Wedding Planning? Here is the Ultimate Wedding Checklist

A wedding is one of the most important days of an individual’s life. There’s no season for weddings. Weddings happen throughout the world, without any particular timing. Be it recession or depression, deflation or inflation, all seasons are wedding seasons. So, if you’re planning a wedding you’re stuck and you don’t know how to start, here are a few things you NEED TO MAKE YOUR WEDDING PERFECT!


Wedding Checklist

Yes, the wedding dress. No matter where you come from, what religion you have and whatever age you are. A wedding dress is one that makes you stand out from the crowd and adds that charm to your wedding. You know what they say, ‘dress to kill.’ It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap it is. It should make you comfortable, define who you are and fit you really perfectly and you’re done with one major step!

Along with that comes the perfect jewelry you’ll wear to look even prettier. Nothing’s better than wearing a matching piece of necklace, there!


Wedding Checklist

If the dress is perfect, then why not everything else? It’s your wedding and you need to make sure that whoever comes, knows that it’s yours. And so, make it a point that you choose a location that is most suited to you and the way you would like to get married. Some families have a particular religion to follow and so, they even choose a location on that basis. Even that is perfect. As long as it manages to keep everyone comfortable and happy!

Also keep in mind the fact that sometimes, there are cancellations and sometimes random people also join in last minute. Make sure that it is located at a place that can accommodate everyone and not let that be an issue.


Wedding Checklist

This is important. SOME PEOPLE ONLY GO TO WEDDINGS TO EAT. This may hurt a little, but its true. And well, if they’ve all come to be a part of your best day, great food will be like a cherry on top. It is best that the food that is served to everyone is delicious and appealing because it reflects on what kind of wedding it is and also reflects on what kind of arrangements have been made. So, if everything is all set and done and perfect, then why not the food?

Again, it doesn’t matter where the food is from as long as it tastes great and is enjoyed by all. A lot goes into planning a wedding and making sure that it is someday everyone remembers for the rest of their lives. And mostly, seeing everyone happy will make you happy too!


Wedding Checklist

Music just changes everyone’s mood. It is a way to make someone feel really happy. And since its your wedding, what better opportunity will you get to do so? Make sure the music is up to the mark and everyone enjoys a lot and is a part of your special day!

Kids love dancing. Just saying. Sometimes when they’re in a bad mood and their favorite song starts playing, there’s nothing better that’ll make their day. They won’t forget your wedding, I’m telling you.

Also, pay the lights and sounds guy a little extra so that they make it look more happening.


Wedding Checklist

Your main people would obviously want to be a part of your special day and show their love towards you and tell you how much it means to them, when you’re happy. And so, plan out the guest list. Make sure that whoever you call is going to stay throughout the wedding. Unless of course, there’s an emergency. Sometimes out of excitement, you end up calling all your relatives. People you have never even met and have just heard of them from your parents. Remember, a good wedding is a wedding that is well planned and arranged.

Sometimes, unexpected guests who pop in last moment also end up in your guest lists. This disturbs your entire schedule and whatever you had arranged. In order to avoid such mishaps, make sure you already have a backup plan and you’re not new to something like this.

Also sometimes, this isn’t the same as what has already been mentioned, the guests who you invite, also bring along a few others you don’t even know about. And since its last moment and its your wedding, you can’t really do anything about them. Avoiding the situation isn’t a possibility. Deal with it so that there’s no inconvenience caused to the ones who’ve come.


Wedding Checklist

Yes, you’ve already thought about your dress and jewelry. This is the time when you go gift shopping. Its a wedding and there are so many arrangements to make. There are courtesies and rituals as well. And so, buying gifts for your in-laws is something that is very important for every family. Its the thought that counts and makes us a bigger person there. I’m not saying gifts buy happiness, but for making them believe that out of everything, you thought about your in-laws and took out time especially for their gifts.

Buy shoes and all as well. Although nobody really sees them, but then you don’t want to be barefoot either. Just a suggestion.


Wedding Checklist

No matter how enthusiastic you get on planning your wedding and making it the best day of your life, it would be best if you keep in mind how well it should be planned so that at least you don’t face any kind of problems during the course of events.

First of all, make sure that everything important has been done (whatever is mentioned above.) And then, if you have some surplus, then spend it on making your arrangements better. For example keeping enough rooms for the guests to stay in, paying the catering company extra in case there’s something missing. Also, if you think everything is fine and is under control, then go ahead and save that money.

Second of all, make sure that nobody feels uncomfortable. This might sound odd, but make sure there’s enough security in and around the wedding. Sometimes, without this coming into your attention, things go out of hands and a lot of unfortunate things happen. It’d be best if technology is used to its best and some cameras, if possible are also put in.

Other than that, if all of this is taken into account, your wedding would be the best day of your life. All of the mentioned things should be kept in mind while planning a wedding so as to make it a huge success.

Happy Planning.

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