World’s 5 Most Dangerous Kids

Would you like to be shocked, amazed, and entertained with these five worldwide most dangerous kids? Don’t miss our top spot from the list below. We have stories to tell in each kid and indeed you will be surprised. Let’s start!

1. Paul Bernardo

Dangerous kids: Paul Bernardo
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Paul Bernardo, alias Paul Jason Teale, was likely to have a destiny of a serious dirtbag. In 1975, his dad was accused of molestation of a child, when Paul Jason Teale was 11 yrs old. His mom couldn’t move on about the news and his siblings were distressed obviously about the news. However, Paul was not affected by it, which marked the 1st sign that he would grow up as one scary guy. He studied at University of Toronto Scarborough last 1982 and at that time, he was well known as the pickup artist. He met Karla Homolka in the year 1987 and both were well suited immediately. Karla as per many, was the one who mostly encouraged Paul to his twisted and sick nature. It was also that time when Paul, about 23 and 26 yrs of age started to stalked a lady in their location that ended up with 16 assaults during 1987 – 1990 in between. The crimes he has been doing has increased. The police have been tipped about the sketch of the criminal and he was caught immediately. He voluntarily gave his DNA sample right after the interview and as a result, he was released eventually.

Karla Homolka, his girlfriend seemed to partake in his crime and the one who chose his victims. Because of this, the two have been marked to be one of the dangerous individuals. One of their victims was Karla’s sister, Tammy. Killing and raping were done to Tammy and it was tremendously rough. Because of his DNA sample provided, the police after 26 months were able to figure out the suspect for the rapes happened in between the year 1987 and 1990, and eventually, they looked for him and arrested him. Technically, he’s a kid no more when he did his crimes. He’s still worthy though on top 4 spots of our list today because of the signs he showed all along even though he was in mid-’20s when he did his crimes. Right now, he’s still sealed in Ontario. During a psycho-test, he has a score of 35/40 on the checklist of the psychopath. The result signifies that he is an individual in the dark side who always wants to pursue his most threatening temptations.

2. Menendez Brothers

Erik and Lyle Menendez brutally killed their parents in 1989 and they were sentenced back in 1994. Shotgun was used in murdering their parents. According to some, their father sexually abused Erik and Lyle but obviously it’s like a make-up story created by their lawful team to earn the sympathy of the public. It indeed failed, if that was their goal, sympathy should never be given to these two dangerous kids.

In their locality, Erik or Lyle Menendez’ parents were well-known and had strong appeal to all the people they had met. They have been imprisoned for a lifetime and possibly no parole will be given to them and this is what we think they deserve. They’ve repaid their parents in a horrible way we can imagine even though their parents had deep care for them and they had given everything for them. California’s Court of Appeal ensured that they would be staying in prison even if they try to appeal numerous times. Once again, we thought that they made another trap by trying to gain sympathy to the public by begging for their case via tv documentary and of course it didn’t buy us anyway.

3. Lizzie Borden

Most Dangerous Kids: Lizzie Borden
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When Lizzie Andrew Borden was in her 32nd year of age, she was alleged of brutally killing her stepmother and father. We knew that she was not a child during that time but killing her stepmom and father in cruelty totally qualified her in the list. Even if she felt not guilty about the brutal crime, the story of the horrible murder totally convinced she was guilty. After the trial, it resulted her to be isolated from her childhood hometown (Massachusetts’ Fall River). Evidence proved that she even scorched her clothes that has full of blood in their stove a few days after the incident because it was stained with paint. We were thinking that she was trying to conceal the crime by scorching the shirt with stained blood since it will be a doubtful evidence on the crime.

After the murder, their maid was summoned by Lizzie from her room upstairs and has been told that her father was murdered and also advised not to come in inside the room where the horrible crime took place, which was definitely strange. Before the murder happened, she was trying to buy a prussic acid in a huge amount but failed to have one in any of the dispensers locally. The purpose of the purchase was indeed odd, and evidence gathered was absolutely proving she was acting strange during that day. Maybe Lizzie was irrationally thinking during the incident as per the suggestion of others or perhaps done that because of her father abusing her sexually and in her fugue stage. The incident was still a mystery and was not surely proved that Lizzie was really the suspect of the crime or not, but based on the grabbed evidence, she had the signs for murdering her stepmom and dad.

4. Jon Venables & Robert Thompson

In England, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were just 10 yrs of age when they committed murder and this proves they’re extremely scary. The story of these two kids surprised people worldwide when it spread. It looks like they walk in the wrong path to kidnap James Bulger, two years of age child. The child came from the mall and afterwards they brought the child to one section of railroad trail which was abandoned, near the location. They killed the baby by beating until dead using different kinds of weapons such as the iron bar which is large and heavy iron that was found in the area. On the same location right after the murder, the kids left the baby and just walked away. On their 18 years of age happened in 2001, they have been released in jail which was so disturbing. Right now, no one will know their true identity and we’ll surely can’t imagine that they will grow up like well-adjusted, normal adult. Based on the murder happened, these kids are really dangerous and should not re-enter the society whatever happens.
These kids listed are totally tweaked since they committed the murder worldwide when their age was not that young. Pretty sure that these kids damaged their life with a twist of the psyche and marked them killers for their entire years, the fact that they were capable of horrible killing even they were just kids.

5. Eric Smith

At the age of 13, Eric Smith has been marked little awkward. He was always bullied because he was wearing glasses and his red hair which was like the mop. Unlike the other kids that would fight against the abuse, he decided to stay quiet and let the bullies make him a total monster instead. Never we imagined his idea to commit homicide is fine, especially to his victim that didn’t bully him. The victim thereof was only four yrs of age during that time. Smith, therefore, wanted to kill anyone. Instead of defending himself against the children who made Eric’s’ life such a hell, he became the bully himself. Derrick Robie has been lured to the woods by him while at their summer camp. The choice of him for Robie to be his victim was totally hilarious. The victim was only four years of age and was totally innocent and has no guilt at all of bullying Eric.

When Derrick Robie’s corpse was found, Eric was instantly condemned of 2nd-degree murder because of the evidence that was pointed towards him. Unlike Thompson and Venables, remorse was not shown and didn’t apologize properly. He was condemned in jail for about nine years at least but kept in prison for a longer time for being a crap. For about eight times, he was denied getting a parole since 1993, although this year of 2018 he was eligible again to get it. It’s nice to hear that the system of prison holds his case and didn’t release him early like Thompson and Venables even though he’s just 13 years of age, not 10. It’s doubtful for him to have a normal life and indeed a danger to the public.

Due to bullying, he had lashed out and turned himself into a monster figure.

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