Why Helping People is Important? 15 Ways to help someone in Need

An Altruist has an everlasting feeling of satisfaction. He is peaceful and lives a fruitful life. One of the most common behaviors of an altruist is that he never ceases to help other fellow human being. Being selfless has more gems in its pocket than being selfish. It has been found that a person who volunteers in helping others is more happy, healthy and longevity of life. If you have ever helped saving a person’s life than you would know how good is that inexpressible feeling of accomplishment. It may not bring any practical materialistic output but it would definitely change you in a way of becoming a good human being, you will feel relaxed and will look more from your life. If you are facing any doubts then try this helping boulevard to figure it out yourself. Here are 15 Ways to help someone in Need:

Helping People

  1. Volunteering as a helping hand in NGO:

Non-Governmental organizations are setups of ordinary citizens, funded by governments, businesses, private people and foundations. Diverse groups engage in many activities such as Poverty, blood donation, and charity for a cause, women’s status in society and many more. It can be community-based, city-wide, national NGO’s and International NGO’s. You may directly help by volunteering for people through these organizations. You can learn How to help and learn about society more intricately.

Helping People

  1. Your Actions speak a lot, being a role Model:

Your Actions speaks louder than your words. You may help others by setting up an example. Your experience and learning would help people to get believe you more. This will influence them in choosing right path as they register about you consciously and unconsciously. Humans have the tendency to emulate their role models and just being a good role model can help and shape someone. A role model can teach someone to love and respect themselves.

Helping People

  1. Sooth with Compassion:

Just speak truth with compassion, because maybe it will hurt for some time but it definitely is a loving act. People these days’ lives in the shadow of lies and often it degrades them in one way or other. Speaking truth may upset a person and we all want to be nice, so we sometimes avoid telling the hard truth. But think about it, you may be the only person who can easily say what needs to be said. This will only help the person as you can easily confront the wrong and at the same time without being aggressive.

Helping People

  1. Believe and Build the Confidence:

Sometimes self-confidence is shaken due to unavoidable circumstances and people tend to have self-doubts. This may hamper growth and leads to more mistakes. This also leads to the lack of faith in their talents and skills; at this point, you must boost their confidence. When someone believes in you at times like these is priceless. Stories of successfully great people are filled with the tales when someone believes in them even when they didn’t believe in themselves. This gift of faith and belief can mold thinking in a positive direction.

Helping People

  1. Yes! You can do it:

Encouragement is a combination of two words ‘en’ meaning “to put into” and ‘cor’ meaning “heart”, hence it goes straight to heart. Encouraging phrases such as, “You can do it, I know you can”, can actually help someone. Be specific with your words to get better results as the aim is to make them feel more valued. Encourage people for their abilities and accomplishments in front of others, it will, in turn, help them and nurture your relationships.

Helping People

  1. Expostulating the Person:

You need to challenge them so that they keep their best upfront all the time. Despite having a negative connotation associated with the word ‘Challenge’, it is in fact very much needed in our lives. People should be challenged time to time so that they improve. It reminds them of their commitment to being their best and work for the task at hand with commitment.

Helping People

  1. Devoting a quality time with the fella:

In this rushed up world, we rarely get time to communicate properly with anybody, which in turn leads to many problems such as depression, anxiety and many more. In a time like these if someone spends quality time with a person or even talk to them then you are helping them in more ways than possible. We often spend time for the things we love to do, so devote your precious time helping others. In this way, people would value you more and in return, your relationship with them improves.

Helping People

  1. Acknowledging their Reality:

You must acknowledge people when they are doing right in life. It’s been said that you find what you looking for in people around you. You will see best in someone if you are looking for it. When you acknowledge good deeds of people they tend to do it more. Praise them in front of others, call them or send them a card. Such small things may help people and encourage them to do more good deeds.

Helping People

  1. Realistic Anticipation:

Level-up your expectations while helping others, so that they start operating at their best. Encourage them to have a realistic expectation instead of letting their hopes high without realizing the limits. This can be observed when a teacher, parents or boss expect more from us than we are capable of. This is so because this helps people to work up to the challenge which helps them to learn more.

Helping People

  1. Share your own story:

We must help them by sharing our stories of failures, winnings and even stuff we may try to do in future. We should not hold back from narrating our stories just because we feel vulnerable. We should not deprive others of our learning experience, life experiences, and humanitarian experiences. When we help others by sharing our experiences then we become more reliable and empathic. In this way, the concerned person becomes more approachable and would believe in you as real life stories are more helpful.

Helping People

  1. Understand them and ask Impactful question:

You can simply ask some impactful questions from people so that they understand themselves, get to know about issues and make right choices for their actions. Therapists usually do such task. Some good questions can make them think and come up with solutions. Read about ‘Asking Intelligent questions with Impact’ by Gary Lockwood to know more.

Helping People

  1. Guidance in time of need:

Guide people to choose jobs, in health related issues and even in reducing consumption of tobacco related items. Such needful act is direct means of helping people. Your guidance can change a person’s life and its path. It can lead to good decisions.

Helping People

  1. Teach a new way of living:

You should help people by teaching them intellectually. Explaining others will, in turn, help us understand things more and in much better way. You should teach them to realize their potential so that this may help them in times of difficulties. Also, there are many people with learning disabilities, autism, and attention deficit disorder. Helping such people will be a great cause to look after. You must help such people without any discrimination. Teach them to follow their dreams.

Helping People

  1. Engage in fruitful Activity:

Work with them in many activities and let them explore more. Engaging with people in an effective fruitful activity is a good way of helping them. They enter a territory in which they have not worked before and life is meant to explore new things every day. Sometimes people are idle and do not know what they should do as an individual, letting them do such work will only make them better-learned human being.

Helping People

  1. Differentiating between Black and white:

You should show them what is right or wrong. People often tend to follow the wrong path consciously or unconsciously. At times like these help them to understand, give examples supporting your thoughts and alert them about consequences. The World is full of people who do all sort of wrong things which may harm them or people around them. So, you should try and stop such things by telling them the difference between right and wrong. It’s your moral and social duty.

Lastly, try and help your fellow human beings. It will make you a better person.

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