Water Fasting and 10 Things you should know about it

Fasting is an ancient powerful method that has been proven to have various benefits. For the most part of human history, fasting has been guided for spiritual purposes. It has been followed as an exceptionally efficient method to cure common diseases. Fasting is a period essential for every human body.

Water fasting is one such method of fasting where an individual consumes just water throughout the fasting period. Water is known for its detox qualities and this has been one of the most important reasons behind why water fasting has been common. During the period water absorbs all the toxins that have to be excreted from the body. This reboots your system and thus helps in better absorption of nutrients. Water fasting has deeper and tricky details to it. So here are 10 facts about water fasting that you will need to know if you are looking to take up the fast.

Water Fasting

  1. Duration

Since ancient times long fasts have been a part of naturopathy medicine style. But the duration will vary based on individuals and their body needs. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before deciding on the duration of the fast to ensure they do not have any negative effects.  Usual fasting period ranges from 1 day to almost 10 days. Typical periods which are usually followed by most people are 3 day and 7-day water fasts.

Benefits of Water fasting:

Water Fasting

  1. Weight loss

Yes, good news people. Water fasting has been considered among the fastest ways to lose weight. The calorie intake during water fast is zero. During the absence of food consumption, our body burns the fat stored in order to get the energy to carry out various metabolic activities. Although the burning of fat is not 100% efficient, a significant amount of fat molecules is broken down. Weight loss of up to 3 pounds has been achieved per day during water fasting.(re-frame..replace ‘has been’)

Water Fasting

  1. Strengthens immune system

Water fasting gives the body its time to focus on various other internal functions other than digestion.During the period the energy gets transferred to centers in our body which are responsible for our metabolism. This energy will stimulate the enzymes to work better. This, in turn, will gradually improve our immune system and help restore their natural functioning.

Water Fasting

  1. Healthier cardio

High cholesterol is a major health hazard faced by millions of people across the globe. This has severe effects on the cardiovascular system and has been proven to be the reason behind much cardiovascular disease. Water fasting is a simple means of reducing blood pressure and also keeping your cholesterol under control. Insulin level has a close relationship with your blood pressure. They elevate and drop together in our body. During water fasting period insulin secretion is regulated to normal which helps have a control on blood pressure too.

Water Fasting

  1. Insulin sensitivity

During the fasting period, your digestive system gets complete rest. This helps in improving the insulin sensitivity of your body. When enzymes function well, our body tends to feel more energetic and healthy. When cells can feel the effect of insulin properly they will function better. They will balance and modulate blood sugar levels way more effectively after meals and this will also make sure your pancreas does not have to strain much each time.

Water Fasting

  1. Dissolves your addiction

Addiction to alcohol, drugs and any other such bad habits have been proven to reduce after water fasting. During detox process, the traces of substances such as nicotine, caffeine etc. left in our body gets eliminated. This means that the very source which is causing the urge to consume them repeatedly are getting removed hence helping you quit your addiction.

Water Fasting

  1. Increases self-control

Water fasting means the only thing you can consume throughout the period is water. Through this process, one learns to have control over the body and mind. You get to control your cravings for food and have a control over your system better than before. This also increases your willpower and helps you feel psychologically rejuvenated. It will also give you a better insight of your food habits and to have a control over them.

Water Fasting

  1. Emotional effects

Water fasting has been known for its psychological and emotional effects. This has been practiced in various cultures for spiritual benefits. Negative mental impressions have been proven to die down during such fasting periods. Also as the energy can be concentrated on a different area there is a possibility of releasing all blocked energy sources from our body. Water fasting also expands the space for emotional healing along with encouraging more positive emotions to come in.

Water Fasting

  1. Makes you feel more energetic

Our body is completely reconstructed from within during the period of fast. After the period, your body is ready to function a lot better than before. Food will get digested better and also maximum energy is observed in the individuals when the body is free of harmful substances. Also, the system is clean now with improved immunity. Cells are powered up after the rest period to work at its best.

After the fasting period

Water Fasting

  1. Breaking the fast and after fast

While the period of fast is tricky enough, breaking it the right way is critical too. Your body is in a relaxed state when you are preparing to break the fast and forcing in all that you missed during the period is unhealthy. It is always advisable to start off with mild fruits or fruit juices and increasing the intake frequency. Citrus juices such as lemon juice and orange juice are most preferred. You can also add honey to it for some calories. The following days you can go for healthy vegetable soups, coconut water, milk and other foods that are easily digestible before going back to normal diet. The key is to take it slow and go step by step.

Water fasting has been proven to be more beneficial than juice fasting. Here your digestive system gets complete rest dedicating all the time and energy for detoxification and cleansing alone. In case of juice diets the body is again left to spare energy in order to absorb nutrients from the fruits or vegetables. the period of water fast also gives you a long relaxing period of emotional and physical rest.


Water is a pure miracle we all have easy access to. It has therapeutic effects on our body. Simple water fast can load you up with benefits of self healing that is much like magic.  So make the best of this wonderful element. When your body has such miraculous gift of self healing, why look for complicated detox methods? Give your body what it needs and you will have the body you always dreamt of.

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  • I have never thought that ending the fasting is such crucial for the body. Giving it a lot of food after a long pause in functioning isn’t safe nor recommended.

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