Top 20 Safest Countries For Women

Every year, a plethora of criminal offenses and sexual assaults get witnessed around the globe. Apart from this, many people take undue advantage of women especially resulting in minor acts of crime too, such as pickpockets, bag snatching, mugging etc.
Taking in the safety of women, it is not easy to call any country the safest place to live in.
No country is 100% safe against criminal violence, but there are some countries who have rather a friendly population to help if you ever get lost as a solo traveler. Not only this, when you see the citizens of the country being respectful to each other, you automatically develop a sense of respect for the country overall.
The safety of women seems to be a major concern for some countries which appear to have either low or negligible crimes and violence going on. With the beautiful sights that deserve to be complimented, there are a lot of steps taken to provide safety for women, making it comfortable for the citizens and the traveling population.


Safest Countries

Calling off petty crimes like pickpockets and mugging, Belgium is safe for its native women. The minor crimes are also witnessed only in Brussels, and the major crimes don’t fall in the list of the country giving it a low rate of crimes getting committed every year. Although roaming late at night in the country might not be very safe from the female perspective. The country of Belgium has their National Action Plan launched for peacekeeping, violence against women in armed conflict, peace-building, conflict prevention, monitoring, and evaluation.


Safest Countries

Bhutan encompasses over 70,000+ religious Buddhists who do not usually get involved in heinous crimes like molestation, sexual harassment, etc. It is safe for native Bhutanese women and safest for foreign women travelers. The crime rate is almost negligible due to the friendly working class that follows. The only thing you ladies need to be worried about in Bhutan is the array of stray dogs that might even be friendly if you’re lucky.


Safest Countries

Bali seems to attract the most female attention for being the safest place in Indonesia for women to reside. Indonesians are very friendly, tolerant and respectful towards foreigners and amongst each other as well. The only danger is getting fooled by commoners who would try to ditch you for your money and nothing else. So, pack your common sense along with the other items when you move in there.


Safest Countries

The hospitality of Koreans adds to the safety of the country where the native people often help solo female travelers. Even the cheapest of the hotels have a safe and secure corner for women. The dramatically low crime rate makes a woman often roam late night without any constant fears of getting raped. The only issue one faces while dealing with the Korean populace is that they don’t communicate with you in English except for their native tongue. Rest, they are non-violent people.


Safest Countries

Singapore entirely experiences no objection with women roaming alone late night with the public security as well as the security services available at a personal level. This tells us about the strong control exercised by the security executives over the population of the country to promote safety and gender equality.


Safest Countries

The elegant country of France portrays women as admirable citizens of the nation since they can voice their opinions openly despite the cultural and social conventions. From carrying valuables to roaming alone at 3 AM in the morning, France is all in safe hands. The crime in France includes small theft cases, that’s it! Paris especially is rather safest for women, and a survey recently told that a lot of single women are living a happy, safe life there. France also improved their ranking in the overall country changing scheme by making a jump from number 50 to number 15 and is currently working for further improvement.


Safest Countries

“It is possible to find your way if you’re traveling alone even without a map if Portugal is where you’re lost.”
– A tourist
The reason is all the kind and friendly people residing in Portugal. Based on certain statistics, it accounts for the third position among the safest countries in Europe for women. The only danger includes pickpockets which can be easily avoided if you stay alerted and attentive of what’s happening around you.


Safest Countries

The Scandinavian countries have always been stealing the thunder every year by getting high rankings into the lists of equal treatment to women, Norway has been one of them with equally mesmerizing culture and heritage. It has an overall low crime rate as compared to other European countries, and that is why Norway has a good reputation regarding women’s safety for both native as well as solo travelers.


Safest Countries

With such friendly people and extremely vigilant police force, why wouldn’t it be safe to live in Germany?
Although the East side of Germany is quite dangerous but keeping in mind the top-notch security providers, it is safe on the whole. It is said that women using subways alone at night might not even be risky as long as the presence of police is constantly keeping a watch on shady characters.


Safest Countries

For the safest vacation in the United States, Hawaii cannot be missed out with a lot of countries that are more or less safe. The reason is its marvelous beauty in the form of waterfalls, islands etc is so enticing that you might not want to leave it. The only thing that needs attention from you is the baits of property crime. The country is full of honeymooners so it’s usually crowded and hence it calls for safety for women.


Safest Countries

Australia comes in the top twenty in the Global Safe and Secure Index. But, most importantly, it has been marked safe for the crimes against women happening due to religious reasons. For instance, when woman of a particular religion enters another area where this religion might not be practiced, is a major cause of criminal violence. You only need to be safe and alert with the normal precautions that come in handy. As far as the tourist guides or new Australian friends are concerned, don’t confide in them promptly. Also, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR1325) took a step towards women’s progress in order to promote their strengths known as Women, Peace and Security Agenda.


Safest Countries

Violent crimes, sexual harassment, eve teasing, chain snatching? You wouldn’t find a lot to complain in the beautiful city of Sweden. The only problem that can make you worried is the driving issues that you may witness while you’re on snow and ice. Another issue comes with the wandering of moose usually at dawn and dusk. Otherwise, the country proves to be safe as far as the native women and female travellers are concerned.


Safest Countries

The country has been doing great in terms of promoting economic independence which includes women education, access to health care, laws for protection of the native women and girls, law against child marriages which rather comes under tremendous accomplishments. Canada is still working on providing equal wages to women as that of men so as to put an end to gender discrimination.


Safest Countries

Apparently there have been a few cases of death, murder and harassment in the country specifically Auckland but as compared to other countries, the rate is much lower because of the involvement of native New Zealand women. Maybe that is why the country is ranked high in the Safe and Security index of the world. This is further enhanced by the equal treatment women get there with almost negligible wage gaps, thereby, eliminating gender discrimination.


Safest Countries

From partying late night to driving early morning, The Netherlands is a great place when it comes to safety for women. Even a lot of public transport works absolutely fine in the country with almost no difference between day and night. The people come off as friendly and helping and if you get lost in the labyrinth of Amsterdam, you’ll always find an individual in the form of help by your side. You only need to avoid walking late night around the red light district in Amsterdam. The best thing about The Netherlands is that the schools in the country are taught about boycotting violence and being respectful to each other resulting in building a sensible generation.


Safest Countries

Swiss crime is rare to be seen in the country and with all the beauty additional to picturesque scenario, it is surely a safe country to travel alone. It has almost negligible scope for street violence, burglaries and assaults. Swiss people are also known for their honesty and sovereignty, so that sums up for the safety as a whole.


Safest Countries

Ranked 7th in the Safety and Security section of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, Austria has absolutely no dangers with beggars approaching you for money but that is also a very rare sight to behold. Although some people might be unfriendly to you specially in the rural areas of the country, but even if you’re walking alone at night you don’t need any friends because Austria is super safe.


Safest Countries

The proud moment of the country lies in the fact that it has been ranked Number One in the Safety and Security section of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. The world’s second most safest country, Finland, has no record of major violent crimes or cases of sexual harassment. Though acts of petty thievery, as you’ll witness in other nations as well, are witnessed but that too on a small scale.


Safest Countries

Besides acting extremely safe for women, Denmark has a lot to offer in terms of gender equality too with absolutely no discrimination and sexual harassment ruining the country’s exorbitant beauty. With having a population of over two million people residing in the metropolitan area of the country, women are marked absolutely safe in there. It is a happy state provided that both males and females are experiencing personal life satisfaction in the alluring Denmark.


Safest Countries

The number one on the list of safest countries for women surely has a great deal to offer to the native women of Iceland as well as the solo female travellers. The crime rate of the country is very low given that the dominant female presence is prominent. The country keeps gender equality at its peak with women getting equal access to the health care facilities, education, politics etc. as men. The government of Iceland has been funding UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund  for Women) for past three years to promote gender equality.

So if you’re planning to go on a vacation this year, feel free to choose your destination from these low crime rate countries to have an exhilarating experience. Have a SAFE journey!

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  • The author of this article clearly knows nothing about the countries on this list. For example, “east Germany” no longer exists, and hasn’t since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, and even if it did, the eastern half of Germany is perfectly safe (Berlin, one of the safest cities for women in the world, is there). Also, Hawaii is not a country, claiming that there is “absolutely no” sexual harassment in Denmark is simply untrue (it exists in every country in the world), and the author desperately needs to check his/her grammar.

  • Sweden ??? Germany ?? France ??? Only if you enjoy being harassed by third world thugs. Recommend Japan.

    • Even i was just scrolling down to think Japan would would be in the top 3. But twas found nowhere. I haven’t seen a much better place than that.

  • I agree with many of the comments about the writer not being up to speed with the facts and could hardly believe that they referred to Sweden as a safe CITY !!

  • I agree with many of the comments about the writer not being up to speed with the facts and could hardly believe that they referred to Sweden as a safe CITY !!

  • Japan is one of the safest country for women as well as for children
    There children as small as 7 years can go to train all alone without any harm

  • You’d think an article like this would be based on data instead of the author’s imagination. Where’s Poland, the second-safest country in Europe after Iceland? What on EARTH are Sweden, France or Germany doing on this list?? As others have pointed out, where’s Japan, a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world? Some nice pics here but the text is absolute bs

  • Credit should go to those countries where women enjoy full range of human rights, they are allowed to move freely but harassment is minimum. If we keep our women confined to house prison like ornaments and do not allow them to enjoy life equally like males, then, of course, they will be safe but it is not the real safety.

  • Thanks to my Country Uganda
    Though there is still some little violence in homes but Women do want they feel like doing as long as is not illegal

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