Top 15 Reasons why People Travel

Ask a traveler that why do they travel so much and they’ll sit back, sigh deeply and look into the space misty-eyed and say “ask me, why not?” Travelling is like flirting with life, you would say that you would stay and love, but you know that you have to leave because you are yet to explore so much. It makes your life a story worth telling and you realize what little space you possess in this big, wide world and yet you realize your importance by the many lives your influence during your trip. Life is meant to live with no excuses and travel with no regrets. Here are 15 reasons why you need Vitamin Sea in your life

1. To travel far enough to meet yourself

Reasons why People Travel

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of yourself you find yourself. Travelling lets you discover yourself. you find out your capabilities. You always thought hiking was out of your league. But when you are compelled to try it for the first time on a trip, you realize that you could always do it. It was the fear that was holding you back. When you are offered a different lifestyle, you can find out what you are made of. The farther you go from your home, the nearer you come to your true self.

2. To know the story behind the marks and monuments

Reasons why People Travel

Remember those history classes you had in your high school and they used to be downright boring. You didn’t really care who built what and where did some war take place. But when you visit the places from your history book and you see the historical monument standing in front of you in all its glory, the marks all the years have left on them speak for themselves. That’s when you understand all the fuss about it and appreciate its beauty. The Colosseum in Rome, its history and the damage that has occurred to it will leave you mesmerized. The history of the place fills you with the enthusiasm to know more about it and leaves an everlasting impression on your soul.

3. To become a storyteller

Reasons why People Travel

‘Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.’ – Ibn Battuta.  A well-traveled person can tell you stories about things you never thought existed. He can tell you exactly why traveling is far better than partying every now and then. The more experience you have, the more stories you have to tell. Travelling lets you have all have all the scary and crazy experiences and a life full of no regrets. Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in the pages of a passport.

4. To satisfy your food fetish

Reasons why People Travel

No trip is complete if you don’t taste the local cuisine and pamper your taste buds. Food is the reason worth for some ultimate foodies to pack their bags, and head off to a totally different location on the globe, to be a part of massive food festivals around the world. Along with the new lifestyle, people and culture, traveling offers one to savor the flavors of the world. Travel presents food for the soul.

5. To break through your comfort zone

Reasons why People Travel

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try penned down Seth Godin. If you look back at all the amazing memories of your life, you will realize that most of them were out of your comfort zone. No great story starts within the confines of your comfort zone. Being out of your bubble, pushing your boundaries and being vulnerable is thrilling. You accomplish things you never thought you could. Travelling is dangerous, full of life-threatening possibilities and will not always be comfortable, but at the same time, it gives irreplaceable memories, amazing friends from around the world and turns you into a new person, a person full of life. Adventure may hurt, but monotony will kill you.

6. To gather a bundle of inspiration

Reasons why People Travel

The art galleries and museums in Paris, the roman paintings and the bonsai ganders in Japan, will fill you with sudden enthusiasm to try your hand at art. If you need some serious motivation to seek the inner artist in you, traveling and visiting all the amazing pieces of work around the world can work like magic. Apart from the art, you meet some incredible people around the world, their stories can make your own problems look small.  Watching them smiling despite whatever their situation is, will make at your own life differently.

7. To slow down and relax

Reasons why People Travel

A wise man once said that never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Money is worth nothing if you cannot spend it on a little adventure. While we are deeply involved in our hectic schedule, we forget that time is slipping through our fingers. Escape life for a little while because an experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.  The feeling of being away from your workplace and not having to worry about the never-ending piles of files and being away from your boss for a few days is pure bliss. The purpose of life, after all, isn’t staying rooted at one place, but it is about exploring all the possibilities and reaching out to a richer life.

8. To seek great people

Reasons why People Travel

The world is full of beautiful souls. The ones that you meet whiling on a trip, will remain special to you. You might make some really amazing friends especially if you are traveling solo. Meeting other travelers and knowing their stories about how they stepped out of their comfort zone can is incredible. You can relate to the world and connect to others. The person you met at some cafe might become your pen pal or you could find your love, or you could come closer to the friends you are traveling with, the possibilities are boundless.

9. To alter your perception

Reasons why People Travel

Your life problems might be huge. They might be eating you up slowly and you can’t find a way to figure things out. Travelling gives you a new perspective of looking at your life.  When you meet different people, experience their culture, know their mindsets and listen to their tales, you will look at your own issues differently. It will make you understand that your problems do not mean the end of the world for you, people have it worse but they somehow get past them. You get a bigger picture of the world. Your thinking is altered and things will not seem the same to you. You will grow and you will not remain the same person that left home a few days back.

10. To explore the rich diversity

Reasons why People Travel

You are bound to receive few culture shocks in your traveling course. The way people greet each other, the food they eat, their style, their body language and the customs are different all over the world. You get to experience them and try out new things in a new place. It makes you aware of the degree to which people can vary and at the same times respect those differences.

11. To celebrate life

Reasons why People Travel

Life is short and the world is wide. One day you might wake up and realize that you don’t have time to do everything that you have always wanted to do, anymore. Once in a while, make time to appreciate the fact that you are alive, young, free and healthy and head out of your usual routine and buy a plane ticket to the place you have never been to. Let your gypsy soul take charge.  Leave not a thing on your bucket list undone, for future holds no guarantee. Be brave enough to take risks, nothing can substitute experience.  Don’t worry about money, just make it work, the experiences that you will gain are worth more than money will ever be.

12. To learn social skills

Reasons why People Travel

Your social skills are bound to improve drastically if you travel and especially solo. A small talk with the local stranger or the person next to you on a train, teach you how to communicate with confidence with those who are different from us. People speak diverse languages over the world and they have their have their own ways of communicating, traveling gives you the chance to understand others and those ways. It teaches you, how to be expressive and stating your ideas clearly. A sense of self-confidence develops within you, which is important in your professional life.

13. To create moments today and memories for tomorrow

Reasons why People Travel

Collect memories, not things. While you are young and able, you should travel because this is the time for small paychecks and making big memories. What can be better than a nice, long trip with friends? Travelling with friends will fill your life with endless crazy memories and your tans might fade but the memories you made all over the world, will last forever. And when you meet the friends you traveled with, nostalgia will take over you and looking back the moments you captured, will make you relive those moments again. And it is better to die with memories and not dreams.

14. To confront reality

Reasons why People Travel

You might be great at what you do for a living, managing your work might be a piece of cake for you and you might have the best organizational skills. But traveling gives you some reality check that you are yet to grow. You might have planned your whole trip perfectly but when you miss your train by few minutes in a country with a language barrier, that’s when you have to take charge of the situation and be strong.  One thing is for sure that you will emerge as a stronger person after all the struggles you face while traveling.  Because traveling is not always comfortable and fun, there will be events that will break you, test you and your patience but past them, something incredible is waiting to be known.

15. To learn new skills

Reasons why People Travel

You learn a great deal of things apart from social skills. You might learn hiking, swimming, surfing, and anything unexpected. Opening yourself up to the various possibilities will definitely leave you with more knowledge and experience.  Travelling will leave a deep mark on your mind, body, soul but you will have no regrets, for life is not made to survive but to live.

Travel as much as you can and speak English, kiss French, dress Italian, spend Arab and party  Caribbean. Time will pass away, you can either spend it creating the life you want or you can live the life you never wanted. The choice is yours.

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