10 Ways To Deal With a Bad Professor

Everyone has some expectations when they enter college; new friends, cool campus, dorm rooms, and brilliant teachers. But when reality hits, all of these expectations come crashing down and break into pieces. Some of us aren’t as lucky as others to have wise, gifted professors and if the teachers aren’t good at their job, it can really make or break your college experience. There are some incredibly wonderful professors, who have a flair for teaching and share their wisdom and knowledge with their students while keeping the class interesting. They cherish their noble job and are actually good at what they are doing. However, not all the professors are as angelic and there are some who have a pompous attitude and they never lose a chance to pick on you unnecessarily. Their lecture is as dull as their personality and the ambiance becomes boring and you find yourself making plans about flunking their next class. Aside from flunking the class, there are few other ways by which you can handle a bad professor. If your ill fate has landed you with one such professor; here are ways by which you can save yourself and your grades.

10. Be punctual

Bad Professor

Everyone despises non-punctual behavior and maybe your careless attitude towards your classes is the reason why your professor is treating you awfully. Always be punctual and arrive before your classes begin and come back on time whenever you are on a break. It will impress your professor that you are really interested in his classes and his behavior towards you might change. Punctuality is a polite gesture and always wins hearts and is a good habit which you must cultivate anyway. And if it isn’t really the really the reason, always arrive on time to avoid any conflicts with your professor.

9. Pay attention in class

Bad Professor

Some teachers absolutely hate it when students aren’t listening while they are lecturing, and repeating lessons after it has been taught drives them insane. Be focused during your lectures, it will give the impression that you are an obedient and a keen student. And by listening carefully to your professor you can ensure that you are following all of your professor’s guidelines, hence minimizing faults on your part. By not paying attention in your class you will feed to your professor’s annoyance who is already upset at you and insults and taunts will surely be thrown at you if your attention is found wavering.

8. Ask questions

Bad Professor

Asking questions during the class is a great way to establish that you are genuinely interested in the topic. If you have any doubts or queries, don’t hesitate to raise your hand. It will pamper your professor’s ego and he will try his best to give you the answers however impolite you professor is. Your professor will look at you differently and will notice you for your sincerity in the class. It will help you deal with him better.

7. Complete assignments

Bad Professor

It doesn’t matter whether your professor is spiteful or noble, if you don’t submit your homework or assignments timely, it would anger anybody. A professor, who is already intolerant, will use the opportunity well to lash out on you. The first precaution that you can take while dealing with a difficult teacher is obeying them as much as you can. Finish and submit your assignments on time to avoid your professor’s wrath and save yourself some trouble. Even if you do complete your homework on time but submit it past the deadline, your professor will assume you are insincere.

6. Group studies

Bad Professor

So the water is past the brim and you can’t stand the professor anymore? But that’s not any reason why your grades should suffer. If you aren’t the only person who is enduring your professor’s negligence; talk to your peers and form your own study group. Studying on your own will help you understand your material better and if you are still having troubles with your studies, you and your friends can talk to someone who can tutor your group. This way you can secure your grades despite how bad your professor is.

5. Seek option for changing classes

Bad Professor

Have you reached the point where the thought of taking your classes sickens you? If you can’t bear your professor’s petty rules and his unreasonable expectations from you; it’s high time you start looking for options to change your classes. If there are multiple teachers teaching the same subjects to different batches, consider joining those batches. You shouldn’t let anyone jeopardize your grades and if there isn’t any other option left, don’t think much before switching your professor.

4. Talk to your professor

Bad Professor

Yes, this may not seem the ideal solution to your problem but it may help you to some extent. Try catching your professor at the end of the class and convey your issues. Don’t rebuke the professor by stating faults in him directly; choose a different approach. If the amount of assignments you get is more than you can handle, you can ask your professor to lessen the amount as you have other priorities. If he picks on you mercilessly and insults you every now and then, politely approach him and ask him if there’s anything that you need to work on to gain his respect. Gather some courage and reach out to your professor; maybe he has misconceptions about you and he may actually take your requests and suggestions seriously.

3. Don’t talk back

Bad Professor

No matter how much you are provoked; hold your tongue. Some people gain pleasure by exploiting their powers and authority but you should not let them have it their way. Don’t let your professor’s attempt to provoke you succeed as talking back might lead you to trouble. Pay no heed to his words and seek the higher authorities at your institute and let them deal with your professor.

2. Don’t be intimidated

Bad Professor

People reveal their insecurities by saying bad things about you. It has nothing to do with you but has everything to do with them. Some people will find you an easy target to bully; they may pick on you and make your life miserable. But as you might have heard; bullies are cowards. They lose their power once you choose to ignore their words. Don’t appear weak and be confident about yourself. With pride and confidence in your eyes, the professor will soon back off.

1. Report your professor

Bad Professor

Look around; are there others who seem as lost as you while the professor is teaching? Talk to your peers and if all of you have the same opinion about your professor, team up with them. You can collectively go to the higher authorities and convey your problems to them. They will talk to the professor and his behavior and teaching style might change. And if the professor isn’t complying with your requests, you can ask the authorities to get him replaced. However, be absolutely sure and rational about your decision as it may harm your professor’s career and it would be a folly if he is innocent.

As a student, there will always be one professor that you will absolutely hate. But you paid the tuition fee worth a kidney and hence you shouldn’t let anything ruin your experience. Don’t suffer in silence and take action, you will thank yourself later.

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