Top 15 Unsaid Social Etiquette Everyone must Follow

As children, we are meticulously taught etiquette that ought to be followed in social surroundings and situations. That is just no easy task for it takes years for our elders to make us understand what is acceptable and what is not. Even then, we don’t turn out to be that perfect. Do we?  Maybe our not so perfect personality and demeanor is a result of having missed out on some of those lessons on acceptable social norms and mannerisms. On the other hand, there could be yet another reason for the same. Perhaps it could be that we weren’t really taught some of those for our elders thought it to be too obvious to be explained. Poor us! Here we are struggling hard to understand those unsaid social etiquettes. While some of us have fortunately discovered it for good, there are still some unfortunate ones who have not been able to figure it out by themselves.  Without having mentioned it is clear that the remaining lot need not embarrass themselves anymore, for here is their guide to learn some of those unsaid rules.

Social Etiquette

  1. Request the lady to be ahead

Very well known yet wildly overlooked, this is one etiquette which every gentleman must follow. If going somewhere, you should ask the lady to move ahead first and then should you follow. This is common sense involved with politeness. It never harms much to be well mannered.

Social Etiquette

  1. No loud music in public

Daily commuters in public transports have a strong tendency to entertain themselves with loud music. Some of them even go till the extent of playing the radio on their mobile phones as if they have planned to entertain the people in the vicinity too. What these noble souls do not realize is that they are not being appreciated but silently cursed for the annoyance that they are causing. If you have been one amongst them, then now you do know what to do. Say a yes to earphones.

Social Etiquette

  1. Sitting cross-legged in front of elders

Going for an interview or having a conversation with someone senior or elderly to you? Please refrain from sitting crossed legs in front of them. Not only does it make you appear rude and insincere, but would also become a mode of conveyance of disrespect to the person you are having a conversation with.

Social Etiquette

  1. Cannot chew and talk together

This is one of the basic table manners that should be followed even off the table. Mastering the art of being able to speak and chew at the same time is very spectacular for sure. It is helping you save time by minutes after all. But then, don’t you see, you always run the danger of dropping one of those mouthfuls of your food items direct from your mouth while speaking. It might be better to abandon this skill forever and hone some other talent of yours.

Social Etiquette

  1. Avoid texting while someone is talking to you

While someone is making an attempt to have a real conversation with you, in real space and time, you tend to be lost in a virtual space. Just imagine the same happening to you. Would you ever like talking to such a person again who is in some other land rather paying attention to a person who isn’t even present? You ought to change.

Social Etiquette

  1. Wait for your turn to speak

Nobody would just evaporate without listening to what you have to say. Listen to what the other person is saying and avoid cutting in between. Even if you want to put forth a contradicting idea, simply wait for the other person to finish with what he is saying already.

Social Etiquette

  1. Offer your seat to pregnant women

This goes without saying that you must offer your seat to pregnant women. That is one of the basic courtesies that the transportation department has been trying to inculcate since ages. While there are many who have succumbed to it humbly, others prefer closing their eyes and dozing off to sleep while seeing a pregnant lady board the transport.

Social Etiquette

  1. No sharing from others’ plates

Well, Joey wasn’t wrong in having protested everytime when someone tried to steal as much as a bite from his plate. That can trigger off anyone’s rage and wrath. You better stay put from indulging in such act, unless and until the plate in front of you is that of a very close acquaintance of yours. A very close one, I say.

Social Etiquette

  1. Don’t stare

Several times we come across people who have physical deformities or ailments. They might be having a stooped back or might be bald headed. You have no idea how they have tackled and shed their inhibitions of being in public places. You must not make things worse for them by staring at them all the way. That would be excessive rudeness.

Social Etiquette

  1. Whistling in public

Do you want to portray yourself like hooligan while out on the street, whistling all the way? If that’s what you have been doing since some time, then it is time to be done with it. For starters, it isn’t getting you much of a reputation.

Social Etiquette

  1. Sneeze in a handkerchief                                                         

You might be an ardent fan of spreading your germs to everyone around. But if developed into a habit, very soon people are going to shun you and avoid being around you. Take it as a threat.

Social Etiquette

  1. Keep your voice low in hospitals

Nobody would reprimand you for not following this. But, wouldn’t you feel good about yourself for not disturbing the silence and decorum that is required in a hospital. After all, those are sick patients that we are talking about. It would certainly be better if you lower down your voice while talking in person to someone or on your cell phone.

Social Etiquette

  1. Never ask about income

This is a very old rule in the book, but since it is barely followed it would be okay considering it as unseen and unsaid. Of course, it is impolite to inquire somebody about their income. It is like you are trying to judge them upon the money that they are earning even if you do not intend to do that.

Social Etiquette

  1. No commenting on somebody’s diet

This is the height of being rude to anyone. It is not your stomach that is being filled up, so you need not worry or pass comments on how much your cousin or a friend is eating. Maybe they have a high metabolism rate than yours. It is basically not your business. You may interfere only when you feel that your friend is binge eating to overcome something traumatic.

Social Etiquette

  1. Always take a gift

You cannot possibly go to somebody’s house empty handed, on a special occasion. That is what common sense commands of you to do. It is more of basic understanding than of social etiquette.


Now you know all the rules in the book, including the unsaid ones. You are left with no reason to go on behaving as before.

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