Top 15 Bad Luck Superstitions

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” That is what Orson Welles said. And let’s face it life is seventy-five percent hard-work and twenty-five percent luck.

While good luck seems rather elusive; bad luck is apparently easy to bring on. Here is a list of superstitions that are believed to bring bad luck. If you are a believer of superstitions, you better ensure that you avoid these spooky happenings.

15. Black cat crossing your pathSuperstitions

The black cat is often associated with witchcraft and wizardry. Cats are often known to move rather quietly in a clandestine manner. Many tales describe black cats as being the assistants of witches. They are often sent out to fetch secret ingredients for the evil potions brewed by witches. These stories led to the origin of this superstition. When a black cat crosses your path, it usually implies that your mission for that day will be a failure. This is simply because the cat has passed on the negativity of the witch to you. You would do better to scrap your endeavor and spend the rest of your miserable day at home.

There is another story behind this superstition. Once a father and son were walking across a bridge on a moonless night; when suddenly a small; dark creature darted across their path. They threw stones at the creature until they found it limping into a house. The next day they saw an old lady; limping in the same feline fashion; walk out of the house. This lore has led to the belief that witches often transform into cats to carry on their night-time prowling.

14. Walking under a ladderSuperstitions

This is one superstition that makes sense. Imagine walking under a ladder when suddenly the person on it drops something on you or worse if the ladder collapses right on top of you.

A ladder leaning on a wall forms a triangle which the Egyptians believed represented the pyramid. They believed that walking through the triangle destroyed the power of the pyramid and invited bad luck.

Another reason for the superstition is – in olden days people were hanged to death. They would often be hung from the top rung of a ladder. It is believed that their spirits often remained in the triangle created by the ladder and would attack anyone who walked into their space.

13. Friday the 13thSuperstitions

This is the most widespread superstition. It is known to bring bad luck and the fear of this day even has a name. This fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskevidekatriaphobia. A lot of people consider 13 to be an unlucky number. In some places, the door numbers often give 13 a miss.

Friday is considered unlucky by many because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. The night before this crucifixion there were thirteen disciples present.

Both Friday and thirteen are considered unlucky individually. Hence when they occur together, it is nothing short of a catastrophe. Thousands avoid driving cars and going out on Friday the 13th. Are you one among them?

12. Sneezing before you go outSuperstitions

Many cultures believe that when you sneeze your soul escapes from the body. And without a soul, nothing that you do can produce good results. Hence sneezing before you go out is considered to bring bad luck. It is also believed that an evil spirit can enter your body when you sneeze.

Sneezing three times on Sunday means that someone is going to die soon. But if you can make yourself sneeze a fourth time the jinx is broken.

11. Early morning nightmaresSuperstitions

It is believed that early morning dreams come true. The belief holds good for nightmares too. It is possible that the dream signifies something ominous in store for you.

The movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” shows the lead character having nightmares at precisely 3 a.m. Her nightmares turn to reality the following day. The fact that the movie is based on a true story made this particular superstition a little scarier.

10. The flickering of an eyeSuperstitions

It is said that when a single eye flickers continuously, something bad is about to happen. Scientifically speaking the regular flickering of an eye could signify some neural disorder which is bad luck.

9. Seeing a snake in your dreamSuperstitions

This superstition has Indian origins. Snakes are worshiped by many Indians as it is often associated with Lord Shiva- the destroyer. If you happen to dream of a snake, it means that destruction of some form is about to occur.

8. Having an eighth childSuperstitions

This is an old Indian superstition. It is said that the eighth child brings bad luck to the entire family. Hence all parents should stop after having seven children. It might have been one of the ways of controlling population.

7. Dogs howlingSuperstitions

Dogs are supposed to be able to sense ghosts and sniff death. If a dog howls, it could mean two things. One – a spirit is prowling around. Two- death is in the air. Or it could be a nasty combination of the two where a spirit would be the cause of death.

6. Lizard walking on youSuperstitions

Some cultures believe that lizards are poisonous, but this is not true. Because of the false notion, most people consider it unlucky when a lizard crawls on you.

Lizards are repulsive creatures, and you would do well to heed to this superstition and make sure they never get to crawl on you.

5. Killing a snakeSuperstitions

Snakes are stealthy creatures. Many people find them repulsive. But there is an equal number that worship snakes. Snakes are often believed to be demons in disguise. Hence if you kill a snake; you are killing a demon- unintentionally of course. This sparks vengeance in the demoness who is believed to haunt the killer until he/ she is killed.

4. Broken MirrorsSuperstitions

Break a mirror, and you will have seven years of bad luck is the common saying. The reason behind this superstition could be safety. Broken glass is dangerous and could pose serious problems if it cuts or pierces the skin. During the olden days removing broken glass was an odious task. This could have led to the spread of this superstition.

3. Shuddering in your sleepSuperstitions

When you shudder in your sleep, it is believed that a ghost has glided over your grave. It symbolizes impending doom. More often than not they are followed by nightmares.

2. A candle or lamp blowing outSuperstitions

Candles or lamps are lit to worship God. Hindus light oil lamps before an auspicious event or to pray for the good health and well-being of the family. They ensure that they turn off fans while performing the ‘pooja’ or ‘aarti.’ If the lamp suddenly blows off; it is considered a bad omen. It is a premonition of something bad that is likely to occur soon.

1.     Three successive sixes 666Superstitions

This superstition became popular after the release of the movie “The Omen.” Three consecutive sixes have always been associated with the Devil himself. Any child born on 6-6-6 will be the Devil’s child. This superstition caused widespread panic in June 2006. Many expectant mothers with due dates of 6th June 2006 undertook elective caesarean to advance the date of birth of their children.

Superstitions may seem silly and unbelievable. But sometimes you just can’t ignore the signs and symptoms. Omens are strewn across your life. The smart one’s read them, and the rest ignore them.


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