Top 15 Best Birthday Gifts you can give your Husband

And it’s that time of the year again, where confusion and excitement go hand in hand. It’s the best feeling on earth yet again, it is very perplexing. Husbands make our lives so wonderful and full of happiness and hope. They’re the reason why support and solutions work together. And they’re also the reason why we live the most comfortable life ever.

So, to make your job a little less confusing and making your husbands realize that they’re really a charm, here are 15 gifts you can give to them that would make them the happiest men on earth!

Best Birthday Gifts


And of course, you got what I’m trying to say. Men have a different passion for watches and they’re very choosy about them. So, make sure you know your husband’s type and what he likes in particular. Furthermore, in order to add a little bit of your spice to it, get it engraved. Something that just the two of you know about. Some quote, letter, song etc that appeals to the both of you and he won’t ever keep that out of his mind.

Best Birthday Gifts


Did that place just cross your mind? Oh absolutely. It is probable that you know which place is your husband’s dream city/country. Plan out a vacation for him and don’t let him know at all. On his birthday, give him a mini heart attack by handing over air tickets and letting him know that when he is around, you can always make impossible, possible. This would make his day and would make him realize how special you are.

Ps – please talk to his boss before he gets fired.

Best Birthday Gifts

13. SUIT UP.

Haven’t had the time to go out and shop? Well, every husband has this excuse. But you know they look best in suits. So, head out and get them one with a tie of their favorite color. Everyone has a color and husbands carry off those colors in a brilliant fashion. Make sure it fits them perfectly. A well-planned gift is the best there can be.

Also, to make it perfect, buy them a pair of really classy shoes with it. Nothing works best than a perfect suit and matching shoes.

Best Birthday Gifts


Bah, you would be the best wife there is on planet earth if you gift your husband a TV. Well, some may say that this is foolishness, whereas others may approve of it. What do husbands do during the weekend? Sit back and relax with a drink or two and watch one or two of their favorite movies with their loved ones. And wouldn’t you want to be a part of this happy life?

Best Birthday Gifts


Hell yes, I’m talking about pens. Men are very selective when it comes to the sort of pens they write with. You will find people who find pens very appealing just by the way they look. And some, by the way, they work. So, if your husband is one of those who loves to carry pens and has a totally different craze about them, then gift them something that would appeal to them just by its looks. (Something like a fancy Mont Blanc would do)

And if they’re looking for really great pens that work really well, gift them a Parker. (Looks+ink= best wife ever.)

Best Birthday Gifts


A collection of his favorite books would make you his favorite too. If your husband has been head over heels for a particular book but hasn’t been able to find it or taken out time to get it, make sure you gift him that and make his dream come true. There’s no better birthday gift you could give to them than something which they’ve been crazy about for a long long time.

Best Birthday Gifts


Understood? Yes. You should gift him a great collection of that chosen genre or band he listens to. This would make his day. And make sure it’s a rare collection or something they’ve not seen. It would be a great investment!

Best Birthday Gifts


Is your husband a gadget freak? Well then, this is what you can do to keep that up to date. Make sure that you’ve planned your money well for this one as sometimes, this may cost too much. Also, make sure that this has the kind of features your husband has been looking for. Nothing is better than gifting your husband a gadget that he’s most pleased by.

Best Birthday Gifts

7.  A PET.

This maybe unusual, but this is something every man would secretly desire. A pet is a man’s best friend. Let him know that even though sometimes you two have a fight, someone will always be there to listen to him.

Best Birthday Gifts


By this, I mean calling his friends over and celebrating a night full of joy and excitement with them. Try and connect with his old friends. Friends who he doesn’t keep in touch with anymore, but would really love to see them. Plan an extraordinary birthday and make him feel really special. After all, you and his friends are all he needs for this one night!

Best Birthday Gifts


Buy him little gifts, but a lot of them. Accessories like office accessories, bathroom accessories, clothes etc. would make it much better. This would make him feel like you’ve been keeping an account of everything there is missing from his wardrobe and his office. It is a very thoughtful thing to do and is also, at the same time, very convenient and amazing.

Best Birthday Gifts


The simplest and yet the most though about, his drink. Gift him a bottle of his kind of drink. Also, make sure that it isn’t just another bottle. Most definitely, it should be vintage and classy and also very amazing in taste. Make sure he loves it.

Best Birthday Gifts


Money and men, wallets and women. Well, that statement is not always true. Men love their wallets too. And just so you know, they’re very pricey about them. They choose their wallets and they make sure that it lasts for quite some time. So, if you’re looking for a wallet for your man, make sure you know him and his choice really really well.

Best Birthday Gifts


There’s always that one movie your husband could watch 24×7. Make sure that you gift him a collection of movies that he’s been watching and he’s been looking for all the time. He would love to have you around and that one movie to watch.

Best Birthday Gifts


Well, this is a very thoughtful and a very personal gift. Describe whatever comes to your mind. Preferably, your first date, your first movie etc. would be like a cherry on top. Make him feel unique and special and make him realize that you’re all because of him.

Happy Gifting!

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