10 Immune Boosting Foods

A well-balanced diet with a variety of food options provides the body with the right amount of nutrients to keep it healthy.

Below are the 10 foods to boost your immune system. These foods offer health benefits and can lower the risk of catching a cold, flu and other chronic illnesses.

1. Beef

Immune Boosting Foods - Beef

Beef is a super booster for immunity. It is rich in protein and vitamins (such as vitamin B1 and B12) that strengthen the immune system. It also supplies the body with iron and zinc. Opt for a grass-fed beef because it contains higher amount of vitamin A and vitamin E than grain-fed beef.

2. Chicken

Immune Boosting Foods - Chicken

Protein is a macronutrient that is essential to fight bacteria and viruses. This macronutrient plays an important role in healing and recovery of the body also for immune health. Chicken offers protein; thus, can help in the protection against cold.

3. Oysters

Immune Boosting Foods - Oysters

Oysters are a good source of protein, omega 3s and iron and they are very high in zinc too. Zinc plays a role in wound healing and reproducing WBC. Get some oysters to boost your immune system.

4. Eggs

Immune Boosting Foods - Eggs

Egg contains minerals that are necessary for immune system boosting. Egg yolk has selenium, zinc and high amount of Vitamin D. While egg white is rich with protein.

5. Yogurt

Immune Boosting Foods - Yogurt

Some strains of probiotics can help boost the immune system and keep the digestive tract healthy. And the live strain of this “good bacteria” can be found in some yogurts so better to check labels everytime you purchase.

6. Carrots

Immune Boosting Foods - Carrots

Carrots have vitamin A, beta carotene and vitamin C that can essentially boost the immune system. It contains minerals too that play a role in immune health: iron, zinc and copper.

7. Spinach

Immune Boosting Foods - Spinach

Spinach is loaded with numerous antioxidants and nutrients. It has a significant amount of folate. Vitamin B12 and folate are essential to keep immune responses active.

8. Oranges

Immune Boosting Foods - Oranges

Oranges can improve your skin and boost your immune system as they are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C protects cells and promotes the production and function of immune cells.

9. Berries

Immune Boosting Foods - Berries

Berries are rich in Vitamin C that helps build up the immune system and prevents damage to the cell. Dark berries such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are a good source of flavonoids, known to have effective antioxidant effect.

10. Grapes

Immune Boosting Foods - Grapes

Grapes have antioxidants too just like blueberries. They contain antioxidants: vitamin C and selenium. Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in grapes, can help reduce any inflammation and may protect against heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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