10 Rare Beaches With Black Sand to Visit for a Remarkable Vacation

Have you ever heard of black sand beaches? Unusual, isn’t it? The world we live in is really mysterious yet exquisite in its own way with the wonderful places that you can find here. Landscapes, mountains, beaches, name it! You can definitely find a magnificent sight of those things here on earth. If you love discovering and visiting rare spots, then these black sand beaches are perfect for you. These places aren’t only pleasing to the eyes but can also give you a remarkable experience! These black sand beaches aren’t usually visited by most people, which makes them cherished and truly special. If you want to have a unique experience, we recommend these exotic beaches, which you can explore.

If you want a great experience that you can treasure forever, you can explore these beaches which can definitely give you the best experience. Check this list of best black beaches and choose which fits you the best.

1. Black Sands Beach in Whitethorn, California

Beaches With Black Sand - Black Sands Beach

The name Black Sands Beach already speaks for itself -boasting its fine-grained black sand and its unique appearance, which made this beach, earned its title as one of the most popular black sand beaches in the world. It spans for over 3.5 miles and is nestled on the Northern California’s Lost Coast.

Unlike other California’s sea beaches, this one can be found in an isolated region, an exquisite choice for people who love serene and peaceful places. If you want to experience sight-seeing gray whales in the area, we recommend you to visit during September to January. A top visited places in California.

2. Ficogrande in Stromboli, Italy

Beaches With Black Sand - Ficogrande

The great Ficogrande had witnessed volcanic activities for over 2000 years, which resulted to several beaches with black sand in the near areas. The exceptional black sand beach of Ficogrande is located in Sicily of Italy. It is well-known for its beauty and the best experience it can offer to those who wish to explore this place. You can feel the sand, enjoy the view while sitting on lounge chairs or witness some volcanic activity for the great experience.

3. Perissa Beach in Paralia, Santorini, Greece

Beaches With Black Sand - Perissa Beach

Home of Ancient Thira’s some ruins, Perissa beach offers rich history with its location along with the aesthetic appeal it has. This beach is located near Mount Vouno which is situated on Santorini’s southern coast. You can go to restaurants and sit on the seats with umbrellas or just sunbathe while enjoying the serene view of Perissa.

4. Stokksnes Beach in Iceland

Beaches With Black Sand - Stokksnes Beach

If you want to feel like you’re in some sci-fi movie, then visit Stokksnes beach of Iceland. The beach features the magnificent Vestrahorn Mountain and is bestrewed with black dunes. The scenery of Stokksnes always changes because of the shifting ridge. For a perfect experience, visit this place during a sunset or sunrise which is the best time of the day to visit it.

5. Miho Beach in Shimizu, Japan

Beaches With Black Sand - Miho Beach

Thanks to the popular Mount Fiji’s volcanic activity for it gave rise to the popular black sand beach of Japan named Miho beach. With the stony black sand and several pine trees lined around the beach, you can have a great aesthetic experience in Miho beach. If you wish to visit the place, it is best to plan your vacation around summer to try the watersports it offers for a better experience.

6. Punaluu Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii

Beaches With Black Sand - Punaluu Beach

Hawaii has a lot of beaches to offer which you can explore, but if you want something new and unusual beach to discover, then Punaluu beach is for you. The volcanic activity in Hawaii contributed to the nice black sand that the beach has. You can find the Punaluu beach in the southern Kau province on the coast of Hawaii. If you are fond of green turtles of Hawaii, well we have good news for you! Punaluu is a home for these cute turtles. It also has a vast field of palm trees that highlight its beauty. Swimming on the beach is prohibited, but that is not a hindrance to have an enjoyable and remarkable experience in the great place of Punaluu.

7. Anse Chastanet in Saint Lucia

Beaches With Black Sand - Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet offers you an unforgettable trip with its stunning beach boasting its black sand. Nestled in St. Lucia, Anse Chastanet is an excellent spot to unwind. Explore and enjoy the surrounding area without worry, promising safety with the resort’s protection and barriers around the Caribbean side. The area is lined with a number of magnificent palm trees that make up like no other for an epic trip. If you are fond of outdoor games, this beach also offers aquatic sports and other activities for you to enjoy. Indeed, Anse Chastanet is certainly ideal and without fail for your holiday needs.

8. Kamari Beach in Santorini, Greece

Beaches With Black Sand - Kamari Beach

Another stunning beach with fine, velvety black sand that can be found in Santorini, Greece – this place is famously known for the beach itself screams extravagance. You can witness the Mesa Vouno’s steep slopes. This bears significance on the history and the opulent architecture around the area, making this place special. Besides the innate beach beauty, you can enjoy the different tourist attractions it offers, such; cafes and other outdoor beaches.

9. Papenoo Beach in Papenoo, Tahiti

Beaches With Black Sand - Papenoo Beach

If you are looking for another black sand beach, you much check the majestic Papenoo Beach in Tahiti, Frech Polynesia. This is a popular location for surfers, but the place is certainly open for you to explore. If you prefer enjoying the beauty of this paradise alone, you must visit on weekdays as the shoreline isn’t too busy. The Papenoo Valley is an excellent spot to explore and visit during vacations. From breathtaking scenery to the authenticity of its fine black sand, this beach is definitely worth your visit.

10. Reynisfjara in Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

Beaches With Black Sand - Reynisfjara

Nestled at the nearby village of Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland, Reynisfjara is one of the spectacular places you can wander around. Indeed, its astounding beauty does give justice to its challenging pronunciation. The panoramic views around will surely take your breath away-leaving you astounded. Formation of basalt rocks are scattered around the shore, further making it an incomparable experience. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, this beach must be on the top of your list since its dramatic landscape appeared on that show.

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