10 Best Activities for Father’s Day

Planning for some activities to do on Father’s day? We got you covered! We have listed here the 10 best activities for Father’s day to make his day extra special.

1. Pamper dad for a spa day

Pamper time! Transform your home to a relaxing spa with scented candles and soothing music. Treat him with your or your kids’ best at-home body massage. You can also prepare a gift basket with loads of his favorite lotions, soaps and shaving kits.

Activities for Fathers Day - Pamper dad for a spa day


2. Prepare dad’s favorite food for brunch

Start the day by surprising dad with his favorite food for brunch.
Waffles, eggs, fruits, coffee, or anything you think will make dad feel like a king!

Activities for Fathers Day - Prepare dad favorite food for brunch


3. Game night for family

Dad loves challenges and can be pretty competitive when it comes to games. Let him flaunt his skills while playing board games with family. Try favorite classics like charades, Monopoly and Jenga. You can even prepare a family trivia when you dad likes brain teasers and trivia.

Activities for Fathers Day - Game night for family


4. Get creative with crafts

Let the family, especially dad, show the creative sides with fun-filled crafts for the whole family. Moreover, whatever items you can make can be a great additional gift for dad!

Activities for Fathers Day - Get creative with crafts


5. Wine tasting

The best treat for wine-loving dads is a wine-testing event at home. Provide him the best wine selections with those grapes and cheeses available on the table.

Activities for Fathers Day - Wine tasting


6. Backyard picnic

Impress dad on Father’s day with an intimate backyard picnic. Grab the best blanket, pack up those delicious sandwiches and head to your backyard. The beautiful sunshine, fresh air, backyard games and the presence of the special people around him will definitely complete his day!

Activities for Fathers Day - Backyard Picnic


7. Go camping

Set up a tent on a campsite or at your backyard with a bonfire. Wherever you wanted to go camping, Dad will always want to roast those marshmallows and tell his stories especially those scary ones!

Activities for Fathers Day - Go camping


8. Go hiking

Enjoy the beauty of nature and explore trails with the family. Let dad lead the way and choose the path while hiking. This can be a great time to make amazing and unforgettable memories with family.

Activities for Fathers Day - Go hiking


9. Visit the golf course

Plan and schedule his gold course activity in advance. Get the best gears for him as a gift and arrange his transportation. Surely, you are making his dream come true!

Activities for Fathers Day - Visit the golf course


10. Watch an outdoor movie

Some cities might have outdoor movie screenings which you can watch with dad. Or you can set up a moving screening at your home’s backyard. Bring your popcorn, too!

Activities for Fathers Day - Watch an outdoor movie

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