10 Best Travel Destinations for Introverts

10. Hidden settle in Himalaya – Tibet

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Hidden settle in himalaya

One of the hidden villages built for food services to a few Tibet monasteries. Either ride a horse or via foot for you to get there. Having a trip to a hidden settle will give you patience and a return of inner wisdom.


9. Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Bavaria, Germany

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Garmisch Partenkirchen

This pretty little city is located in Germany Zugspitze, the highest mountain which has the height of 3000 m. Long time ago, it was pictured as two villages. The Teutonic Order founded one, and the Romans founded the other one. Prior to the Olympics in 1963, this city was connected. Its amazing view is truly relaxing.

8. Reine – Norway

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Reine

Reine is a fisherman’s village with an unforgettable and gorgeous arctic landscape. It is populated with 330 people, and most of them are fishermen. In Norway, it’s considered the most gorgeous village. The place isn’t considered a tourist spot; thus, it’s best for an introvert who’s finding a good rest away from the city.

7. Bled – Slovenia

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Bled

Bled is hidden in wonderful mountains and was first mentioned in 1004 yrs. The Saint Roman’s emperor loved this city and gifted it to Briksen’s cardinal. You can find the church on a little island located at the center of the Bled lake. Bled now has 5000 people. In Slovenia, it’s one of the amazing tourist spots.

6. Gasadalur – Farers Islands

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Gasadalur

Farmers Islands’ mysterious chain located in the north of Scotland isn’t very popular with tourists. It’s not accessible for so many years. For example, during the British occupation in the second world war, only one small ladder was built. With two mountains, 2300m in height, the 18 people living on the island are lucky because they’re protected from storms. This is one of the best destinations for a vacation.

5. Colmar – France

Travel Destinations for Introverts - colmar

Colmar is Elzas’ one of the most amazing cities. With stone build old looking buildings, cute houses, old medieval bridges and streets. Colmar is also a winery capital. The famous Route du Vin begins here, France’s wine route. An ideal destination for people who love wine during their vacation.

4. Manarola – Italy

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Manarola

Manarola isn’t a huge fishermen’s town; it can be found in North Italy. On the sea or Ligurian, there are colorful houses hanging up which are placed on its mountain. In 1338, the City Church was built and included in the region’s oldest cities. One of the coolest vacation getaways.

3. Ancy – France

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Ancy

Probably, Ancy, compared to the French Alps, is more beautiful around its surroundings. It was built around the XIV century castle. Ancy is divided by small rivers that fall to gorgeous Ancy blue lake. It has everything: hotels, hostels and restaurants for tourists.

2. Bibery – Great Britain

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Bibery

In England, Bibery is usually the town that is considered most astonishing. 1086 is the year it was first mentioned. Since then, there have been no changes made. Mostly, the buildings have the same look even before and its little river. If you have an opportunity, visit Bibery.

1. Goreme – Turkey (underground city)

Travel Destinations for Introverts - Goreme

Beneath the sky is Goreme, a museum. From VI century until IX century, it was included in the list of the biggest centers for Christian with over 400 churches. As per St. Paul, this town is the place best for his studies.

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