13 Amazing Benefits of Rosemary, Internal and External Effects

This amazing herb is not just used for cooking but has lots of good effects to our bodies. Rosemary can be used internally and/or externally with different benefits. Read on to the list of 13 amazing benefits of Rosemary below and see how this wonderful herb is made beautifully and with so many purposes.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

1. Boosts your mood and memory

Every time we feel down and tired, have you noticed how a scent brings back our strength? The herb rosemary does this “magical” effect on our senses. And this property of rosemary is not just “magic”, it is backed up by scientific studies. The memory-enhancing property of rosemary also adds up to its “magic”. Studies say that by just smelling it, it stimulates brain cells and boosts your memory.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

2. Soothes Inflammation

This wonderful herb contains anti-inflammatories of two kinds, the carnosol and the carnosic acid, which acts as an inhibitor of excessive nitric oxide formation, per study of experts. An excessive nitric oxide is what causes inflammation in our bodies.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

3. Antibacterial

According to research, rosemary has robust antibacterial properties which help keep away body infections if we consume rosemary in our diet.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

4. Boosts Your Digestive Health

If you are having issues in your tummies and are having difficulty in your bowel movement, rosemary might be a great help. It boosts good digestive health. Always remember, a clean bowel means a healthy body.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

5. Helps Your Hair Grow

Our mane is the main attraction. Now, who wants dry hair? Of course, men and women always want healthy manes and rosemary can help you achieve it! Rosemary has an anti-dandruff property and you can use its oil as a hair serum. It does wonders with its moisturizing effect and calming scent.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

6. Freshens Breath

This wonderful herb is a wonder when it comes to freshening our breath. Just boil a strand with a cup of water and gargle it whenever you want. It is an organic mouthwash, plus you can keep it refrigerated for future use.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

7. Has Diuretic Properties

If you often complain about feeling bloated, rosemary is here to the rescue! This beautifully-scented herb contains a mild diuretic property which can help flush out the unwanted liquids in your body.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

8. Promotes Relaxation

Ladies love the spa aroma, right? Well, you can experience this right inside your bedroom or living room, or anywhere in your home by just having this natural aromatherapy with rosemary. You can have a relaxing bath by using some sprigs and steeping them on your bathtub. If rosemary oil is available in your home, you can rub it on your temples, or spritz a little of the oil to your pillows for a mild scent that relaxes your mind and body tensions during sleep.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

9. Detoxifies the Liver

Using rosemary as a live detoxifier has long been happening. In fact, it was still during the time of Hippocrates that this herb was used for such a purpose. Hippocrates always recommended rosemary to be used in liver problems long ago and has been found effective.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

10. Anti-Aging

Because rosemary stimulates cell regeneration, it has long been used in many skin products like lotions, soaps, face creams and even face masks. It reduces swelling of the skin and firms it at the same time. An added bonus is that it helps in blood circulation, in effect, a more radiant skin with a healthy glow.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

11. Room Deodorizing

Nowadays, using organic items such as in food, beauty products, home cleaning supplies, and many others. One item that we often buy in groceries is room deodorizer. We all want our home to smell fresh but using store-bought scents is not really safe, especially for our kids. When “organic” became a popular trend, rosemary was also popularized as an organic room deodorizer. It has a relaxing scent. You can also place some fresh sprigs of rosemary inside your closets or cupboards where you want to smell fresh.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

12. Morning Tea/ Evening Tea

There are many people raving about herbal teas nowadays and rosemary is one of the most popular among all the herbs that can be used for tea. Yes, it is delicious, has a mild taste and relaxing to the stomach. Try this another amazing benefits of Rosemary for yourselves!

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

13. Prevents Cancer

Carnosol, as mentioned earlier is a potent anti-cancer compound which can be found in the herb rosemary. There are recent studies which explain that the carnosol in rosemary has shown great effects to many cancer cases.

Amazing Benefits of Rosemary

With these 13 amazing benefits of Rosemary, you can now add more flavor to your meal knowing that you are also getting healthier in the process.


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