10 Romantic Movies you Must Watch with your Partner

Sleepless nights, increased heartbeat, anxiety and constant fascination are symptoms showing that you are probably crazy. Well, crazy in love. Everybody has someone special in his life and here are a few movies which you must watch with them to provoke the fire of love. These movies have projected love so beautifully that they will make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

If you’re looking for that special night in with your partner, here’s a list of the Top 10 Romantic Movies you Must Watch with your Partner.



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10. One Day

Based on a novel by David Nicholls, the story revolves around Dexter and Emma, graduates of University of Edinburgh, who spent a night together. They decided to stay lifelong friends and parted ways. The story follows them by dropping in only one day in a year, i.e July 15. They both go through various stages of failures and success and their fate managed to unite them every year on one day. Watch this beautiful movie comprising of series of one day in successive years and elicit the way love make them cross their ways.


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9. Elvis And Anabelle

A timeless, unique and magical story of Elvis and Anabelle. Anabelle has pushy and over ambitious mother and she is forced to participate in beauty pageant While performing a catwalk she dies tragically and is resurrected on the embalming table of Elvis. He is a young man and his love for his diseased father keeps him from following his dreams. Elvis and Anabelle connect unexpectedly and as the story proceeds, magical events occur and make you believe the impossible. After all, love is strong enough to force you to do anything in this world.


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8. Stuck In Love

As they say, “There are no rewrites in life, only second chances.” This is a story of William Borgens, an acclaimed author who is unable to write a word since the day his wife left. His children handle the divorce nearly as badly. Eldest daughter, Sam writes a scarily cynical novel and tries to maintain distance with love as all the affection in her is consumed by hatred for her mother. Rusty, is hopelessly smitten by a girl, addicted to drugs. The whole family is divided into a different emotional spectrum. Will the mother come back or will true love ever be a part of their life? Watch to find out.


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7. P.S. I Love You

Based on the best selling novel by Cecilia Ahern, the story focuses on Gerry and Holly. Gerry was Holly’s best friend, husband, soulmate and lover, but he suffered from Brain Tumor and he died. It was difficult for Holly, but she survived with the help of letters. Letters which were written by Gerry for her. He wanted her to live the life with no regrets and pain. He motivated her and kept her intact by things he wrote in letters. The bitter truth was that he died, but the letters made him eternal. Find out how did she survive her difficult time by the help of letters and feel their bond of immortal love.


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6. The Theory Of Everything

The biography of the famous physicist, Stephen Hawking. He is mesmerized by the angelic beauty, Jane. Their love is portrayed as naive and purest of all but soon, Stephen got a bolt from the blue when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and doctor predicted his approaching end. Jane knowing all this, embarked upon the journey full of selfless love. Watch them face the different phases of marriage together.


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5. The Fault In Our Stars

A sordid tale of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Both of them are suffering from cancer. The girl’s condition is critical and she knows her end is approaching. She meets Augustus at the support group and both fall for each other. A true romance is displayed. Dying girl wishes to meet the man she idolizes, author of the favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. Watch the movie in order to find out if she lived enough to meet the author or destiny had something unexpected reserved for her.


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4. Flipped 

Based on the novel, ”Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen. It’s a movie which focuses on the transition from childhood love to teenage fling. Juli fell in love at first sight when she saw Bryce. But Bryce always maintained a distance from her considering her weird activities. When they grew up and widened their perspectives, Juli realized it was time to move on whereas Bryce discovered love in Juli’s activities. Watch the movie to discover how will they define, who they are to each other.


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3. A Walk To Remember

Based on a novel by Nicholas Spark, the story sets in Beaufort, North Carolina. A prank went horribly wrong and Landon, the lead character is thought to be involved. Landon is forced to participate in activities after school as a punishment and Jamie is her partner. Jamie Sullivan, reverend’s daughter is a quite girl, who always carry Bible with her school books. They are like two opposite poles but they fell in love with each other. Several twists and turns test their love and lead Landon onto the road of Manhood.


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2. Titanic

The wild love of Jack and Rose, a love story based on the horrifying reality of the ship Titanic. The unsinkable ship which sank, Titanic was the most luxurious passenger ship which left Southampton in 1912 with 1500 passengers aboard, but nobody had a clue that they wouldn’t reach their destination. The ship struck an iceberg which opened six watertight doors and ultimately it sank. Jack, who was in love with Rose, saved her life heroically. Their romance during voyage will be remembered forever. He died but professed his undying love for Rose.


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A story of miracles which will reside in your heart forever. It highlights an old man who is reading the story to an old woman in a nursing home. She is suffering from senile dementia with memory loss. The tale read out by this man, further, involves two young lovers Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. They met at a carnival, eventually fell in love, but were separated because of a huge difference in their social status. Noah being destitute was disproved by Allie’s parents. He wrote letters to her for almost a year but none of them got delivered to her. Allie waited for Noah desperately for a long time. Then an ideal boy, Lon proposed her and she made a commitment and at the same time realized a way to contact Noah. Allie gets stuck in a dilemma  -to move on with her fiance or to go and find Noah, her true love. Watch the movie to find out.

We must realize that most of these stories are fictional. Don’t commit the mistake of comparing your love life with these movies as each love story is different, unique and impeccable but you must watch these movies to be inspired by the fire of love and to be enlightened with selfless devotion required to strengthen a relationship. Every movie in the list is so strong, appealing and beautiful that it will make you fall for your partner all over again.

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