Top 7 Uses of Rose Flower

“There may be many flowers in a man’s life but there is only one rose.” We all must be aware of some basic uses this rose flower like cooking, cosmetics, gardening, medicines etc. Fragrant and velvety soft rose is the most beautiful and admired flower that belongs to the Rosaceae family and is a thorny plant.

As Juliet quotes in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”:

“A rose with any other name would smell as sweet”

–which is actually true about the rose that has encaptivated our hearts and minds since ages. A beautiful symbol of love, a beauty product, a medicinal boon all these qualities describe the king of flowers ROSE. Rose fossils were discovered over thirty-five million years ago in North America, Europe, and Asia. Since that time it is being used in the manufacturing of perfumes, essential oils and it also carries culinary uses like any other flower in India.



roseIf we trace the roots of the ornamental uses of rose from Indian mythology we will discover the long-hidden facts that can actually be useful to us. Roses are grown due to their high grandeur and visual appeal along with the scented foliage. Long ago women in peacetime preferred wearing floral ornaments and rose being the most attractive flower was considered most suitable for it. Along with adding a gracious look to the personality, it gave the touch of elegance. Even nowadays thanks to various TV. Shows people are getting drifted towards jewelry made up of rose again. They weigh less, they cost less and are user-friendly as compared to the ornaments made from gold and silver.


roseRose flower along with its beautiful appearance has got medicinal uses too. It is certified to be antiseptic, anti- oxidant and is a rich source of vitamin A, B3, C, D and E. Various products generated from the rose flower give us a soothing effect in depression. These products are prepared by crushing the rose petals and extracting the natural rose water, essence, and oils. Rose water also relaxes the tension of nerves and reduces the swelling of capillaries beneath the skin. Rose Petal Tea helps in the secretion of bile juices and helps in proper cleansing of the gall bladder.  Also, the tea works as a miracle in treating fevers and various bronchial infections and promotes blood circulation. Rose water is often added to various eye care products as it provides a cooling and soothing effect to eyes. Rose water itself can also be used to treat various eye infections. Rose essential oil along with various carriers can be for treating serious illnesses like an ulcer, asthma, nausea, fatigue, bacterial infections of the stomach, colon and urinary tract, dehydration etc. It is a boon in treating sore throat and runny nose.


roseFrom an auspicious wedding to a funeral ceremony rose alone can serve all the purposes of decoration. Red, the flame-like color of love and the color of blood, is the color of rose “THE QUEEN”. According to the Indian mythology “GANDHARVIC VIVAH” commonly known as “JAI-MALA” is the most important ritual of a wedding in which the bride and the groom exchange garlands made up of fresh roses, is impossible without Roses. Their position in such rituals is irreplaceable as it may disturb the older generations and the mythology followers too. Also, the special thing about the flower is that it gets along with any color including black so using it for decorating the houses, temples, churches etc. is a good deal, it also gives them a brighter look. The decoration of the room using different colors of roses on the basis of the occasion is also a good idea.


roseAlong with immense medicinal purposes, roses are well- known for their culinary purposes too.A variety of products like rose syrups, rose essences, rose petal jams and flavoring agents all are made up using rose. Rose Hips is the most tangy part that has a fruity flavour similar to that of cranberry and are really good for consumption fresh, dries and can also be preserved. Crushed rose hips are commonly used in the preparation of herbal tea. Rose oil is used to flavour candy, syrups, desserts etc. also the crushed rose petals are used while preparing various Indian sweets like rabri, kheer flavoured kulfi, sandesh etc. it is also used for decorating cakes as it is fragrant and non-poisoning moreover contains vitamin C boosting up our health.


roseFlowers are the best way to confess what the heart suggests. Whether we talk about congratulating someone on any achievement or whether it comes to expressing the heart felt desire. Roses have always been our friends from Valentine’s Day to Birthdays. Roses are considered the most appropriate flowers to gift our loved ones. Different colors of roses show different heart felt desire. Red the color of love and Bravery, Yellow the color that marks the onset of new friendships and the celebration of the old ones, pink shows the feelings of gratitude and white purity, power and respect for true love. So next time while selecting gifts for loved ones on Valentine’s day roses according to your feelings is a must do.



Rose is actually a boon for removing acne and promoting hair growth. Dried rose petals along with water can be a miraculous face mask for attaining clean and fair skin. Also rose oil and water nourishes the scalp to the core and hence promotes the hair growth by reviving hair follicles. Rose is also used for the preparation of various lotions, creams, bathing crème’s, beauty soaps etc. Oils made from roses are also used for aromatherapy. According to the Lubic University aroma of the rose can increase the power of brain and also helps in sharpening the memory. Rose water provides nourishment to the skin therefore it can be used for the treatment of dry skin, dermatitis, eczema and other skin related diseases. Rose water has got astringent like properties, applying rose water before applying make-up can prevent the secretion excessive oils and sebum making the make-up lasting longer. Also the products made up of rose are safe for skin as it has got anti-inflammatory effect. Rose water and oils eliminate toxins and heat from our body hence giving a natural glow to our skin.


roseFlowers are the main ingredient for the preparation of perfumes and other scented products and the use of roses in the preparation of these products is due its natural aroma therefore perfumes, room fresheners etc. are prepared using roses. It has been proved that aroma of the rose is just like a tranquilizer as it can promote good mood. The fragrance of rose can create a fresh and pure atmosphere creating a soft and sensual effect. So it will not be surprising if we come to know that it is the most commonly used perfume.

So it is not a random rose, it is a gift of nature that we all are blessed with. Starting from petals to each and every part of this plant has benefited us in many ways and as they say “nature has much to satisfy the need of people but not the greed” there is actually a need to maintain that fine line between the two.

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  • Really very nice about the rose I want to know your name where did you get the information and who are you where are you want to get the information

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