Top 14 Best Countries to Retire to in 2015

Retirement is that phase of one’s life when all you need is peace and stability. After years of hard work, people wish to enjoy the rest of their lives with their loved ones in a beautiful and affordable place. And once you decide to retire somewhere it becomes very important to see all the pros and cons of that particular country. Medical and housing facilities, public transportation, cleanliness, and low cost of living are some of the parameters to keep in mind while settling down. Here, we bring to you the top 14 best countries to retire to in 2015 along with the best available offers and policies for the retirees. Have a look-

Countries to Retire

14. Nicaragua-

Nicaragua provides low cost of living, best real estate opportunities and a high quality of life. The country offers various retiree program and to avail such offers you just need to be over 45 years old with a monthly income of at least $600. The government offers tax reductions and encourages more and more investment in the country. The colonial cities of Granada and Leon are among the most popular retirement destinations along with Matagalpa and San Juan del Sur.

Countries to Retire

13. Belize-

Belize is known for having some of the best retiree programs and is the only English-speaking country in Central America. The Government has introduced the Qualified Retired Persons program which provides the qualified retirees an exemption from taxes on income derived from outside Belize. Housing is cheap in Belize with all the comforts and has become an important retirement location. As the country is located near US, Mexico and Caribbean islands it becomes easy to catch a flight and travel.

Countries to Retire

12. Uruguay-

The natural beauty of this country is remarkable and will tempt you to settle here for the rest of your lives. Uruguay offers best roadway connectivity, good infrastructures and beautiful beaches. It is an affordable country and an easy place to obtain the foreign residency visa. The people of Uruguay are friendly and welcoming and there are very low crime rates. La Barra and Punta del Este the largest beach resort in the country becomes two retiree-friendly options in Uruguay. A couple can live comfortably with around $1200 per month.

Countries to Retire

11. Italy-

Italy can be very pleasant for those who are planning to retire here. The wonderful cities of Rome and Florence, diverse culture, the Italian cuisine and the beauty of the country as a whole are some of the plus points that attract foreigners to settle down here. The medical facilities are top class and the country is ranked second by World Health Organisation in the list of countries with quality health services. The Southern part of Italy is an affordable place to retire. Most of the people choose to retire along Italy’s coastline and Punta Ala a seaside resort becomes a popular choice.

Countries to Retire

10. Thailand-

Thailand becomes a popular destination when it comes retiring in abroad. You can experience a tropical climate and all the luxuries of life without spending too much money. Life is easy and relaxing in Thailand. Chiang Mai located near the foothills of northern Thailand is the most famous place with the best available climate in the country. Bangkok has developed into a cosmopolitan city with people coming from all over the world which offers a multicultural vibe to the country.

Countries to Retire

9. Portugal-

Portugal is best known for its sandy beaches, medieval towns, local wines and open air markets. The country witnesses the most stable climate in the world and has more sunny days as compared to any European country. The crime rates are pretty low in this country providing safety to its citizens. The country is highly developed in terms of infrastructure which includes proper highway and airport connectivity. The cost of living in this part of the world is lower and a retired couple could live here with a budget of around $1500 per month.

Countries to Retire

8. Colombia-

Colombia is an attractive and suitable country for the retirees because of various reasons including the amazing weather, biodiversity, and low cost of living. According to International Living, a couple needs around $1,200 a month to live comfortably in Columbia. The country is becoming extremely popular because of the cheap health care facilities. The major cities like Bogota and Medellin attract people in large numbers and is a favorite destination for foreigners. Colombia ranks second among the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

Countries to Retire

7. Malta-

Malta becomes the seventh best place to retire in 2015. The country has low crime rates, tasty Mediterranean cuisine and best healthcare systems with highly qualified doctors and professionals. Retiring in this country is very easy and affordable and provides an excellent climate, friendly people and magnificent scenery. The place is rich in archaeological splendors as it was located in between the ancient trading routes and has marks of many great civilizations. The best part of this country is that the people are very warm and welcoming which helps to settle here more easily.

Countries to Retire

6. Spain-

Spain can be costly while you are traveling but if you wish to retire there then the country has a lot to offer. The country has the low cost of living and a couple could survive on about just $2,600 per month. If you want your dream of relaxing on a sunny beach to come true then there is no better place than Spain. It is relatively cheap as compared to other European nations and provides a good standard of living to the retirees. The Costa del Sol, part of the Andalucia province is one of the most popular retirement destination in Spain as it provides the right atmosphere for the people.

Countries to Retire

5. Costa Rica-

The unofficial motto of Costa Rica is pura vida which means pure life and you can actually live a pure life in this country. Costa Rica is one of the countries to make significant efforts to attract foreign retirees. Along with the pensionado program, the country offers various tax breaks and other benefits including old age pensions. It is one of the most sought after country as it provides great weather, political stability and safety. The country provides best health care facilities in Latin America. The government runs a universal healthcare system known as Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social or Caja.

Countries to Retire

4. Malaysia-

Malaysia has one of the robust economies in Asia. It is one of the most beautiful and popular countries among tourists. The average cost of living is about $1,500 a month for a couple and public transportation is much more affordable and convenient. The country makes it easier for foreigners to settle here for long term. The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program is open for all without any age restrictions and offers various incentives. The MM2H multiple entry visa allows one to reside in the country for some years.

Countries to Retire

3. Mexico-

Mexico provides a great quality of life along with natural beauty and safety. The cost of land is very less as compared to U.S or Canada. The medical facilities provided by the country are the best and much more affordable. The country has a lot to offer to the retirees, the most interesting being the climate ranging from warm humid sea locations to dry heat of deserts. There are plenty of insurance services available to the citizens. Property taxes, maintenance costs and utility bills are lower making it an ideal place for retirement.

Countries to Retire

2. Panama-

Panama becomes the second best country to stay after retirement. The various benefits provided to the retired people is the country’s best policy to attract more and more people. It provides Pensionado visa program, which ensures that any foreigner who can prove that they receive income from pension or any other social Security of at least $1,000 a month will be allowed to live here indefinitely. The visa has other offers like 20% off medical services, 50% off entertainment, 25% off restaurant meals, 25% off airfare, and 25% off electricity and phone bills.

Countries to Retire

1. Ecuador-

Ecuador tops the list and is the best country to retire to in 2015. It gets top scores in climate, buying and renting and various other categories. The standard of living in this country is quite cheap and it costs around $1,400 per month for a couple to live here. The country gives various benefits to the senior citizen that includes discounts on flights originating from Ecuador, movies, sporting events etc. The government also provides discounts on public transports. People from all the other countries are drawn to this country because of its low cost of living, perfect climate, the beautiful and diverse landscapes and the favorable retiree benefits.

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