9 Harsh Reality Advice About Relationships

Reality Bites. It sometimes even leaves a scar. Let’s avoid getting scarred of bad breakups and take these Harsh Reality Advice About Relationships to the heart.

Harsh Reality Advice

1. Do not be selfish.

The world does not revolve around you. Don’t expect or demand to solely have your partner’s time and attention.


2. Know that you are not always right.

Learn to admit your mistakes and work on avoiding them. This will be beneficial for not just your partner but also for you.


3. Understand there are different priorities

The Eagles were lying when they said that “love will keep us alive”.  Most of the time food does that. Learn to understand that your partner needs to also value his/ her work.


4. Loosen your grip

“A dog on a leash is easier to catch” (or something to this effect) goes the saying. Make your partner feel that you trust him before he gets rebellious and fall for predator’s trap in the process.


5. Stop keeping tabs shortcomings

Learn to forgive and forget. It doesn’t help to dwell on past mistakes.


6. Get a job

Don’t expect your man to take care of you financially. We’re in the 21st century and women are equally skilled as men. Enough to earn for themselves. You do not want to burden your man by depending on him to get your hair or nails done, do you?


7. Keep your own circle of friends

Harsh Reality Advice

I’m not saying it’s wrong to go out with your man and his friends once in awhile. However, you can’t expect him to take you with him on a boy’s night out do you? It’s always great to have your own circle of friends to have fun with and give you some harsh reality advice when needed.


8. Love yourself

Harsh Reality Advice

You can’t expect your partner to love you and respect you if you cannot do the same for yourself. There are a lot of fun things to do to keep yourself healthy and vibrant. Believe me, a man appreciates a fit and lively partner more than someone who’s always tired and haggard, even if it’s because of doing his laundry.


9. Look at yourself in the mirror 

Harsh Reality Advice

Before throwing any blame at your partner, ask yourself first if you are not partly to blame. Don’t you have any shortcomings too? It always takes 2 to tango so to speak. In a relationship, a problem is mostly caused by both party hence it will also take both parties to resolve it.


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