10 Reasons why Green Vegetables are Important

There is a good reason as to why elders and especially mothers go crazy running after their kids to eat the green veggies. It is not that they receive a commission from the vendors if they manage in aiding to sell their vegetables. However bad the joke might seem, but the well-intended point cannot be overlooked and let go of. It is only later in our lives that we actually get hold of the true essence of the health benefits that these vegetables provide. Sadly, for many of us, the damage is done by then. But, it is better delayed than never taken up. If you are one amongst those who still favor their meat products over their brightly colored veggies everytime, then you are up for a second though to it. Read the following reasons. These would help you develop a better understanding of the importance of green vegetables.

Green Vegetables

  1. Good source of iron

If you have been suffering from hair fall recently, then say a yes to your green leafy friends. Low iron content in the body can lead to hair fall. Including vegetables that are rich in iron in your diet, spinach especially would help make up for the low levels of iron in your body. Green vegetables are also good for increasing the hemoglobin levels. Low hemoglobin level is yet another consequence of decreased iron level in the body.

Green Vegetables

  1. Good for pregnant women

All the pregnant women out there, this one goes for you. Being responsible for a budding life, you definitely would like to take up every advice in the book. Being a new mother, you might time and again dwindle from your decision of consuming those boring and slimy veggies to your daily diet. However, you ought to realize that it is in those green vegetables that all the required nutrients and minerals are found. It would also keep you at bay from a host of health disorders like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. So much of goodness in those green veggies!

Green Vegetables

  1. Help you look younger

It is often said by a dietitian in layman’s terms, that more the color on one’s plate, more would be the health benefits. Picking up on the green leafy vegetables can do wonders when it comes to concealing your age. It is time for you to bid adieu to all the surface and surgical methods that you apply to lessen the look of your advancing age. If explaining in metaphorical terms, it can be said that green denotes the freshness that reflects gradually on one’s face and body.

Green Vegetables

  1. Amazing antioxidants

You might have been shunning from including those greens in your diet going by the way they taste. But you surely will not be able to overlook it with such ease anymore after reading this. Those enemies of yours are great antioxidants. They would help your skin be free from several skin disorders because of the presence of vitamin E and C. Why waste thousands of rupees yearly on dermatological products when your savior would cost you far less. It protects your skin from internal damage and thus maintains your flawless look. This would surely help you take a step further towards your so called enemy and change the course of your relationship with it.

Green Vegetables

  1. Helps maintain weight

It is not some voodoo magic that we are talking about here. Most of the green vegetables are low in fat and carbohydrates. When forming or planning your diet chart, be sure to add a green vegetable daily to it. Instead of opting for the packet food or the processed food, go for the raw and fresh green veggies. It would help you observe your diet and that too in a non-extravagant way. Push away the unnecessary fats and create a closer bond with green vegetables. The latter would help you in the long run. And by the long run, yes we mean in your days of old age.

Green Vegetables

  1. Stronger bones

Green vegetables are an excellent source of Vitamin K. This implies that consuming these you would be adding to the strength of your bones and teeth. Vitamin K produces osteocalcin which is important for maintaining one’s bone health. It is necessarily important for women to overcome the chances of osteoporosis. They must consume veggies that are rich in vitamin K so that they are able to develop their bones by the age of thirty as after that it is a constant decline. In order to make a good repository today, you need to be aware of the all the green vegetables that should be brought into your daily diet.

Green Vegetables

  1. Enhances eyesight

The presence of vitamin A in green leafy vegetables is a promoter of good eyesight. Children from very young age should be given vitamin A rich vegetables. Eating such a vegetable on a daily basis would, of course, be far better than carrying spectacles on their nose. They may be given soups of the vegetables rich in vitamin A, taking into consideration their taste preferences being a child. Focus particularly on the leafy ones when looking forward to include veggies in your child’s diet.

Green Vegetables

  1. Rich source of folate

Some might catch on a good movie while others might seek out the company of close friends. With this tip, you need not opt for either of the options. All you have to do is rely on those green veggies when feeling blue and depressed. These are the amazing source of folate that contributes to the production of serotonin. This is turn helps improve one’s mood. Green leafy vegetables should also be looked forward to for keeping issues like memory loss at bay.

Green Vegetables

  1. Provides with magnesium

According to research studies, it is said that dark green vegetables have high contents of magnesium. For those unaware of the benefits of magnesium in the human body, it is exceedingly good and positively effective. If not taken in proper amounts, the deficiency of magnesium can be linked to serious health troubles. Some of those health issues are asthma, attention deficit disorder (a part of ADHD), anxiety, heart disease, muscle cramps and so on and so forth. It is thus highly imperative to keep in check that one is not suffering from any deficiency of magnesium intake.

Green Vegetables

  1. Keeps hydrated

On a hot summer day, one is always advised to keep drinking a lot of fluids for fear of dehydration. But rarely does anyone advice on consuming a good amount of leafy green veggies. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of water and thus help in keeping the body hydrated. You know how to keep yourself hydrated in the next summer now.

Green veggies undoubtedly act as wondrous food.

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