


This, put up simply, defines Lucifer, a fallen angle from heaven who had been the trickiest Gods of all. It is but unfortunate that this mark represents fire, the light and the day that remembers Lucifer and signifies the immortality of this God.


In this society of skulls and bones, a double headed eagle, facing either of the two sides, basically a phoenix is what is most symbolic. This eagle symbolizes the power and the endurance of the Illuminati society. It is quite visible to us, that a lot of film stars, bands etc. also believe in the existence of this secret society. And so, their easiest means of showing that they are, is through animals.

Eagles were used as symbols by a lot of other parties and organizations. And usually parties that had no good in mind. It sent a very powerful message to everyone who understood its meaning. (Usually people who were part of the Illuminati society.)


This is by far the most conspicuous one there is. A distorted cross. What does it mean, just by thinking of it? The skull and bone society is a society which practices its own religions, its own customs and regulations. It is completely against the idea of the existence of God. And so, in order to prevent themselves from believing so, they used means and ideas to symbolize what is called ‘taunting the God himself.’

It is a very disturbed sign, if you look at an inverted cross. A cross is something that directly represents faith and the desire to live life the way we want and most of all, believe in God. It gives a message that everything is absolutely alright and in peace. However, an inverted cross simply means that whatever is mentioned above, exactly the opposite is going to happen.

A completely secretive yet successful society, the Illuminati is for real or not, there’s no explanation for that. However, it isn’t a fact that it isn’t. It is possible.

Do you want to be a part of it?

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