Top 5 MTV Teen Wolf Villains

MTV’s Teen Wolf is one of the greatest shows to come out of the network. Season after season they wowed us with their intense storylines and mythical creatures. So, we decided to bring you the Top 5 MTV Teen Wolf Villains.

Scott and his crew managed to overcome all of the obstacles that have come their way but the five below posed a great threat. Luckily for Scott he had a pack of amazing friends to help him out. Even the friends without canine powers were able to help him.

Overtime, the pack grew stronger and more friends with powers began to surface. At that point, these villains were no longer as great of a threat as the pack’s numbers grew. That being said, we can never forget the Top 5 MTV Teen Wolf Villains, check them out below.

Top 5 MTV Teen Wolf Villains

5. The Mute

The Mute’s silence was one of the creepiest parts of his villainy. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of his tomahawk. This was a silent and deadly killer who did no show remorse.

Teen Wolf Villains

4. Kanima

The Kanima was Jackson’s failed mutation. He did not react well to the werewolf bite and it caused him to be a chameleon-like creature with a toxic poison. No bueno.

Teen Wolf Villains

3. The Dread Doctors

The Dread Doctors were creepy for plenty of reasons. They traveled in their own little group, operated on a wonky frequency and loved to create hybrid beasts. They were true enigmas for the Teen Wolf pack.

Teen Wolf Villains

2. Oni

Japanese demon warriors get even more terrifying when they have a strange mask and glowing eyes. These guys sliced and diced their way through Beacon Hills, however, they weren’t under their own power.

Teen Wolf Villains

1. Nogitsune

If that last sentence puzzled you, it’s because the Nogitsune will go down as one of the most ruthless villains ever. Stiles was possessed by this creature and thankfully his friends were able to help. However, the Nogitsune wreaked havoc even outside of his host and controlled the Oni.

Teen Wolf Villains


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