Top 12 Ways To Make your Life More Interesting, Happening And Exciting

Your life is the sum of your experiences. It is a nothing but a blank slate and you are the one who has the power to fill it the way you want. It could be sad, distressing, monotonous and boring if you let it be. On the other hand it could also be colorful, exciting and interesting if you make it so. And, so would happen only and only when you break out of the monotony and do something that would add thrill and spark to your everyday routine. The greatest fact that actually matters is that you are here and alive and that is not just so that you could breathe. Start living it. Make the most out of your life. Here are 12 simple yet exciting ways as to how to make your life interesting and happening.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Paint the walls of your room

Waking up every day to the same bare walls of your bedroom could be upsetting. Your mornings should be delightful and the first sight that you see everyone morning should be motivating and inspiring. Try and paint the walls of your room, even one side of it would work wonders. Make anything abstract on it that comes right from your heart. Seeing something that you have been able to create all by yourself just following the instincts of your heart will surely be very pleasing.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Karaoke night

There is absolutely no problem in being shy, humble and docile. But, for once shed your inhibitions and step out of the castle walls that you have erected around yourself. Participate with friends or even alone in a karaoke night. Go up on the stage and give one hell of a performance. You don’t know anybody there and even if you know someone then those are just your friends. There is basically nothing to be highly conscious about. Nobody in the crowd would be expecting you to be a professional or a learned singer. For all you care, clear your throat and sing on the top of your voice. That would be crazy fun. Soon enough you would start enjoying going to karaoke nights.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Learn a foreign language

Taking up classes for a foreign language would be entirely like going back to your school days again. You would find yourself brimming with pride on having learned a set of nouns. Writing a complete paragraph would be no less important than some achievement for you. There would be so much to discover that you would be completely consumed by it being amazed at every single discovery and knowledge. The best part of it would come when you become able to flaunt your knowledge and command over the newly learned knowledge.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Take up hobby classes

Everyone has a hobby that s/he likes to occupy her/himself with. But often in the face of academic, professional, or psychological burden, one tends to overlook it. Soon, a time comes when one forgets what his favourite task actually was. Do not let your life take such a turn. Sign up for a painting or dancing institute or learn to play a musical instrument. Indulge in your favourite hobby every weekend for as long as you please. It would be better than spending the complete day in your bed trying to figure out whom to hang out with. Well, hang out with yourself and give yourself a nice treat.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Learn to cook delicacy

If you swoon over those mouth-watering recipes in magazines or food channels, then do yourself a favor. Refer to the internet or cook books and prepare the same delicacy all by yourself. Not only would it save you a lot of money but would also help you become your own savior. Every time you’d feel like having one of those exciting dishes you would exactly know what to do. Be it day or be it night, you would know how to prepare that savory delight!

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Cut your hair

Having long lustrous hair is a dream come true for any girl. But it can be a total possibility that the ones living that dream are not very satisfied with it. If you are one amongst them, then here comes a piece of advice for you. If you are sick and tired of tying up and plaiting your hair all the time you step out of your house, then why not cut it short. Yes! Go bananas and trim it. You could give it a pony length or if you are a whole lot daring then chop it all off and sport a pixie cut. People would give you outrageous and displeased looks but there would be many more out there that would be surprised by your step. It is the surprise in their eyes, which would confirm that you have finally adopted some newness. And besides, it would be such fun.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Adopt a little friend

Go and get a little puppy or a kitten for yourself. It is always fun to have a little-animated friend walking on all fours around the house. Won’t it be exciting coming from work every day and being greeted by the happy barks or mewling of your pet? Even if you don’t find it so in the beginning, seeing their enthusiasm and love would reduce you to being excited with them in their company.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Change your dressing style

People recognize and judge you often by the clothes you wear. If it has been long since you have not altered your wardrobe a bit, then now is the time for some big changes. Go on a shopping spree and pick up the kind of outfits that you have never tried before. Changing the way you dress up can be very refreshing and it would also give your personality a whole new touch. Something this simple can have an immense effect too on eliminating insipidness from your life.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Build a birdhouse

Now, this could involve some hard work on your part. But, by the end, it would all be worth it. The everyday chirruping of the birds settling there would give you a new mission in life; to ensure that their little house isn’t destroyed or the birds are not suffering any discomfort. For a change, you would have to care and look for somebody else, and it will not even be your own species. It would be like being an invisible helper to the birds.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Leave that boring job

Since ages, you have been feeling trapped and suffocated in your job. Even though the pay is decent, you always end up having a gloomy mood at your workplace, no matter what. It clearly implies that it is time for you to leave this dreary job of yours and go for something that actually excites you. It could be your dream job from a career that you wanted to pursue years before. Waste no another moment and start the search. It would bring you immense happiness and something to look forward to everyday. You would find yourself being interested in your life after a long while.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Vacation

Gather your gang and go on a trip that you have been planning to, for years. Threaten to burn down their houses if they refuse to accompany you. If even that doesn’t convince them, then pack your bags and make the trip by yourself. Do not wait for others to participate in your happiness. Be independent and crazy enough to go on your dream vacation. It could turn out to be everything that you ever felt to be missing out in your life.

Make your Life More Interesting

  1. Volunteer

Sometimes you might turn up feeling useless and drained being unsure about what is the real purpose and motive of your living. In moments of such existential crisis, you should sign up for volunteering. It could be in some NGO or even at some charity function. Make yourself useful. Life isn’t always about thinking for yourself. Once you start helping others you would see how precious is it to make others smile. Doing so would also make you take an interest in the happenings of other’s life. Unconsciously your own life would be getting enriched with a complete plethora of experiences.


Go ahead and live a life that impassions you.

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