10 Very Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone From Deep Sleep

All of us have one of those friends who tend to lose all contacts with the world while asleep. They are probably so engrossed making fun and frolic in their make-believe world of dreams, that reality just doesn’t allure them much. Hence they sleep, sleep without giving a damn about what’s going around, in the real world, to real people. Those of you who have a bad karma suffer the worst as you are tied up with partners who go in such a deep sleep that you might just have a heart attack in your sleep and they would remain oblivious. We sympathize with all of you suffering so. All your shouting and screaming might have failed to wake him up. But, you need not damage your throat or raise your blood pressure anymore over that. Follow these very easy and funny methods and see how he springs out from his bed without much hard work on your part. You actually might like to make a video while implementing your tactic.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Stinking socks

He asked you to wake him up no matter what as he had to join a friend on a morning walk. What do you do? You go and coo as you usually do and he continues with his sleep as he usually does. No! No more of that. You wake him up even in a more pleasant way. Hang his unwashed stinking socks from the night before in front of the air conditioner. In no time, he would experience the smell the rotten smell hovering around. That would be sufficient to take him out of his lily filled utopia.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Tie alarm-clock to wrist

A simple wrist watch is definitely not enough to wake him up. He is the pure incarnation of the majestic Kumbhakarna from Mahabharata. So, for such a majestic person, simple measures would amount to no result. Since elephants won’t be a possibility, you’d have to succumb to some other way. Tie an alarm clock, one with a good vibration, to his wrist. Since he is deep into sleep, there would be no chance of him being disturbed by the procedure. But, once the alarm goes off, he’d be more than disturbed.  He would be welcomed into a buzzing morning.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Raise a false fire alarm

You will have to resort back to your shrieking and shouting, but maybe for the last time. Activate the fire alarm system of your house and go crazy yelling on top of your lungs as if it’s not the house but your throat on fire. Not only would he wake up in no time but would also have a hard time going back to sleep then, given the shock you have put him in. Later you can placate your neighbors that you were doing God’s work or even more and helping someone come back from the dead.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Barking dogs

It was your dream to be a dog-walker for a day. It’s time to fulfill that wish and thank your partner or roommate silently for it, in your prayers. Treat those dogs for a little party and give them their favorite dog food, only in a bit different style. Spread their food all around your partner’s sleeping area. He would be more than surprised to wake up suddenly to so many dogs barking and licking him all over. Don’t forget to get him a nice bathing lotion later.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Spray mosquito repellent

Your motive is not as simple as to kill a few mosquitoes. What you have to do is of larger magnitude and significance. There is a lesson to be taught to a person who is a dream traveler (you never know, that person actually might be leaving his body while sleeping and traveling to unknown dimensions). You need to bring him back into the dimension that he shares with you. Spray mosquito repellent in the entire room, mostly around him. Now, this could turn out to be pretty fatal, so prefer using a decent proportion of it. Stop spraying as soon as you see the soul returning to the body.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Loudspeakers can help too

His hatred for the old Bollywood songs can act as a boon to you. Get those CDs from the store and play it, making sure that the loudspeakers are tuned on maximum volume. This method would work within minutes. He would wake up with a jerk and a pounding heart. That deep slumber would be long forgotten by then.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Start a tap dance

Combine that loud music with a little performance. Tap dance! Luckily here you need not look after any sort of sophistication but put on a shoe with good heels and start your incredible number, one which would make the heart thump and leap with its beat. Jump and make frolic thumping on the floor of his room. Tap till he goes crazy and wakes up. Be sure to have put on a very casual look on your face, so that he isn’t even able to get angry with you.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Pepper!

Oh no! What is being suggested here is not pepper spray, but the pepper powder that you use in the kitchen. Tiptoe to his room and sleekly put forward your palms containing the pepper powder in front of his nose. After an inhale or two, you would hear a whale’s sneeze and with that, the spell would be broken. Sleeping beauty would have come to life by then. And there wasn’t even any true love’s kiss involved!

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Bleach his beard or mustache

This would be some real mischief that you would be indulging in, of course for a good cause.  He would thank you later, some weeks later maybe. Apply bleaching cream on his mustache or beard. You can bleach it completely or maybe half of it, depending on the level of your frustration. See it dry and let the magic begin. He would experience hundreds of ants itching on his face. That would be some startling wake-up call.

Funny Ways to Wake Up Someone

  1. Burst a balloon

You feel deeply about your friend or your partner and want to give him a pre-birthday surprise. Burst a gigantic balloon filled with ice-cold water on his face while he is one of that trance and deep sleep. And since it’s a pre-birthday celebration that is being talked about, why not combine it with some party poppers. There is no doubt that he would be awake in no time. But, he might take a few seconds to actually realize what just happened to him and where has he landed all of a sudden. It’s okay, the person is a time traveler too. Give him some time to catch his breath.

Your partner or roommate would learn his lesson a very scary yet a funny way. For you, it would be a win-win situation.

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