120 Beautiful, Unique and Cute Boy Names with Meaning

Have you been blessed with a baby boy and are looking for a cute boy name that has some real meaning? Is it the time when all of your friends and relatives are suggesting you a tons of names for the cute little baby? Well, yes it can be a difficult task. You obviously desire a name which is distinctive, eccentric and striking but at the same time, you don’t want your boy to face any unnecessary browbeating. Don’t be perplexed, we are happy to help you.

Here is a list of unique and meaningful names for the baby boy, to make him outshine the crowd.


120. Zachary

It is a biblical name having a divine meaning. It has a Hebrew origin and means ‘God has remembered’. Babies named as Zachary grow up to be strong willed and successful.

119. Zeke

This name is pronounced as Zeek, and is a casual form of the name of an important prophet. It can be a cooler alternative of Zack or a close word to geek. It depends on how the boy holds up this name. People named as Zeke are found to be compassionate, nurturing, sensitive, patient and loving.

118. Zaavan

It is a biblical name, which means trembling. People with this name usually, have an urge to express themselves and leave the audience trembling with reality. They are outspoken, diplomats, cooperative and considerate.

117. Zane

The Hebrew version of John is Zane. This name means ‘gift from God’ and characterizes people as inventive, ambitious, independent, individualistic and strong willed.

116. Yavin

The name Yavin is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is understanding. Any person with this name might have a strong desire to express their leadership qualities.

115. Yeshaya 

This name means love God, Isn’t the meaning amazing as it consists two most beautiful words. This word has a Hebrew origin.

114. Yael

The name Yael has Israeli roots and represents the meaning of God’s strength. People bearing this name have a deep inner desire for a stable social life and a loving family. They need to be appreciated in order to motivate them.

113. Xander

New short form of Alexander, has old Greek roots and a very powerful meaning. Its meaning is portrayed as ‘defender of man’, the one protects people and guards them. It was first, highlighted by Buffy , the vampire slayer.

112. Xeno

One of the accessible X names, is Xeno, pronounced as Zeno. It has a Greek origin and means hospitality or guests.

111. Xerxes

Quite difficult to pronounce though, but it is one of the most unique and attention seeking names. It has Persian roots and its meaning is monarch. This essence of Persian heritage got popular following the movie 300 as the villain, had this name.

110. Xalvador

It is a Spanish baby name and its meaning is savior. People with this name have great leadership qualities, supervision and organisation abilities.

109. Walter

It was the no.342 baby boy’s name in the year 2013. It means ruler of the army and has Germanic origin. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, you must be familiar with this name.

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108. Wyatt

 Baby boy’s names ending in double T are becoming more popular these days. This name illustrates somebody who stays “tough in war’ and somebody who doesn’t kneel down easily. It has an American origin.

107. Wiktor

A word of Latin origin but mainly used in Polish. Its meaning was derived from Latin word, conqueror.

106. Waerheall

It is an English baby name which means ” From the true man’s manor”. People with this name are creative and good at public speaking.

105. Vihaan

This name has been derived from Sanskrit language. It occupied the number 593 in 2013 and has a beautiful meaning, the dawn.

104. Vincenzo

A variant of Vincent, meaning ‘to win’ or ‘to conquer’. It has a Latin origin. It is pronounced as veen-CHEN-tso.

103. Vaclar

It is a Slavic baby name and it represents the ‘wreath of glory’. People named as Vaclar lure for love and companionship.

102. Vadim

This name means ‘God is my strength’. It has high usage in Russia.

101. Umberto

This name is Italian variant of English word, Humbert and is defined as renowned warrior.

100. Usain

It is a possible variant of Hussain. Its meaning is beautiful and has Arabian background.

99. Ulfred

It is a different name as it has different meanings in different parts of World. It is known as jewel of the sea in Celtic culture, Wealthy in Scandinavia and sweet spoken in Spanish.

98. Udolph

It is a English baby name which means wealthy wolf. People who are blessed with this name have a tendency to serve humanity and share money, experience and knowledge with others.

97. Tarquin

It was a Roman clan name and is rarely heard. It can be pronounced as tar-kwin or tar-kin. It is creative , dramatic, one of its kind and can appeal to parents looking for exotic original names.

96. Tapio

It is a Finnish name and represent God of forest.

95. Tatheer

This name belongs to Muslims and stands for effectiveness and impression. People with this name have an urge to express themselves and could be good at singing or writing.

94. Tamsyn

Aramaic origin makes it stand apart from the rest of names. It can be accepted as a version of Thomas. It means ‘twin’.

93. Sage

Call it a herb used in medicine or a profoundly wise person, this name is unique and has beautiful meanings. It was ranked as number 736 last year in the list of baby boy’s name.

92. Schyuler

This is name of Dutch origin. It represents a scholar. This worthy name was imported by early Dutch colonists.

91. Santino

It means little saint and has Italian roots. Its feminine form is Santuzza.

90. Sajag

This name belongs to India. It defines a person as watchful and observant. People with this name tend to be highly imaginative and idealistic.

89. Rocco

A word which sounds full of energy and enthusiasm. It has an Italian origin and means rest or to be stable. Your baby might eventually grow up to be a tough boy, as this name is suggested for physically strong personalities.

88. Rowan

It has Irish roots and its meaning is in reference to the Rowan trees found there. Its feminine form is Rowanne.

87. Ryker

It was originated in German. It means to be rich. Rike is German for rich and Ry is frquently used prefix which resulted in an adorable name Ryker.

86. Reynard

It stands for ‘powerful advice’. Germany is its birth place. It is a beautiful name associated with European animal tales.

85. Qeb

Egyption baby name, which means Father of the Earth. People bearing this name have inner desire for adventure and travel.

84. Qamar

It is an Arabic name pronounced as kah-Mar. This word stands for the moon and beauty.

83. Quigley

It is of Irish origin and used to be a frequent name in fifties movie. It means ‘from the mother’s side’.

82. Qais

It is of Arabic origin and belongs to Muslim religion. It is used to illustrate a lover.

81. Phoenix

Phoenix, a bird that rose from ashes is a symbol of inspiration and hope. Naming your child after this can make him a source of idealism and optimism. It originated in Egyptian and Greek mythology.

80. Payton

Your little prince deserves a regal name and here it is, Payton which means ‘royal’. This name has American roots.

79. Placido

Imagine, how peaceful a child would be, whose name means tranquility. Placido is a Spanish word with a beautiful meaning.

78. Prewitt

This word belongs to France and means ‘ brave little one’. It can be great name for your little one.

77. Orion

Its sources are classical mythology and astronomy. The sources might be too old, but the name is quite young and new. It means the hunter and has ancient Greek origin.

76. Onyx

Finally, a gem name which suits boys, Onyx. The letter x at the end of this name makes it a strong name.

75. Onofredo

This is a name of Italian origin. It stands for peaceful strength.

74. Orville

This name originated in France and has quite an expensive meaning. It means Gold town. Imagine, not just a biscuit, a spoon or a ring but a whole town made of gold.

73. Nereus

This is the name of father of sea in Greek mythology. It’s quite an easy name to carry for your little baby.

72. Nesbit

This word stands for ‘land or river’. It is an English word.

71. Naathim

It is a word of Muslim origin. Its meaning is arranger or adjuster. People with this name inspire other with a higher cause, and share their strong views.

70. Naaz

It is a Muslim baby name and it means pride and delicacy. This name lights a fire of deep inner compassion and love.

69. Mekhi

Are you in love with the name Michael, but you don’t want a common name to be assigned to your little prince? Well, try a twisted version of it, Mekhi. It has an American origin and means, ‘who is like the lord’?

68. Maverick

This name means Independent. Let your baby boy grow up to be an Independent and successful man and name him as Maverick. It was originated in Texas.

67. Maximus

It is a Roman name derived from the Latin word maximus, greatest. Saint Maximus was a monk.

66. Mervyn

Its origin is Welsh and it means sea hill. It is a perfect name for a rock-strong personality who will stand in front of difficulties like a hill.

65. Lazarus

This name has Hebrew origin, and has a divine meaning. It means God will help and the bearer of this name might grow up to have a saintly personality and a calm mind.

64. Leighton

It is an English word which means a herb garden. It was derived from a place name meaning, ‘settlement with a leek garden’. It is pronounced as LEY-ThaN.

63. Lexus

It is a Greek variation of Alexis. It means defender and would be a right match for a dominating and fierce personality with a touch of love.

62. Laszlo

Although, this name might land you in some trouble because of its spelling, but it’s a different name with an impressive meaning. This word means a person who rules with glory. It is of Hungarian origin.

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61. Kazuo

This one is straight from Japan, and it means a harmonious man or first son.

60. Kane

It is an anglicized form of ‘Cathan’ , which means battle. This word emerged in Ireland for the first time.

59. Kabandha

It means a giant in Indian mythology. This word belong to Sanskrit language.

58. Kaliq

It is an Arabic word. It means the creator or God. Such a saintly and sacred meaning looks like a perfect match for your little universe.

57. Klemens

It is a German and Swedish variant of clement. It is a soft and gentle name which means merciful and mild.

56. Kai

It is pronounced as ‘kye’. This word sprouted in Hawaii for the first time. It stands for ‘sea’.

55. Jett

Another name in our list ending with double T and making it shine in the crowd. Its meaning is derived from black semi precious stone. It is an American word.

54. Jasper

It is a name of Persian origin and means ‘bringer of treasure’. Your baby boy must be a Jasper of happiness in your life.

53. Jax

It is a Spanish baby name and means ‘God is gracious’. Well, having such a name which praises God is an honour in itself.

52. Jagger

This word is an English occupational name. Its meaning is ‘carter’.

51. Jerome

It is a Greek word and is a sacred name. This name has a bespectacled, serious and studious images attached to it. We can say a apt name for a geek.

50. Jaap

It is a Hebrew name and stands for the word supplanter. People with this name are leaders rather than followers.

49. Ingram

‘Angel-raven’ is the meaning depicted by this name. This word has German roots.

48. Idris

It is a Welsh name and is a synonym of Lord.

47. Ian

This word has Hebrew roots and is appropriate for your little baby because it means gift from God. Isn’t your baby a gift from God for you.

46. Irving

This name has varying meanings. In English it means friend from the sea whereas in Irish its meaning is handsome. In Welsh, it stands for a white river.

45. Ignatius

It is Latin baby name. It is well-suited for a person with smoldering personality as it means, ‘fiery’.

44. Ibon

It is a Teutonic baby name. It stands for the word, archer.

43. Harley

When you think Harley, you think Harley Davidson. This name traditionally is an English surname but nowadays it is being used as rare first name too. Its meaning refers to a place of hare cleaning.

42. Holden

A name with different meanings in different parts of world. It means ‘gracious’ in Teutonic language, whereas in English it refers to hollow valley.

41. Hadwyn

It is an English word. It represents a ‘friend in war’. It emphasizes on someone who will avoid rough way or will help you get through the tough time.

40. Hector

It is a Greek word and it means ‘holding fast’. This word was primarily used by Latino families and this was the name of great hero of the Trojan war.

39. Hesperos

This word represents personification of evening star, Venus. It belongs to Greek language.

38. Gordon

It is a Scottish name which means great hill.

37. Gus

‘Worthy of respect’ is what this word represents. It is a variant of the word Augustus. It is a Latin baby name.

36. Gunner

This name stands for battle or warrior. It is a German baby name. It is a variant of Gunther. Its Scandinavian variant is Gunnar.

35. Garrett

It is a variation of Garret. It is derived from Gerard or Gerald. It means spear brave and was also name of some famous saints. Its other meaning could be spear ruler.

34. Garuda

It is a name straight from India. This word was originated from Hindi language. It has a very auspicious and pristine meaning. It means the God who carried Vishnu.

33. Finn

An Irish baby name which represents enormous energy and power. Finn was greatest hero in Irish mythology. The meaning of this word is white and fair.

32. Falcon

The hot trend nowadays is to use the bird species as name, its different and cool. Falcon is a powerful bird and belongs to English language. It also relates to the surname falconry.

31. Frasier

It is a variation of the word ‘Fraser’. It has a Scottish origin and is pronounced as Fray-zer. It was probably influenced by

30. Fitzgerald

In English, this word means Mighty spearholder’s son.

29. Fabert

It is a Latin baby name which means a bean farmer.

28. Elijah

It is pronounced as ee-LYE-jah. It has Hebrew roots and means Jehovah of God. This name has various forms, one of them is Elias. This name speaks highly of personality of your baby boy.

27. Eugene

It s a Greek baby boy name. This word means wellborn and noble.

26. Ezra

It is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. Its meaning depicts help. People named as Ezra, are very cooperative, helpful, understanding and compassionate.

25. Ellis

Primarily used as a surname, but being popularized as first name too. It is a modern variant of Elisha. Its meaning is God is salvation.

24. Dashiell

It is one of newest and hottest baby names. Few celebrities have also named their baby as Dashiell. Your child might have to spell it for people as it is pronounced as da sheel. It is anglicized version of French surname de Chiel, and it is a part of their religious heritage.

23. Deniz

It is a name with Turkish roots and means sea or waves. It represent the power and beauty of water.

22. Duane

It was originated in Ireland and it means swarthy. This word also has a twin name, Dwayne.

21. Denver

Denver was the Colorado city name of choice and we can see it resurfacing as a cool baby name. It has English or French origin. It means ‘from Anvers’ , a place name.

20. Declan

It is an appealing and amiable name of an Irish saint. It stands for the man of prayers. So, if you are religious, You might wanna consider this name.

19. Duke

This word is used for a nobleman or a male ruler. It was derived from Latin dux ‘leader’. It occupied the position of no. 718 in the list of baby boy’s name.

18. Cajetan

This name has Latin roots. Its meaning is ‘rejoiced’.

17. Crispin

This name means curly haired. Babies with curly hair are super adorable and so is this name. It is a word of Latin origin.

16. Constantine

It is derived form a Latin word, Constantinus. Constantine the great was the first Roman emperor to adopt Christianity. Quite a remarkable touch of history.

15. Caspian

Who isn’t aware of large salty sea between Asia and Europe? The Caspian sea is the word. The meaning of the name is quite clear, the sea. It is one of the favourites of cutting-edge parents these days.

14. Cassius

This is a Roman family name, with Latin roots. Isn’t it amazing? This word means ‘vain’, but don’t get me wrong it stands for the notion, that people entitled with this name are optimistic and never worry in vain.

13. Crosby

This word is peculiar as it has different meanings in different languages. In English it means ‘by the cross’. In Norse, its meaning is ‘dwells at the shine of the cross’. In Teutonic, it stands for an act of dwelling by the town. Whichever meaning you choose, the word will remain beautiful.

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12. Bahjat

It is an Arabic baby name which means happiness. Little babies are harbinger of joy so, this name can suit them perfectly.

11. Brio

This name comes straight form Italy. Its meaning is vivacity. This name is as zesty as your little bud.

10. Bramwell

It is a name of old English origin and means ‘raven well’.

9. Bailey

It is an old French name. It is derived form the word bailif and means an officer of justice. It is pronounced as Bay-lee.

8. Blaze

It is and English baby name and it refers to a person who is as fierce as fire and is strong enough to handle obstructions in life.

7. Benecio

It is Spanish in origin and means ‘blessed’. Benecio del toro is an actor, who famed this name but this name isn’t considered common.

6. Aloysius

This word has Latin roots. It means a ‘famous warrior’.

5. Abelardo

It is a Spanish version of French Adelard. It represents a noble and strong personality.

4. Aldrich

It an English name, which represents a ruler. The one who is wise, brainy, old and rich.

3. Axel

It is a Danish word which stands for ‘father of peace’. It ranked at no.167 in the list of baby boy’s names. Its short variant is Axl.

2. Atticus

This name has a Latin origin. It depicts a strong and fierce personality. Its trendy Roman feel combined with noble image of Atticus finch is a real winner.

1. Asher

Blessed, happy and fortunate one is the image portrayed by this name. This name has a Hebrew origin. Although, its popularity is on rise, it’s not considered a common name.

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