Top 15 Effective Tips to Gain Weight Fast

Most people are looking to lose weight, for them it comes as a shock that there are people who want to gain weight. But believe it or not, gaining weight is not as easy as it sounds for some people. These are the ones who are fed up of the constant nagging of the people around them, asking them to gain weight. At times under the sheer pressure of wanting to gain weight, such people end up losing a few kilos. But, there is a lot of hope for people trying to gain weight as we have a list of Top 15 Effective Tips to Gain Weight Fast. These tips will not only help you to gain weight quickly but also in a healthy way.


  1. Double up your Intake-

The easiest way to gain weight fast is to simply increase your calorie intake. Try eating twice as much. Whatever you normally eat just double the quantity. This way your calorie intake will shoot through the roof. Double everything you consume right from breakfast through dinner. Assume that you are eating for two.. Taking in more calories will not only help in increasing your weight but will also keep you energized throughout the day.

  1. Decrease the Food Time Intervals-

Increasing the quantity of food suddenly may not be a feasible option for everyone but you can always eat at shorter intervals. Munching frequently serves the purpose of increased intake. You should eat at least once every 2-3 hours. Try eating as much as possible between your standard meals. If you cannot keep track of time and tend to forget to eat you can always set a timer in your phone that rings every two hours and reminds you to eat.

  1. Increase Liquid Intake-

Liquids unlike solids are not exceptionally filling but can be full of nutrients and calories. A glass of protein shake or some fruit juice  will not leave you feeling stuffed like you just had solid food but will take care of the nutrient intake. Protein shakes and energy drinks help you in gaining weight at an alarming rate and at the same time ensuring that the weight goes to the right muscles without making you look plump or fat. Milk and smoothies can also serve the purpose. They are enjoyed by all of us for their taste and their calorie content is exceptionally high.

  1. Garnish your Food-

Add high calorie ingredients on the top of your dishes. When you eat any serving of pasta or pizza or even spaghetti, top it up with loads of cheese and mayonnaise. When eating Indian food, top it up with a big chunk of butter or a big spoon of ghee or what we Indians call as ‘Maa Ka Pyaar’. While trying any dessert drown it in syrup, caramelized sugar and whipped cream. Garnishing your food serves three purposes- it makes the food more appealing, it definitely makes your food more delicious and you instantly crave for it even if you are full, and most importantly it increases the calorie content and helps you gain weight in a very ‘tasty’ way.

  1. Lift Weights-

All of us have the general perception that gyms are for fat people but if you are really trying to put on weight, lifting weights and training is your answer. Workout under guidance will help you achieve a toned body. Squats, pull ups and weight lifts will help you gain muscle weight without making you fat. Also an added benefit would be the excruciating hunger and craving for food post workout.

  1. After Workout Snacking-

Taking in a large amount of calories immediately after your workout will do wonders for your body. Post workout your body is drained of all calories and nutrients and will suck up the tiniest bit of calorie it encounters. Having a high calorie diet at this point will be one of the quickest ways to put on weight. This is the time when a protein shake would be highly effective.

  1. Monitor Beverage Consumption-

It is quite natural among people to have some low calorie beverage like water just before a meal which eats up their capacity to eat. This leads to decreased food consumption and less calorie intake. It is therefore often advisable for those trying to gain weight to have a high calorie beverage like a milk shake or smoothie along with their meal to ensure that it does not decrease their diet. For some it is also advised to consume a beverage after their meals and not during it.

  1. Eat Before Bed-

A lot of processes in our body take place while we are asleep. Treating yourself to a snack just before bed helps building muscles and lean tissues in a smooth way. However, it is necessary to eat something light like a salad or maybe a whole wheat sandwich to ensure that you do not feel stuffed before going to bed. Eating a heavy snack just before bed time can lead to an uneasy sleep. It may even induce vomiting during the middle of the night.

  1. Improve Eating Habits-

Eating habits affect your weight in many ways. Always chew your food properly and avoid swallowing. Properly chewed food ensures that all the nutrients and calories of the food are absorbed up by the body. Also avoid large intake of beverages like tea and coffee as they hinder the absorption of minerals and iron. Apart from this increase the consumption of monounsaturated fats to gain weight but avoid high quantities of trans fats as they increase the risk of heart problems.

  1. Use Big Eating Equipment-

We have often read in diet books to cut your meal size to half to reduce weight. So to gain a few kilos, you do the exact opposite. You buy bigger utensils to ensure that the quantity of food that goes inside your body is more. Not only do you need to get bigger eating utensils but also make sure you fill them up completely and finish the whole serving. Most of the times you find your way out from taking a second helping but this big utensil will ensure you eat an increased quantity of food.

  1. Avoid Stressful Situation-

Stress is a major cause of excessive weight loss. Avoiding stressful situations will be an effective measure to reduce weight loss which is the first step to weight gain. Being happy and calm keep your body in a good shape and help you regain your lost weight. Once you start avoiding stress, your face glows up and your body actually starts absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat. Thus it is very important to lose stress if you want to gain weight.

  1. Mix Food Groups-

You should eat at least three food groups together. A variety of food groups ensures a variety of nutrients and calories in your body. One food group will offer the body with only a single type of nutrient that the body will consume in a limited quantity. But many food groups together offer a variety of nutrients for  the body to  consume throughout the day ensuring an increase in weight.

  1. Watch What You Eat-

We often feel that we can easily gain weight by increasing the amount of sugar and fats in our diets. What most of us don’t realize is that these may help us gain instant weight but they hamper our body in the long run. High quantity of sugar and fats can lead to a number of fatal conditions. Thus most treats that we choose for our body must be healthy in addition to being high on calories.

  1. Consume High Calorie Food-

Increase your intake of high calorie foods and beverages. Peanut butter spread on a slice of bread increases you calorie intake by 192. Fruits like banana provide you with over 100 calories. Eggs, Tuna and other kinds of meat are loaded with proteins and minerals and will help you increase your weight. For the vegetarians, a single slice of whole wheat bread layered with butter can increase the calories by 100. Your usual diet supplemented with these high calorie products will definitely help you gain a few kilos.

1 Nutrition All the Way-

Just increasing your calorie intake will not be enough in the long run. A high calorie diet which is nutritionally sound always rules the way. Adhering to a balanced diet with optimum amounts of nutrition and calories will help you gain weight in a holistic way. Consuming a large quantity of calories for a long time might lead to obesity and other related problems. You must always aim for a meal with optimum amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Not only will this diet help you gain weight but it will also ensure that the weight goes to the correct muscles and stays.

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