10 Professions that do not get the Respect that they Deserve

There seems to be a particular list of professions that are looked upon as dignified and are sought after endlessly. A person is likely to get a lot of appreciation and appraisal if he is a doctor, engineer or so. As cliché as it may sound, but despite the modernization, people still tend to put these two and similar professions on a higher pedestal as compared to the other ones. However, not everyone is able to secure a life for her/himself of that of an engineer or a doctor. So they look out for other opportunities and given the vast number of job options that a country today provides, of course, they do get the job of their choice. But, do they get the similar appreciation for their choices? Of course not. While nobody would openly criticize them for the choice they have made, they would always be made to feel lesser by others on the career front, be it from their friends or families. This is certainly a sorry state of affairs. There are several humble as well as seemingly low profile professions that facilitate the working of a locality or even a nation. We do not realize this. Here are 10 professions that do not get the respect that they deserve from people of other professions.


  1. Policeman

Well, they work endlessly to ensure that we are safe from the mischief mongers and crime perpetrators. There certainly are some amongst the police department today who are bringing a bad name to their entire force, but that does not lead to the conclusion that we can overlook all the efforts that they put in to get the culprit behind the bars. They do not get any fancy salaries in return for their services, but at least they can get their due share of respect.


  1. Army

They serve as the greatest protectors of a nation and do not even get acknowledgment. We tend to remain in oblivious bliss thinking that there would be no attack or a war breaking out as it seems to be matters of the past with zero future possibility. But the men deployed in the army are very well aware of the reality and it is because of them that we continue dwelling in a blissful state of oblivion. Some of them do get acknowledged for their selfless act, but only once their body is sent to their homes.


  1. Farmers

Everything that we eat off our plates practically comes as a hard work of the farmers and field cultivators. They are the backbones of our survival and what is their state today? Farmers are committing suicide unable to pay their debts, abandoning their families which in due course of time succumb to a harsh death. There is very little or shall we say, superficial support given to the farmers’ in today’s date. It should be realized that it is not only their services that matter but also their life.


  1. Housewives

Simply mentioning this as a profession would cause many to raise their eyebrows in surprise. Accept it or not, but working as a housewife is certainly no less than a full-fledged profession. Sadly it does not the get the appreciation that it deserves. You might be having a housewife in your family. You very well can bear as a witness to whether her duties and responsibilities are ever given the due consideration or not that it is worthy of.


  1. Sweepers

They are deemed the lowest in the hierarchy of professions. Yes! This certainly is a job for them regardless of the fact whether you count it as one or not. We have clean roads and a clean locality as a result of their efforts. As ironic as it may seem, but it is true that the ones making sure that everything around your living place is clean, is the one looked upon as the most unhygienic. Let alone a heartfelt gratitude, they are not even considered apt to be talked to.


  1. Nurses

While you are lying out there on a hospital bed without a doctor to attend, she would be by your side checking on your health and updating the doctor about the same. It certainly isn’t possible for a doctor to take care of your needs at every hour. It is here that she steps in and makes sure that you are comfortable enough without any immediate requirement. It will not be thinkable to run a large organization like a hospital without nurses. There barely seems to be any reason to demean her job and yet it is demeaned.


  1. Photographers

It might kick off as a hobby, but it surely has a full potential to emerge as a great career option and eventually as a profession. There is a reason to the expanding number of photography classes today. The life of a photographer is synonymous to that of an artist, full of thrill and fun. All the beautiful snaps that you see in a magazine or in a newspaper are the efforts of photographers and journalists put together.


  1. Journalist

The ones specializing in print media suffer through great indignation for it is seldom that their efforts are recognized and brought into light unlike the ones in electronic media. The journalists in print media work hard to collect material on a piece. The name printed in the small font size skips everyone’s eyes. Every profession demands appreciation and recognition for one cannot be solely satisfied with an ambition. It is only after unimaginable efforts and with the passing of a long time that a journalist in print media gets the recognition that he aimed for at the starting of his career.


  1. Electrician

Aren’t electricians our saviors? Imagine the world where nobody would be ready to take up the profession of an electrician. It practically will not be possible to live through a day or two if the fan in your room refuses to work. You instantly hit the phone and call your electrician and know that the faulty fan would be working again. But that electrician is rarely respected, is he?


  1.  Stunt-Doubles

We love our actors performing the most extraordinary acts in movies, but somewhere in the back of our minds we very well are aware that it is a stuntman actually performing it. We choose to be oblivious to the reality and continue worshiping the actors for the stunts that they never performed. Our respect and admiration ought to be towards that unknown face that is getting nil limelight.

There needs to be a change in one’s perception towards the vast diversity of professions available.  And while that is not sufficient, all of them must be respected too.

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