10 of the World’s Clearest Waters You’ll Love to See

Is there a time when you get disappointed with the lake’s or beach‘s water? Definitely, you would still dive in if you actually wanted without knowing what you will encounter, either a guy who is in the middle age, aquatic buy-eyed beast, or a seaweed. But the risk is not worth it.

Wouldn’t it wonderful if you can clearly see what’s underneath you?

Luckily, these 10 places listed below have crystal clear water that you would surely enjoy watching and swimming. Check out these 10 of the world’s clearest waters you’ll love to see!

1. BONITO, BRAZIL – Rio de Prata

World's Clearest Waters

Big thanks on the underground limestones’ high concentration to act as a filter naturally. The rivers that surround Bonito’s Brazilian municipality are almost vibrantly clear.

Among those rivers, Rio de Prata is particularly the clearest. It allows snorkelers to spot easily the shining scales of delicious Mahi-mahi (also known as golden Dorados) and finned-yellow Piraputangas that swim behind them.

2. ITALYLaghi de Fusine

World's Clearest Waters

This peaceful pair of the icy lake is located miles away from Slovenian/Italian border, though both are obviously clear, the bigger among the two draws to be the tourist spot. Its water is not recommended for swimming because it’s too cold, however, you can still see and get a close up look on what’s underneath by riding a rowboat that’s for rent. Once you get bored of riding the boat, then you can hike the paths which surround the lake and witness the wonder of the Julian Alps.

3. BAHAMAS – Exuma

World's Clearest Waters

Every 360 plus islands of Exuma is enclosed by blue, clear, Bahamas bathwater. The clarity, temperature, and color of its water are remarkable and the beautiful white sandbars are revealed when the tide is on its lowest level.

4. CHINA – Jiuzhaigou Valley

World's Clearest Waters

The 108 lakes spotting the Jiuzhaigou Valley were created because the goddess dropped the mirror that was given to her by her lover and shattered to one hundred eight (108) pieces. This is according to the legend. Nevertheless, these attractive lakes are indeed spectacular! The 5 Color Pond and the 5 Flowers Lake, situated on Y-shaped valley’s opposite ends, both standout. They both have clear water and vivid hues which also have greater than 5 colors. Looks like a Crayola Box with 128 crayons that include the most eye-catching shades!

5. NEW ZEALAND – Blue Lake

World's Clearest Waters

Officially, the clearest lake worldwide is the Rotomsirewhenua or Blue Lake that has underwater visibility of until 262 ft. Sadly, since it’s considered tapu or sacred by Maori locals, people are not allowed to enter the water. You are only authorized to observe water’s clarity on the shore or admire it via aerial view by riding a helicopter.

6. JAPAN – Zamami

World's Clearest Waters

Decades after World War 2, Zamami became a well-known destination due to its crystal-clear water and small size. Tourists always visit the beaches like Furuzamami beach to snorkel with the fishes and witness the coral reefs and also to scuba dive. People also come to these places to take the chance of seeing humpback whales during winter or spring, either from special gazebos for observation or from sightseeing boats. According to facts, the tourism here is so big that 92% among 924 individuals living in Okinawan Island are hired in its tourism industry.

7. CROATIA – Hvar

World's Clearest Waters

The beaches that line the Hvar Island will definitely take your breath away! The clarity level of the water has the same clarity to what a real hotel pool has. The Island of Hvar has sunlight of 2700 hours/year averagely, higher than any Croatian island, so it is not ordinary to see the boat’s shadow trailing underneath them while they drift to the green seafoam water.

8. THAILAND – Koh Lanta

World's Clearest Waters

Kohn Lanta has sweet and pretty beaches wherein the water is noticeably clear when shallow, and which lies along the Andaman Sea on the West of the mainland of Thailand. You can find the real attraction at the diving spots nearby wherein scuba divers and snorkelers afford the deep water to see the amazing view of hidden underwater caves, colorful fishes, and gorgeous coral reefs.

9. GREECE – Lefkada

World's Clearest Waters

Beaches in Lefkada are one of Greece’s best beaches, mainly the one that faces the Ionian Sea alongside the west coast from Porto Katsi into the south towards Kathisma into the north. Some of these beaches have white soft sand, others have scattered pebbles, however, all of them have turquoise, cool water that would surely encourage you to swim and witness what’s underneath.

10. POLAND – Valley of the Five Lakes

World's Clearest Waters

These five alpine lakes that are tucked way upward in the range of Tatras High mountain and moving along Slokavian/Polish border exhibits glassy water with cerulean tint.
The Eye of the Sea or Morkie Oko is the biggest among the lakes and known for those tourists who hike The High Tatras. Also, chosen as one of the beautiful lakes in the world by the Wall Street Journal.

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