Top 20 Cute Romantic Compliments that would Always Make your Girlfriend Smile

She will not ask for it of course, but every girlfriend loves compliments coming from her guy. A little compliment out of the blue even for the simplest of the reasons can brighten her day. You need not taking it as a very challenging work and stress out yourself by thinking of unique ways to please her. Simply keep in consideration all the things that she does for you and get to know her the best you can. As for the rest, you must check out these top 20 cute yet romantic compliments that would leave your girl happy and touched.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Eyes

Eyes are referred to as the windows to the soul. Look deep into her eyes, and pin point the color of her eye-lens saying how unique it is and how well it suits her. You can even compliment her for the shape of her eyes, which might be in the shape of a lotus petal or that of a dove’s eye.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Beautiful without makeup

It takes considerable time for her to put on that perfect and flawless look, given the fact that it is not as easy as it seems. While you find her flawless look enchanting, it is her natural face and beauty sans any artifice that allures you even more. Express that to her. She would be more than pleased as well as relaxed after hearing it.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Dressing

Indian-wears including kurta might be her thing. She may not be comfortable wearing shorts or jeans frequently as other girls of your group. Once in a while admire her dressing sense. That will leave her feeling surer of herself and her choices. Hence you would be the one bringing that spark of confidence within her. She’ll smile reveling in love and acceptance being thankful to you.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Food

You know that she makes awesome food and especially your favorite dish. It might not be possible for you to possess the same culinary skills and please her likewise. But, at least you can make her feel special by praising the dish prepared by her. Talk about the delicious aroma and how irresistible that food item is.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Applaud her after meeting your parents

She understands how important your parents are to you and does her best while meeting them for the very first time, despite all the nervousness and tension. This deserves nothing less than a hearty applaud for making such an effort only to impress your folks. Acknowledge those attempts and applaud her for it.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Admire her gifts

Girls enjoy shopping for their boys (generally). What they would also enjoy is a good admiration and praises of the gifts that they bring. She brings you a nice shirt. Save it for a special occasion or maybe put it on, on a date. You would surprise her immensely. That would be your own little token of appreciating her choice.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Watch out for those jhoomkaas or hoolahoopes

The sort of earrings that she dons hold a great capacity to alter her look and style. Since a long time you might have been noticing her in jhoomkas, but one day she puts on a pair of big hoolahoop earrings. It is natural for her to expect you to notice it. Here, you need to be aware and cautious. Admire her new earrings and how well it goes with her attire. It is something of very little magnitude, but it counts.

Romantic Compliments

  1. New hairstyle

It would go unnoticed if she cuts short those long tresses to a pixie cut. While you might be all up for criticism and being nostalgic remembering that long mane of hers, hold on to your breath. She is an individual and you as her partner need to appreciate her choices and the changes that she willingly brings in her life as long as it is not causing issues amidst the two of you. Once you compliment her on her new look, you’d make her surer of you and yourself as a couple.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Smile

Tell her how much you are in love with that smile of hers. Promise her that you would do anything to maintain that smile on her face all her life. What else could a girl possibly ask for?

Romantic Compliments

  1. Chuckle

So, she chuckles like a baby everytime she laughs and that makes you go head over heels all over again. Make her chuckle some more then. When you find her giggling, hold her hands, look deep into her eyes and convey that her laughter is like music to your ears and you would always hold on to that.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Strength

Not everybody is able to hold themselves and think sensibly in rough times. But, here you have the most wonderful and determined woman, who has managed to stand up everytime despite a great fall. Congratulate her for her achievement and make her realize how lucky you are to have her in your life for she inspires you every moment to be strong. That strong woman of yours would be teary eyed by then.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Any new look donned

It is your one year anniversary and she looks different today. Maybe it her curled hair or that strike of deep eyeshadows. Pin point the difference to her and how well it suits her. The occasion demands it as well as the little difference.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Her voice

You like to hear her talk, sing and blabber. All the stories that she tells you about her experience of the first day at the office or that steaming fight with her neighbor intrigues you a lot. Basically, you can go on and on listening her. If she ever goes mum or is angry with you, just remind her how much you miss her voice and that enigmatic storytelling of hers. All of her anger would be long gone by then.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Praise her intellect

She is keen on developing her career and her life. She might be an alpha-woman and believe in staying one forever. But that does not call for the fact that she loves you any less, rather would appreciate a support system on your behalf. Help her with it, support and praise her for her abilities and intellect.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Aura

She brings to the room a very positive aura with her wherever she goes. You cannot help feeling rejuvenated and happy in her presence all because of her sunshine personality. Thank her for making you feel so and lesser gloomy. She deserves to know that she is bringing about the long forgotten optimism in you.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Choice of books

If your girlfriend is a bookworm and loves devouring novels of some particular genre, then you exactly know what to do. You know her taste and slowly you have started taking interest in it too. Admire her collection of books as that would be synonymous to admiring her choices and interests. It would be pleasurable for her to know that you love her little library too.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Her fragrance

It might be her perfume or her natural body fragrance that seems to hover around you and overwhelm your mind even hours after she is gone. Next time you two meet, be sure to compliment her for that fragrance. That might just make her blush.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Her impromptu dance

You see her indulge in a little impromptu or victory dance whenever she is ecstatic over something and that makes you remind that within her is still a little ten-year-old. Tell her very lovingly once she is done with her dance that how you intend to cherish her childishness forever and never let it fade away.

Romantic Compliments

  1. Bringing order to your life

There was chaos and indefinite tension before. Since the day she has walked in, things have never been the same. She has caused you to become a better person, bringing order and decorum to your life. The best compliment for her would be telling her what a wonderful turnover she gave to you and your life.

Romantic Compliments

  1. How she hugs you

You might be a tough man ready to pick up a fight even on the tiniest of issues. Tears seems strange to you. But it is in her arms that you find your sentiments. That one cuddle or even a brief hug seems to take off a huge weight from your shoulder. Next time she gives you one of her magical hugs, be sure to convey how peaceful it is and how it impacts you.


She would smile, maybe beneath a veil of happy tears, but she surely would.

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