Why you Should Start Reading Everyday, Top 12 Reasons

So, the written word fails to appease you much; you feel bored and lethargic when it comes to trying to go through an article in a newspaper let alone a complete book. You try your best to dodge off every circumstance that puts you in a dreary position to read books, be it a class assignment or some recommendation from a friend. You are a good excuse maker, aren’t you? If yes has been your answer to my questions then be ready to confront a fact- you, my friend, are a wordophobic. While that may be entirely my creation, the following reasons to start developing a reading habit from today, are certainly not. Go through the points and then by the end, it would make you question yourself as to why did you ever bounce from indulging in this habit.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday


  1. Best way to kill time

Standing in a line while fetching tickets for a movie, waiting in a bank, daily commuting for as long as two to three hours can be pretty boring. We have all been there and suffered through that. While most of you might resort to listening songs or playing games on mobiles, did it ever occur to you that reading a magazine or even a book is always a better and productive option? Put on your thinking caps.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Enhances vocabulary

Reading everyday causes your knowledge of vocabulary to expand. Given the abundance of genres of writings, you can get acquainted with new different words everyday. The best part about the written word is that one is always sure to find words having an origin in a different language being used in an entirely different one. So, here you would abreast yourself not only with the vocabulary of your language but that of others too, given that you are a good reader.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Helps getting rid of grammatical errors

The more you read, the closer you reach to fine usage of the principles and rules of grammar. That would help you to avoid the frequently made errors in language. Without having read much you would be more vulnerable to explicit mistakes. Reading on a daily basis, your sentence formations, uses of punctuations, exclamatory marks, and words get better. Now, it’s no one day process. The road to betterment is no shortcut but you would definitely be there once you have started on the journey.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Plethora of knowledge

Have you never been inquisitive about what the earliest civilizations on Earth were or what fueled the French Revolution? To uncover those mysteries you have to resort to periodicals and books for there lies your answers that you seek. Reading would gift you with a wide array of information and thus make you more knowledgeable in the process.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Revolutionizes

The circulation of magazines, newspapers, and books is a great medium of communication too. It spreads and propagates various ideas that could be related to art, politics, latest music, and cuisine, simply anything. Apart from spreading ideas it also adds fuel to ideas. While reading you are likely to be inspired and motivated to achieve something big. It could be while reading the biography of an awe-inspiring personality or even while reading a piece of fiction. And that is when the course of achievement kicks in.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Makes you aware

Reading a newspaper daily can be the best source of adding to your general knowledge. It aids your knowledge about anything and everything, be it sports, politics, Hollywood, Bollywood, anything. You just need to name its advantages and it is there. Bid adieu to sitting with a general knowledge book for hours at a stretch before a competitive exam and bring in to your daily routine the habit of reading a newspaper. That would be time-saving too.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Adds to sophistication

Who wouldn’t like to be sophisticated and be successful at making an impact on a large audience or someone rather important? Coming across someone with a vast knowledge and understanding of different cultures, traditions is always welcomed by everyone around. If you think movies would help you with that, then you are not even half familiar with what the world of written word has to offer you.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Has a long lasting effect

The intense and elaborate descriptions given in a novel would always have the power to make a long lasting impact on human memory. It heightens our sensitivities, and we are able to connect with and understand the story line at various levels. It also increases our ability to comprehend our thoughts and make it clearer. We get into a thinking process.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Is always less extravagant

In comparison to our other hobbies and modes of passing our time, reading is a cheaper way. A novel or say a magazine will always cost you less in comparison of hitting the gym every time you are idle. It is a leisure that you can thoroughly invest in. And if buying a book every time comes across as wastage to you, then you may even download the pdf version of various books online.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Never abandons.

A book never abandons you, not even in a powercut. Just light a candle and you are good to go. It is barely dependent on any other source and is sufficient in itself. You can carry it with yourself anywhere. The battery of your cell phone just might cheat on you though.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Reduces stress level

Reading before bedtime every night ensures a good night sleep. There is a reason as to why children are narrated bedtime stories by their parents and grandparents. There is no harm in adopting good habits and doing the same for yourself. Apart from that it also helps reduce the stress and anxiety level. So after a long tiring day, you can opt for a nice novel or maybe an autobiography that would inspire you. Suit yourself.

Why you Should Start Reading Everyday

  1. Books are our best friends

At one point in time in our lives, all of us have gone through a low phase when and where even the dearest of our acquaintances tend to leave our side. It is then that we feel bereft and lonely. It is through such phases that self-help books come to our rescue and act as a great help. Talking about a daily basis not everybody is very much into the art of yoga. Reading for them can become a mode to attain equal peace and quietude. A good book has a great ability of transporting our minds to unimaginably beautiful and utopic places. You just need to have a good eye while choosing a book.


Could there be yet any reason for you to not start reading everyday? If taken seriously you will enjoy it as a complete bliss.

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