Top 12 Important Things in Life that Money Can’t Buy

One does not need to be materialistic to see and experience all the happiness that life offers. There are several simple yet intriguing things all around us. These things tend to go unnoticed by us in the face of acquiring satisfaction from tangible entities. As and when we mature, we slowly realize that how unadulterated happiness in life generally comes from the most simplest of things. It becomes sad howsoever to see that not many of us realize this at the earliest. As for the others, by the time they do, it is too late. Let not yourself be also amongst the latter and experience remorse later in life. Read these top 12 things that money cannot buy and experience an epiphany.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: A Baby’s Chuckle

money can't buyAn infant’s chuckle can be one of the most pleasing sounds to one’s ears. We cannot stop ourselves from giving back a pleasant smile or a kiss to the infant, hearing that chuckle. A baby’s first chuckle is extremely special for her/his parents. It is nothing but music to their ears. They feel like doing anything in order to never let go of that babyish laughter. It is not just the parents who get overwhelmed, but anybody who hears it.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Trust

money can't buyNo money in the world can buy the trust of a person. A trust once lost would be lost forever. Circumstances might change favourably, but it would not be as the same before. It is indeed a very feeble thread which can break with the slightest strain. On the other hand, trust can be everlasting too. This would solely depend upon the mutual efforts that two individuals put in a relationship. It is always better to be trust worthy and maintain that as the loss of it would be too great to suffer.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Time

money can't buyThe importance of time largely remains unparalleled. In the battle of time v/s man, it is always the former that wins. Either time makes you lose or it makes you adapt to the changes. The best you can do is to keep up with its pace for a smooth life. No matter what, one is bound to follow the time constraints and is function within it. Try purchasing time and see where that leads you to. It would lead you to nowhere.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: True Friends

money can't buyThey make up the most memorable memories of one’s school as well as college days. True friends are hard to find and true friendships are hard to be earned. Once you get a real friend, s/he continues being one for the rest of your life. Attaining so would have nothing to do with your economic and social standard. This is where the beauty and sanctity of true friendship lies.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Mother’s Love

money can't buyA mother’s love is unasked for. She will shower upon you all the love and care that her heart is capable of. It is not in the will of a mother to love her child depending on how much s/he gives her back. Her affection is unconditional and unparalleled. There is no selfishness involved in her emotions. You may decide to show your appreciation of her hardwork by showering her with extravagant gifts and delights. But, all that you need to do is love and care for her in return for that would be the only way to repay her, nearly.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: A Long Nap

money can't buyGrammatically, there is nothing like a ‘long nap’. But your nap surely can extend to a longer one. Being allowed to extend a nap into a long sleep without being woken up is a sheer pleasure. What also is an absolute bliss is waking up after that nap to no work that requires immediate attention!

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Respect

money can't buyPeople might be a good sycophant to you. It is simply because of your money power and your authority over them. But sycophancy is nowhere close to respect. Respect has to be earned a hard way. You may continue being the most influential business person, but even that might not make you a respectable figure in the eyes of your subordinates. To earn that respect, you need to be modest and not boast of your supremacy. Be considerate. This would fetch you people who actually would respect you.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Hugs

money can't buyHow much a does a hug cost? Just some love. What does a hug give? Loads of happiness and a content heart of having someone out there who cares. So, it seems giving a hug is a very beneficial economic enterprise. Be free and open in giving out hugs to your loved ones. Nothing should restrain you from going ahead and embracing them. Let it become a mode of your expression of love and care, to them. It is one of the best remedies when it comes to healing people in distress. Be a healer with this great medicine. It would make you feel good about yourself too, knowing that you helped someone.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Honest Promise

money can't buyPeople just don’t go out promising things randomly. There is a basis and an intricate bond on which the life of a promise depends. If you have a real and honest bond with someone, then all of those promises amidst the two of you would be everlasting. Even when and if a promise breaks, it is because of certain misunderstandings and discrepancies. How can promises be purchased if emotions can’t be?

  1. Money Can’t Buy: High School Memories

money can't buyThere would be some making a cheerful nod thinking of their high school memories. On the other hand, some would just try to not think about it. High school memories have been worth a lifetime experience for all. Be it the mischievous pranks, teen love, sheer jealousy or everlasting friendship, one would agree to have undergone most of these through this phase. You cannot change those memories, no matter how hard you try.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Smell of Flowers

money can't buyAlmost everyone of us has wonderful childhood memories of running in parks and gardens. The best part generally used to be the sweet scent of the flowers hovering all around in the air. No money could and ever will equal that simple yet enchanting smell of flowers. It surely is one of God’s utopian gifts.

  1. Money Can’t Buy: Rain Drops

money can't buyThe slow pitter-patter of the rain drops gives immense pleasure. It is not just the drizzle that is beautiful, but also the sweet smell arising from the wet earth. Just sit with a cup of tea in your hand in your verandah, and enjoy the drizzle. You would know in no time that nature has its own way of mesmerizing you.

The most beautiful things in life cannot be purchased and added to a collection. They can just be experienced.

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