10 Tips to Manage Your Temper

Controlling your temper can be tough. You can use these simple tips to keep your temper in control.

Does being cut off in heavy traffic get you worked up? Does an uncooperative kid make your blood pressure skyrocket? Anger is one of the common and healthy emotions a human can feel. However, it must be expressed positively. When anger is uncontrolled, it can affect your relationships as well as your health. If you are ready to master your temper, then keep reading the 10 tips to manage your temper.

1. Always think before you start to speak

Tips to Manage Your Temper - always think before you start to speak

When things heated, it becomes easier for us to say things that we don’t really mean and we might later regret. Taking time to think carefully before speaking can prevent you from guilt and making the situation worse. It would be better if other people involved would do the same thing in such situation.

2. Do some physical activity

Tips to Manage Your Temper - do some physical activity

Engaging in physical activity can reduce your stress which causes your anger. When you feel like you’re on the brink of rage, go for a run, brisk walk, or any physical activity you enjoy.

3. Learn to Forgive

Tips to Manage Your Temper - learn to forgive

Forgiving people isn’t a weakness but a strength and a powerful tool you can use. Allowing negative feelings such as anger to overpower your positive feelings will just make your sense of injustice, and bitterness swallows you whole. Learning to forgive people, who make you rage in anger, can make the both of you learn some lessons from it and can make your relationship stronger.

4. Take a break

Tips to Manage Your Temper - Take a break

Timeouts aren’t made for kids alone. Everyone needs some break, especially during stressful times. A quiet time even just for a few minutes, can make you feel better and prepared to face the day without getting annoyed or angry.

5. Discover possible solutions

Tips to Manage Your Temper - Discover possible solutions

Focusing on the things that trigger your anger won’t improve the situation. That’s why, you must identify the possible solutions and resolve the issue instead. Do you get upset by the messy room of your kid? Then close the door of your kid’s room. Is your partner always late for your dinner? Eat alone for some nights or schedule your dinner at a later time. You must understand that you can’t control everything. Try to become realistic and recognize the things you can and cannot control. Always remember that your anger can’t fix the situation and can just make it worse.

6. Say your concerns when you’re already calm

Tips to Manage Your Temper - Say your concerns when youre already calm

When your mind is already clear, you can express your exasperation or disappointment in a positive and diplomatic way. Tell your needs and concerns directly and clearly without manipulating or hurting anyone.

7. Using “I” statements

Tips to Manage Your Temper -Using I statements

Pointing fingers and blaming people can add up to the tension of the situation. Being particular and respectful, as well as the use of ”I” statements, can help in solving the problem. Instead of saying, ”You never help in doing household chores, you can say ”I’m not happy because you just left after eating and didn’t offer to help me wash the dishes” for example.

8. Release some tension using humor

Tips to Manage Your Temper -Release some tension using humor

Lightening up the situation can dispense tension. The use of good jokes or any kind of humor can help you handle any of your unfeasible expectations about things or whatever makes you angry. However, you must be careful not to use sarcasm to avoid making things worse and hurting people’s feelings.

9. Work on relaxation skills

Tips to Manage Your Temper - work on relaxation skills

Utilize your relaxation skills whenever your temper burns up. You can try deep-breathing exercises, repeating some calming phrases or words like ”take it easy” or visualize a relaxing view. Doing yoga, writing in journals and listening to music can also help to make you feel relaxed. Check out these 10 steps to start yoga.

10. Recognize when to ask for help

Tips to Manage Your Temper recognize when to ask for help

Learning how to control your anger can be really tough from time to time. Ask or seek professional help to resolve your anger issues if it seems out of control.

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