Top 14 Things France is Famous for

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France, country of beauty, glamour and absolute integrity. Where people, food, lifestyle is like living a dream. A country where dreams come true and the lights shine brighter than ever. France has a beauty of its own.

So, have you been to France? Then you must be familiar with all this. Haven’t been there? Then there are some things that would really appeal to you about this gorgeous country.

14. ALIMENTS (Food)

France is Famous

Your mouth is already watery, isn’t it? It really should be because French food is considered to be one of the best presented and best-tasting food ever. It is slightly towards the heavy side, but it is definitely worth all the weight. And with that, comes the famous French wine.

Did you know, French Cuisine has a lot to do with Italian cuisine? It has bound up from there and it influences the rich curry and spices in it. France’s famous food usually consists of the famous ‘Soupe à l’oignon’ – a soup made in onion and beef stock with tonnes of cheese, French cheese in itself is very renowned as it is considered to be really pure and mellow, and ‘Boeuf bourguignon’ which is the traditional meal for the French.


France is Famous

French culture is world famous and even the country is known for it. In all families, children are educated about their own country and how France had welcomed independence. Everyone invites other cultures as well, but French culture is given most significance.


France is Famous

France has a very fancy and remarkable infrastructure. There’s not one place you’ll find inconvenient or uncomfortable to be in. Infrastructure also includes utilizing all resources such as electricity, water etc. which is also taken care of very prudently by the French government. Electricity doesn’t cost too much and the government has made sure that it is easily accessible.

Its transport and means of communication have also been ranked as one of the best. They make your stay in France very comfortable as railways, waterways, roadways etc. don’t cost too much. However, it has to be kept in mind, where you’re traveling. Otherwise, France is rated very high when it comes to infrastructure.


France is Famous

Oh, the French are so loving and affectionate. They’re always walking on the streets with absolutely no time for what people think of them. They give a feeling of being comp and being yourself. They’re also very supportive when you’re in need of some help. Viva la France!


France is Famous

The temperature is always very complacent. You won’t feel too hot or cold. As of now, it is quite pleasant in France so its a good time to plan a vacation.

Yes, France does have extreme climates sometimes. But it doesn’t get worse and people are prepared for it. Winters get chilly and it gives a great feeling because Christmas and other festivals beautify the place even more! Snow is all you need sometimes.

9. JEUX (Sports and Games!)

France is Famous

Roland Garros! The ultimate Tennis challenge on clay court. Yes, it is in Paris.  Thinking of Rugby? Yes, it’s the French effect. France stands out in games like Rugby, Basketball, Soccer etc. And did you know, horse racing is one of the traditions in France? It’s a beautiful country, truly.


France is Famous

THE WORLD WANTS TO LEARN FRENCH. I’m not even over exaggerating when I say this. But the language is so subtle and beautiful that when you speak, you know you’re being really kind. Even if you’re screaming, it doesn’t even feel wrong, because of the tone.

The words are really spoken in a melodies tone and cannot be interpreted as harsh.


France is Famous

France is known for its amazing taste in fashion. And well, where do all these good clothes come from? Paris is one place where great fashion flows in everyone’s blood. Oh, what a beautiful country. It holds the best collection of clothes across the globe and great designers and stylists come and shop from here.

And how can we forget the fashion shows? People travel from the other side of the world just to be a part of this amazing country and share a drink or two with the best fashion designers in the world!


France is Famous

Well, every country has a history. Most of which we tend to forget because maybe, it wasn’t that inciting. But France? It is legendary. Everyone remembers the French Revolution because it has been studied about so much, n number of times.

Just a little gist of it – the French Revolution happened because firstly, the gap between the rich and the French common man kept increasing, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, there wasn’t enough to eat, the demand and supply ratios went hay wire and nothing seemed to work well. And so, the French Revolution took place and ever since, France has been one of the most established, flourished and developed countries in the world.


France is Famous

The place for the most brilliant and remarkable monuments? Those buildings are all in Paris, which is also considered a part of France. Of course, the Eiffel tower, Notre-Dame,  Arc de Triomphe etc are some of the very famous monuments of all time.

It is best to consult a tourist guide in France and Paris because sometimes, people might give out wrong information or some people might now know at all. But nonetheless, these monuments are ancient and their beauty is evergreen.


France is Famous

French wine is world famous. Red wine in France is something tourists and the French never miss out on. It is the greatest Wines of all time and you have got to try it too!

Also, Champagne is an important part of their cuisine. Again, the ‘sparkling wine’ as they call it, it is produced the same way as wine is. And did you know, Champagne is a gift of France. the toast of the world was first made 300 years ago with a very complex procedure. It is a staple and very respected drink in France as it involves a lot of effort in producing the drink.


France is Famous

The religion followed in France is that of Roman catholic. And so, Christmas is celebrated very beautifully here and remember how I said we need snow? We really do because it makes the surroundings stand out. It gives a very homely feeling during all other festivals as well.


France is Famous

You would all know all of them. You’re correct, Emma Watson, Tony Parker, Coco Chanel, etc are all very famous personalities of France. And also, Napoleon Bonaparte.


France is Famous

Education is France is given extra attention to. The literacy rate of France being 99%, everyone is given a chance to study and for those who can’t afford education are also given concessions.

Paris West University, University of Montpellier, Science Pro etc are also very famous for their excellent education and great faculty.

So, pack your bags and lets go to France.

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  • How do I say that? The person who wrote this article probably never went in France. A lot of things written in this article are not accurate at all. There is no traditional meal in France, people don’t have time to deal with you and your problems, a lot if religions are followed in France and a lot of people are atheists….
    But I don’t really understand the “France hadid welcomed independence ” ? What is that supposed to mean? Is it about America? I’m confused.
    Oh and when a French person insult you you can feel the harsh even if you don’t understand.

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