Top 15 Mind Boggling ‘Game Of Thrones’ Facts

We know Jon Snow knows nothing, but do we know everything about the Game of Thrones ourselves? The show has many hidden facts in it and each one of it changes the way we look at it. We can’t get enough of George R.R. Martin’s devilish cynicism and behind-the-scenes secrets of the show. Here are the 15 Game of Thrones facts that will blow your mind.

1. Producers know the ending.


What would be the worst nightmare of a game of thrones fan? That’s right, death of George R.R. Martin before he could finish the book series. But don’t worry, George R.R. Martin has revealed the ending of the book series to the TV show’s producers D.B. Weiss and David Beniff, in case he does not live to finish the books. The show is moving much faster than the author could actually write. He fears that he might die before finishing his series. Hence, he made a decision of telling how the book ends to the selected people. The creators have a rough idea of how the book will end.

2. Dragons were made in India.


Yes, you read that right! Khaleesi’s fire breathing dragons were created in India. The dragons were created in our very own city of dreams, Mumbai. The company is an Indian subsidiary of Prana studios, a 3D visual effects and animation company based in Los Angeles. The company developed the first three dragons for the fifth season of HBO’s record breaking series.

3. Aemon Targaryen is really blind.


The actor who plays Aemon Targaryen is truly blind. Peter Vaughan is partially blind in real life, he says that he loves acting and will continue to ac till is fit enough to do so. He is 92 years old and still enjoys acting. He is the living proof that age doesn’t matter.

4. Famous relatives.


The actress who plays Talisa of Volantis, Oona Chaplin is the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin. Naturally, acting is in her blood. And Harry Lloyd who plays the part of Viserys Targaryen is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens. Also Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy in the series, is the brother of British singer Lily Allen.

5. DJ Hodor


Now this may come as a surprise, but the actor who plays Hodor, Kristian Nairn was actually a full time DJ before his acting career. The Irish actor is the tallest among all the cast members at 6’10”. He still likes Djing in his hometown, Belfast. In addition to spinning vinyl in parties, he also sings, plays guitar and performs on stage.  Hodor might be a silent and lovable giant but Kristian Nairn is talkative on the sets of the series as compared to other cast members. Also, the actor came out last year that he is gay, making him the first openly gay actor of the show’s 100 plus cast members.

6. You might be pronouncing ‘Khaleesi’ wrong.



The popularity of the series knows no bounds. According to Social Security Administration records, nearly 150 newborn baby girl were given the name of ‘Khaleesi’ in 2012. Khaleesi means the ‘queen’ in Dothraki. Also, according to David J. Peterson, the linguist who created Dothraki for the show, everyone is pronouncing ‘Khaleesi’ wrong. He blamed Liam Glen, who plays Jorah Mormont for the show. Apparently Jorah’s pronunciation ‘ka-LEE-si’ is wrong, the correct pronunciation is ‘KHAH-lay-see’. The linguist, however, backed off because the producers liked it that way better and most of the people were pronouncing it that way anyway.

7.  The real many-face God




Ian Whyte, who plays the Mountain is also our White Walker. There are some serious make up games going on, eh? But that is not all, do you remember Madame Maxime Olympe from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; her role is also portrayed by Ian Whyte. The actor sure is versatile!

8. White Walkers tap their own tune.



In season 5, episode 8 titled ‘Hardhome’, among the wildling were the members of the American metal band, Mastodon. The singers are a big fan of the TV series. They have composed a song named ‘White Walker’. You can check out the music video on Youtube.

9. Fate learnt from a fan.

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Actor Charles Dance, the one who plays Tywin Lannister found out that he would die, from a fan. The actor says that he has no idea that he was going to die until a fan approached him and told him that he had a great death scene. That was when he learned all the details. Also, he apologizes to Peter Dinklage constantly on the sets. The reason being, “he treats him appallingly” in character.

10. Gummy bear horse heart.


In one of the scenes, a pregnant Daenerys consumes a raw horse heart to prove herself to Dothraki people. But the horse heart that Khaleesi ate was actually a seven pound of gummy bear like stuff. Actor Emilia Clarke says that it was one of the scenes that didn’t require any acting at all as she was naturally disgusted by the fake horse heart. She was promised that it would taste like gummy bear, but it didn’t. She describes that it was similar to congealed jam with fake blood sugar and dried pasta, for added texture. Later, the actress got stuck on a toilet seat because she was covered in sticky fake blood during the shooting.

11. Youth fountain discovered south of the wall.


In fifth season Mrycella said she has been in Dorne for four years since Tyrion sent her away in second season. This means Gilly’s child Sam who was born in 3rd season, should not still be a baby but a three year old toddler.

12. Catelyn is Hermione’s mother.


Do you know who played Argus Filch in Harry Potter? He is none other than Walder Frey. His real name is David Bradley. Also, Michelle Fairly, who plays Catelyn Stark also played Hermione’s mother in Harry Potter. And Natalia Teha, the one that played the role of Nyphandora Tonks in Harry Potter plays Osha in GoT.

13. Only one Indian among the cast


Indira Varma is the only person of Indian origin to cast in the series, Game of Thrones. She is an English actress who portrays the role of Ellaria Sand in the fourth season. She is the only child of Indian father and Swiss mother, who was part Genoese Italian. Indira graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London in 1995. She also played a role in Kamasutra, a tale of love.

14. What if Ramsay was Jon Snow?


Imagine that happening. The actor that plays our despised role of Ramsay, auditioned for the character of Jon Snow and stood second. Thank the seven gods for he wasn’t selected.

15. Joffrey’s favourite part


One of Joffrey’s favourite scene in Game of Thrones is the one in which he was laying dead while Cercei sits beside him. He said that he was getting paid just for acting like a dead body. It wasn’t just us who enjoyed Joffrey’s death after all.

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