World’s 10 Healthiest Countries

You’ll be interested in the rankings below by Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index if you’re looking to stay abroad in a healthy country. The ranking is based on different factors such as environmental (like sanitation and clean water) and life expectancy. Below are the world’s 10 healthiest countries.

1. Spain

Spain offers a healthcare system with top-quality care in the private and public sectors. As per researchers, they are considered to be on top because of their Mediterranean diet.

Healthiest Countries - Spain

2. Italy

The healthcare system of Italy is very efficient and they are proven to have a hearty diet. Italians are also known for walking after having dinner with relatives and friends – and that habit adds up to their healthy being.

Healthiest Countries - Italy

3. Iceland

With a mixture of outdoor exercise and good food, Iceland will be the next on our list. They love adventure sports like rock climbing and kayaking. A big part of their diet includes fresh seafood.

Healthiest Countries - Iceland

4. Japan

Because of healthy food, Japan ranks as the top on the list. Japan has a remarkable healthcare system and they have a good reputation for eating healthy food.

Healthiest Countries - Japan

5. Switzerland

Even though they don’t have universal health coverage, the healthcare system is much regarded. They have a high standard, with no barrier for language because doctors are speaking in English.

Healthiest Countries - Switzerland

6. Sweden

For expats, Sweden is the best place and is included in the top 10 great places to build a family. In terms of healthcare, they have a high standard with enormous quality of life.

Healthiest Countries - Sweden

7. Australia

Australia is one of the countries with the highest life expectancies. They also have decreasing number of death and smoking rates. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Aussies have longer life and living a disability-free life.

Healthiest Countries - Australia

8. Singapore

Worldwide, Singapore has the best rates for life expectancy. Their healthcare system is remarkable and the management for chronic disease is effective. In the early stage of detection and prevention, efforts are already put in including doctor’s close monitoring. Hearty meats, fish and vegetables are in their diets.

Healthiest Countries - Singapore

9. Norway

In 2002, all the hospitals in the country were under the ownership of the Norwegian Government. Since then, the countries’ health system has been well praised.

Healthiest Countries - Norway

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10. Israel

At rank 10, Israel comes in. Israel has a healthcare system that’s universal and covers all permanent residents and citizens. Their medical staff can speak English and very well trained.

Healthiest Countries - Israel

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