5 Common Dental Treatments Performed by a General Dentist

There are several procedures that a general dentist does. If you are experiencing tooth problems, any of these five procedures may be the treatment that depends on your case. If you are curious about what happens during dental treatment or you yourself experience a toothache, then this article will enlighten you.

Common Dental Treatments

Here are five dental procedures which a general dentist can perform.

1. Fillings

Common Dental Treatments - Fillings

If you have cavities, decayed teeth, or fractured teeth, the treatment of choice is usually dental filling, but it also depends on the depth of caries which will definitely change the treatment of choice.

A thorough check up of the teeth for any fractures or cavities is what the dentist does when a patient complains of pain. It is by visual examination of the tooth and thorough radiographic X-rays. With proper diagnosis, the dentist can now perform the necessary treatment.

After the anesthesia takes effect, remove the decayed part of the tooth by using a dental drill. After which, flush off all the debris inside the cavity using air and water and dry it completely prior to the application of the necessary medicaments before tooth filling.

The patient may choose from several filling materials such as gold, porcelain, silver, or composite resin fillings.

The Americans suffer mainly from small tooth cavities and mild decayed teeth that’s why dental fillings are the usual procedures done in this country.

2. Dental Implants

Common Dental Treatments - dental implants

Dental implants replace missing natural teeth permanently. This procedure is made through a minor surgical procedure by placing an implant directly on the patient jaw.

3. Tooth extractions

Common Dental Treatments - tooth extractions

Extraction is the last resort if a tooth is badly decayed and cannot be saved. Impacted teeth, as well as painful wisdom teeth which cannot erupt properly, are also extracted.

Normal extraction is done by loosening the involved tooth in it socket using elevators and forceps to pull out the tooth. Impacted teeth are usually either partially erupted or totally impacted and are removed through surgical extraction.

4. Dental crowns

Common Dental Treatments - dental crowns

Badly broken teeth that result from an injury or decay are treated best with crowns. This kind of dental treatment prevents the loss of teeth through extraction. Dental crowns are also used to treat cosmetic imperfections.

This procedure takes about two clinic appointments because crowns are fabricated in the laboratory and sent back to the clinic for insertion.

A crown can be fabricated in the dental clinic by a general dentist and insertion on the same day.

The crown completely covers the entire tooth structure to provide protection from further damage.

5. Braces

Common Dental Treatments - braces

Orthodontic braces are treatments used to re-align the tooth in its normal position to make it aesthetically pleasing and restore its normal function and occlusion.

80% of people who undergo this procedure are 18 years old and below. This treatment is for correcting the position of the teeth and their occlusion.

There is nothing to fear when it comes to any dental treatments because the dentist will provide anesthetics prior to a dental procedure to make it an easy, pain-free treatment anytime.

To make your teeth clean and healthy, aside from flossing and brushing at home, have a regular appointment with your dentist for checkup or examination and yearly dental cleanings. Here are the 6 Benefits of Professional Dental Cleanings.

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