10 things we as Indian Citizens can do to Increase India’s Tourism

Baffled by the perseverance of being continually bogged down by the uncongenial peek of your country? Is this panorama abating its tourism? If yes, then crank yourself up and avail towards the weal of your country- your India.

There are certain accentuations and attributes that make a country palmy and boomy further elevating tourism. Tourists are the primal engenders of India’s economy, incubating the admiration and appreciation of the country. It is an overriding duty of every Indian to help increase the tourism of their country-India.


Here is the list of 10 things we as Indians can do to increase India’s tourism:

Remonstrance of jeopardy (safety and security):

Indias Tourism

Tourists look for locations and spots that are ostensibly safe and secure. It is the supreme and primal duty of every Indian to make it plausible, following their idiomatic credence of- “ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH” ; purporting- guests are the incarnations of the Divine. Sanguinely assuring the visitors of unmitigated safety proves to be a contribution for the manifold increase in India’s tourism.

Clean India- Green India:

Indias Tourism

Cleanliness is watched for by every tourist visiting diverse locations. It becomes a proxy which allures and fascinates the visitors to sojourn their hankered destinations. The youth in India is the most in gear fraction who carry the idea of clean and green India, thereby influencing and leveraging tourism in their country.

Voluble Bollywood:

Indias Tourism

The Hindi cinema has abetted pharaonic tourism in India. Movies like Chennai Express have grabbed and captivated a lot of tourists. The scenic beauty exhibited in the movie, provided great engrossment. Therefore, Bollywood also proves to be palpable enough in providing India with the increase in tourism.

Web-related advertisements:

Indias Tourism

Furnishing impactful and credible web advertisements has the affinity to fascinate tourists to different destinations. These advertisements should be very accurate and alluring at the same time, keeping in mind the famous and celebrated sites that pervade in the country. Efficient web advertisements are a good source of increasing tourism in India. As the internet is nowadays used in preponderance, web advertisements prove to be serviceable enough, thus pining tourists to visit India.

Reservation and travel expenses:

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A copacetic and suave experience is what a tourist anticipates for. Reservation and travel expenses should be kept affordably reasonable. Easy and unclogged reservations and bearable travel expenses become a factor of tourist attraction. Deliverance of good and tolerable travel expenses increases further tourism.

Organizing camps:

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Organization of camps in various places attracts a lot many tourists. For instance, the camp in Ladakh which is organized from June to August proves to be a heavy tourist attraction. There are subsumable organized activities like bike riding, cycling and many more recreational exertions. These activities attract a lot many tourists which also boosts the economy of the country.

Medical facilities:

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It is important to make the visitors moving to our county feel safe on medical grounds as well. There should be a very well organized facilitation of medicines, doctors, first aid, hospitals and clinics. The belief of Indians to provide their guests with utmost respect includes the aspect of good health also. These kinds of facilities definitely help increase the tourism in India.

Adaptable environment and atmosphere:

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It is important to give a homelike atmosphere to the tourists, despite being tourists. why not! They are the people who admire the scenes of the country, help boom the economy and help us make implications for further improvement. Giving them a good, friendly, adaptable atmosphere is our responsibility. Their happiness and satisfaction are also ours as it further boosts the tourism of the country.


Indias Tourism

Proper guidance is the need of every tourist visiting India. India is a land of diversities. It becomes difficult for a visitor to move on and survive if they don’t have a guide. People avoid coming as tourists if they have the point of a country being unsafe because of certain groups of people. It must be very well assured that they are made to believe that they won’t be devoid of proper guidance and promised an amazing and flabbergasting trip. An assurance increases tourism to a great extent.

Incredible India:

Indias Tourism

This what every tourist knows- INCREDIBLE INDIA!! It should be kept in mind that India has been rightly titled incredible and we should try to keep this incredibility of good and positive things intact, which attracts a lot many visitors to the country. The diversities in people, culture, languages makes India an altogether different and different country. we have to keep up the incredibility.

Increasing tourism in India is not a huge task. There is too much that attracts tourist to this country. The task assigned to us is to just alleviate and improve on points that already prevail and throw off that dent tourism.

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