Top 15 Weird Things that People Like Collecting

People can have all sorts of fetishes and that can be inclusive of having a passion or let us say hobby for collecting things. These collections need not be classy and archaic necessarily and may involve very common yet weird things that are available easily. Once people develop such sort of hobbies, they tend to practice it nearly everywhere and anywhere. All of us have some of those friends or relatives who make sure that they add to the collection of their favorite thing wherever they go. No matter how much we ridicule or comment on their weird hobby, they would continue remaining persistent about it for it gives them pleasure. You would be amazed to see the unwavering dedication that such people show towards their interest. Here are top 15 weird things that people like collecting. You might have come across some of them collecting the following.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Glass bottles

Some people enjoy drinking as well as collecting the champagne or wine bottles, equally. Usually, they do not simply tug away those tainted glass bottles in an attic but rather put it to great use. Those bottles are used up for various art purposes, like, for making wind chimes, chandeliers and of course vases. Thanks to the numerable artistic ideas available on the internet.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Chewed gums

While you might be quick enough to throw away that chewing gum, there are some out there making a greater use of it. These collectors of chewing gums like their chewing gums much better after they are all chewed up and sticky enough. If given a try, we can guess their motive behind doing so. They might be trying to make a giant ball out of that chewing gum.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Nails

Call them crazy, call them weird, but that won’t change their hobby of collecting nails. All the nail collectors out there take great care of not throwing away their precious nails. it might be because they feel sorry disposing of something that has once been a part of their body. That definitely sounds gross and is.

Things that People Like Collecting


A bookmark collector can and cannot be a bookworm. With so many bookmarks coming with beautiful quotations from movies written on them as well as famous characters from fictional and nonfictional stories on the same, it is a bonanza for the bookmark collectors. The funky ones found in the books of Flipkart might soon become a profound reason for these bookmark collectors to order simply the bookmarks and not the books. There are total chances that your sibling might be an ardent bookmark collector, and that would explain your disappearing bookmarks.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Paperclips

They might be tiny and have very limited use. But there are some out there who won’t agree to it. The paperclip collectors know other uses of it too. They might be having a mugful of those and yet might not seem content with the collection. These people can make beautiful and intricate bookmarks with the help of their collection and with the aid of some additional stationery. There is simply no end to one’s artistic ideas and tendencies.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Air sickness bags

People traveling all over the world might be having yet another purpose behind the vast number of trips that they make. The differently patterned and designed air sickness bags could be their real reason. Jokes aside, it can actually be their real motive. Yes! There are such collectors. Call it for the sake of a souvenir or love for the bag that acts as their savior from embarrassment, and these people love collecting it. Of course, they are not the ones barfed in.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Spoons

There need not be a reason behind every decision, and especially not behind this one. Being humans, we are rightful to adopt even the weirdest of ways because that is how we are wired. Some people choose to collect spoons of all shapes and sizes. For all you know, it could even be a serving spoon. If given a wild guess, maybe it is the size of the different concave and convex images of her/himself that s/he particularly enjoys looking at the spoon. Now, it could simply be anything. Maybe, the food tastes different from every different spoon.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Pencils

It need not be kids essentially into the hobby of collecting pencils every now and then, but also the adults. There is simply a vast choice available to those who love collecting pencils of every color, pattern, and company. These pencils need not, of course, be for the purpose of scribbling, but for adding to the collection.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Gift wrappers

This is one fairly understandable hobby. But it would be totally acceptable only if the gift wrappers are coming from gifts given by others and not directly from the market place. The main idea to collect gift wrappers in the former case would, of course, be to keep it as a piece of memory but doing the same for the latter would definitely become difficult to comprehend.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Santa Clauses

Christmas would always be more fun filled for those who are into collecting miniature Santa Clauses, be it wooden or stuffed. They must have been ardent fans of the man in red and white for nothing, but crazy love for Santa can spur such a weird hobby.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Cupcake paper

Collecting cupcake paper would indeed involve some level of love for the cupcakes as well. One for sure cannot go on asking for others’ cupcake papers as it is not like begging or stealing someone’s bookmark from their books. Those cute and attractive patterns on the paper could be one of the reasons behind deciding to collect those.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Socks

Socks can be put to great use for sure, even when a thought of Christmas. But how about going for a crazy collection of socks? Well, some people do go bonkers collecting socks. They may be of their favorite color, with the picture of their favorite cartoon character or even with a three-dimensional image of it. There simply can be any purpose to it.


Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Coca-Cola Cans

There might be many people having a fetish for Coca-Cola, and that could have triggered their love for collecting its cans. If thought about, it could have been real fun, going out everytime and drinking a can of it, or maybe two, or maybe three.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Back-scratchers

As funny and ironical as it may sound, but there has been a collector of back-scratchers, and the person was a dermatologist based in North Carolina. The person owned 675 of those from 71 different countries. May be it wasn’t about some serious itching after all.

Things that People Like Collecting

  1. Plastic bottle labels

Before crushing and throwing away those plastic water bottles or soft drink bottles, some people care to take off the labels and keep those with them. It might be because they feel sorry for the labels being dumped in a bin.

There need not be any reason behind the choice of people for collecting weird things. There can simply be one; it amuses them.

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