12 Fun Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

School holidays are known to the best time for the kids and a headache for the parents. Having that endless energy stuffed inside the house is sure recipe of disaster. Parents need to find that perfect solution where the kids’ energy is put to good use; s/he learns something and enjoys it. Similarly, the children today want to use their time in a way that’s awesome, fun and useful. Keeping both the sides in mind, we present to you our own list of fun activity that will help you through the long vacation.

  1. Creativity.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

With the school work taking a back seat and all the pressure going kaput, why not get back into that zone. Get creative. Be it painting or Origami, crafts, sketching, Calligraphy or anything that gets you all passionate and happy. Why not get into it head on and be free from the curse of saying ‘I wish I had time for that’. Learn a musical instrument, learn a dance form and tap away. Pick up that brush, put on those dancing shoes and paint the town red.

  1. Family trip.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

If you have the wanderlust, the travel bug and much like Bunny from ‘ Yeh Jawani hai Deewani’ you have a map in your room you just want to cross off. Get your family all excited and travel. It is a fun way to spend your time learning about a new culture, explore a new city or if you are lucky, you may get to a new country. And this is where you make memories. Get your family packing and off you go.

  1. Explore your city.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

If you are one of those whose parents absolutely can’t take you out, get to your own city and explore all those places you never could see. If you live near Mother Nature’s lap, make good use of it. Explore new places and find the jewels your city holds. For the city folks, take a bus and find out all about your city. Those museums are not out of scope either.

  1. Sports.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

Didn’t you hate it when history homework came in way of you making a century? When Science projects would not let you get the three-pointers just right.  Now that everything is gone, get your sports gear on. With all the free time you can seriously pursue your sport. Basketball, cross-country running, baseball, football, skating, swimming and more are all open to you. Also, this is a good time to explore other sports. Try something beyond your comfort zone. Maybe you will surprise yourself.

  1. Cooking.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

With the MasterChef fever gripping the world, everyone is now getting totally into cooking and fancy cooking. Learn to bake those amazing cupcakes and get those glorious praises. Or tap into the household talent; learn those ‘secret khandaani recipes’. You can join classes if you wish, expand your horizons and go global. The pleasure of cooking is beyond compare.

  1. Sleeping.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

The morning classes made you give up precious sleep. So when the school is out, catch up on the zz’s. Life is beautiful when you love to sleep. You wake up all fresh and the thought of sleeping again, uninterrupted, will keep your smile intact. One of the worst regrets of school days is the early hour. With vacations, you can sleep as long as you want.

  1. Television.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

Yes, the idiot box. It has everything for everyone. Sports enthuse can tune into never ending re-runs of those epic games. For the chef, catch up on the TLC and get your chef hats on. For the lovey-dovey ones, there is always some soap on. Comedy lovers have every genera of comedy from local to international. Cartoon Network, Disney, Pogo etc will take you back to your childhood days. For those who can’t get through the newspaper daily, get the information from your idiot box and stump your family with your big brains!

  1. Movies.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

With school, you had to miss out on lots of movies. With Marvel and DreamWorks bringing you some out of the world awesomeness, you can count on having your mind blown. So get into a movie marathon or catch up on new movies. Plan your vacation around movies.  Get into the mood for the new Avenger movie by binging on all the Marvel movies. Hardware mode on Jarvis!

  1. Get out!

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

Camping! Trekking! Fishing! Building a tree house! Yes, these are more of a western holiday activities but they do sound fun. Tag along to your cousins, siblings or family members and start building. Involve your friends as well. Putting up tents and building your own treehouse, this will open up different phase of life for you. Trekking up to the mountaintops will bring out a primal human feel, the view from the top will be nothing short of adrenaline rush. Your friends will envy you for this awesomeness.

  1. Blog, Design, Code, Plug in

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

In this tech world, kids understand internet better than anyone. They take to it like a bird to the sky. So tap into the cyber intrigue of your child and get them going into the virtual world. Keeping your kid in step with the world is one of the major concerns for the parents. This is tricky but if you toe the line, you can give your kid an edge over the rest.  Get them coding, creating apps, blogging, designing, running websites and what not. This will satiate them creatively, challenge them intellectually and may give them their future bread-butter.

  1. Books

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

One of the things that you just can’t get enough of is books. Reading is a ferocious pleasure. It is an addiction. Just like a perfect movie, reading will take you on to a different world all together. For those who read, I need not convince you that this is the best way to spend your days. For the new beginners, this is one hobby you should try out.

  1. Social touch.

Ways to Pass Time during School Holidays

How about going all social this time? Give back to the community. You can join one of the many NGO’s and work towards educating people or serving the elders. Share your knowledge as you teach the lesser privileged kids the basic alphabets or play with them one of their favorite games. You can educate the elders as well, teach them computers or just hang out. Reading to them is another idea. So instead of wasting your time or splurging on yourself, give back to the world. In return, what is get is peace of mind.


Time is one of the rarest and most precious gifts you get. Use this in exploring yourself. Find what inspires you and most importantly, have fun! You only live once.

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