10 Strangest Jobs in the World

You’re probably bored with your life right now and looking for something to spice it. With all the usual routine in our life, especially with work, it’s normal to feel tired. If you want some changes and a not-so-normal career in a good way, then check this list of the strangest jobs in the world.

1. Drying Paint Watcher

Strangest Jobs - Drying Paint Watcher

A man in the UK actually earns by watching the changes in paint’s texture and color as it dries and how long it takes for it to dry, thus validating that being a drying paint watcher is a real job.

2. Professional Sleeper

Strangest Jobs -Professional sleeper

If you’re the type of person who loves to sleep, then this job is perfect for you! You might be wondering if this is true, but a hotel in Finland actually hired someone to be a professional sleeper just to test how comfortable to sleep on their beds.

3. Full-time Netflix Viewer

Strangest Jobs - Full-time Viewer

Image credit: diy13 / Shutterstock.com

Imagine watching all the movies on Netflix and getting paid for doing something you might never get tired of doing… lucky, right? Well, how fortunate it is for the employees hired by Netflix to watch all of its unreleased contents before releasing it in public, to assign and review the correct tag for each of its programs. By doing this, viewers can easily find what they are looking for, whether it is a documentary or a romantic movie.

4. Odor Judge

Strangest Jobs - Odor Judge

Odor Judge tests the efficiency and effectiveness of the newly developed products by smelling volunteers’ feet, armpit and breath. They have to make sure that they have accurate and reliable judgment. In order to maintain this, they have to test their sense of smell regularly.

5. Train Pusher

Strangest Jobs - Train Pusher

In Japan, there are people hired as train pushers or what they call ”Oshiyas” who help in cramming as many people as possible by pushing the commuters from the outside into the train before the doors close.

6. Snake Milker

Strangest Jobs - Snake Milker

This job is not for some light-hearted people. Snake Milker’s job is to gather poisonous snake venom in jars to be used in other medications, especially in anti-venom.

7. Professional Mourner

Strangest Jobs - Professional Mourner

In southeast Asia, relatives of the dead usually hire a professional mourner to have a loud funeral which they believe would be helpful to guide the dead in his journey to the afterlife. If you think you cry loudly, then you can try this job.

8. Marmite Taster

Strangest Jobs - Marmite Taster

St. John Skelton was coined as the chief of Marmite tasters and accountable for examining the flavor, consistency and texture of every Marmite‘s batch. St. John Skelton had tasted about 264 million Marmite’s jars before he retired.

9. Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man

Strangest Jobs - Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man

The job of the scuba diving pizza delivery man is to deliver pizza in a water-resistant sealed case through the sea to the hotel that is located underwater in Florida. Bizarre, isn’t it?

10. Dog food Taster

Strangest Jobs - Dog food taster

The work of the taster of dog food is to taste recently developed dog food such as; tinned meat, bone and biscuits! This job exists to compare the texture and flavor of dog food from human food and other dog food rival brands.

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