10 Quick, Simple and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast has been considered as the most important meal by expert nutritionists. Studies suggest that people who are likely to skip breakfast encounter problems with weight, cardiac health and attention spans. Since it mostly gets near to impossible for us to have a patient breakfast due to early working hours and busy schedules here are some tips which will help you give a healthy start to your day and save your time too.

10. Paneer open toast with apple banana smoothie

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A peppy topping of low-fat paneer and vegetables complements the goodness of whole wheat and is best accompanied by this smoothie where nuts and fruits together give an energetic start to your day.

Blend blanched almonds, chopped bananas and milk till smooth. Further add sugar and vanilla essence and blend again. For the toast, saute the vegetables like onion, chilies, capsicum etc for a minute and then add seasonings and paneer and saute again for half a minute on a medium flame. Spread the topping on the toasted bread slice and you’re ready to roll.


9. Plain doughnut with chocolate milk

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A plain doughnut doesn’t provide many calories as compared to bakery cakes. It can be best accompanied with some almonds for fiber and chocolate milk made of low fat milk. This strikes a balance between all the required nutrients and the fiber counter strikes the calories so that they do not club up in the body. It is a zesty combination with not many efforts to put in early morning.


8. Sprouted moong chaat

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Keep some sprouted moong always ready in the fridge as it just takes a few minutes to make it into a healthy meal. It is laden with iron, fiber and vitamins A and C. Steam the sprouts for about a minute, drain the water and add vegetables like onion, chilies, tomatoes, cucumbers, coriander either raw or saute. Season them with spices according to your taste and a little lemon juice. It is not only quick to make but is one of the healthiest breakfasts. It can be accompanied with a glass of buttermilk to further enhance the meal.


7.Delectable atta sheera

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Microwave is your best friend when in hurry and what can be more soothing if you can get the goodness of cereals, nuts and carbohydrates in just five minutes for your morning meal. Combine wheat flour and ghee in a glass bowl and mix well. Microwave it for 3 minutes giving it a stir every minute. Add sugar and water and microwave for 2 minutes again. Garnish with chopped nuts. It can be had with pooris or chapattis as well.


6.Carrot and Green Pea Sandwich

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Combine boiled carrots and peas with grated paneer, cheese spread and green chilies. Spread this topping on toasted or plain whole wheat bread. It is a recipe rich in vitamins, fiber as well as carbohydrates. It can be taken with a glass of fruit juice which can further enhance the roughage content of the meal.


5.Dahiwali Roti

A soup-style breakfast that can be prepared from leftover chapattis. It is full of flavors and nutrients yet is easy to prepare and has a tempting aroma. Heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan and add the mustard seeds and urad dal. When the mustard seeds crackle, add the chapatti pieces and saute on a medium flame for a few seconds. Add buttermilk, turmeric powder, jaggery, chili powder and salt. This not only prevents wastage of leftover chapattis but in itself is a complete meal.


4.Vegetable Oats Pancake

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

It is a low-calorie dish that is nutritious as well. Oats help reduce blood cholesterol and glucose levels and the vegetables that we put in are excellent sources of vitamin A.

Combine oat flour, grated carrot, chopped spinach, coriander and green chilies with required amount of water to make a batter of dropping consistency. Add fruit salt just before making the pancake and there you go for a nutritive yet innovative breakfast idea to make your mornings healthy. It is best served with mint chutney and can be taken with orange and carrot juice to give you just the right amount of fibers as well.



Healthy Breakfast Ideas

It is an easy to cook recipe which has many health benefits as well as a lot of vegetables can be added to it. It is packed with iron and children, pregnant and lactating woman can benefit greatly from it. It helps maintain oxygen levels in blood cells and maintain immunity. Lemon is generally added to it as it enhances iron absorption. It is a complete meal as a lot of vegetables can be added to it along with sprouts, soya nuggets, paneer etc. It is a perfect breakfast option as it provides a lot of carbohydrates. It can be also consumed if you’re diabetic as it promotes slow release of sugar into the bloodstream.



Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Idlis contain a minimal amount of calories and a safe side of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. It has a notable amount of protein and fiber which promotes healthy digestion and facilitates muscle repair. It contains traces of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for our diet. It is a quick and healthy recipe which is nowadays even more convenient to make as ready-to-make packets are easily available in the market. They can be rice and dal idli or sooji idli depending on personal preferences. One can also make stuffed idli by adding chilies and chopped carrots, onions and tomatoes. A glass of buttermilk along with it can do wonders for your idli.


1.Vegie omelette

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A plain omelette can be enhanced in its nutritional content by adding up a lot of vegetables like onions, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers etc. Eggs supply quality protein and vitamin B-12, while veggies contribute vitamins A, C and K. However, it must be made sure that not much of fat is used in its preparation as it is high in trans fat, cholesterol and saturated fat.


In this rapid-paced lifestyle it is not possible to spend hours in the kitchen playing with the ingredients and utensils, however, staying healthy is a necessary concern so the art lies in coming up with ideas that only require minimal amount of time but are a blend of all nutrients and easy to gobble down. Breakfast is a long-term investment that one does to the body. It is easy to let it down in your priority list to rush in your busy schedules but once your health starts to put you down you will probably regret your choice. Your body needs to have a nitro start so that you can work enthusiastically all day long. So make your kitchen an innovative place and quick yourself and your family a quick, easy and healthy breakfast.

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